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S.C.S Chapter 370: Repairing

For Ian, just to deal with the Germa Group, it’s not worth gathering four Shichibukai together.

What he really wants to do is to use the Germa 66 to take revenge on Doflamingo.

For a long time, Ian and Doflamingo have both been dealing with each other while smiling on the surface, but using every possible moment to stab the other in the back. Ian killed Doflamingo’s secret agent, Vergo, which shattered his strong connection to the Marines, and then blackmailed him for a lot of money.

And Doflamingo was not easy to deal with, looking for the opportunity to weaken or even eliminate him from the scene. So, with the help of the Germa group, he destroyed the residence of the Dragon Hunter pirates on their island.

It is said that this is actually no different from slashing his face, but since both of them are members of Shichibukai, it is impossible for them to fight due to the world government agreement, so Ian can only maintain superficial harmony, take a round-the-clock approach and get his revenge on Doflamingo.

Is he going to use the Germa 66 as a sacrificial goat? Well, since the joker used them, why can’t I! I am chasing after the Germa Group, catching up with them just in Dressrosa, and then when the war sparks on the island, I may accidentally destroy several factories of your Donquixote group, but I’m excusable, right! That wasn’t my intention, it was just some collision damage…

With Fishman Pirates, although the three ships were badly damaged, they would never sink. The Fishman held them in the water, and the craftsmen on board took the needed materials and started repairing the damaged parts.

During this repair period, Ian was studying the pursuit direction with the chart provided by Jinbe.

Previously, the storm created by Crocodile blocked Germa’s way forward, and then Ian’s fleet blocked them from the rear, so that Germa could only escape from the left or right. Fortunately, when Judge fled, he picked the direction of Dressrosa, which saved Ian the trouble of forcing them to change direction.

At the same time, Varua went with some Fishman pirates to the area where the Germa’s snails were sunk by his ridiculous cannon, trying to salvage any useful equipment. After all, the snails have some buildings on their backs, so maybe there will be Germa’s research facilities and the like…

From the very beginning, Ian never expected Judge to hand over his research materials willingly. These materials and information are the capital of the Germa Group. Judge shouldn’t hand them over just because he was forced. Otherwise, many organizations will target their back and won’t leave them alone. If they can get their black technology simply by this means, then Germa has long since ceased to exist.

While tossing ideas, Fujitora suddenly opened his mouth and said: “Captain, we have a guest!”

Ian and Ace were stunned for a moment, looking in the direction Fujitora pointed, and saw a person riding a bicycle on the sea, slowly approaching them.

It is Aokiji! He couldn’t stand the loneliness, so he decided to show up now?

In the eyes of everyone, Aokiji rode his bicycle to the side of Ian’s ship. After he got off the bicycle, he picked it up and then jumped high on the frozen sea, landing onboard.

“Admiral Kuzan!” Ian smiled, opened his hands, and said: “Welcome aboard, I thought you were going to follow us on your bike all the time!”

Aokiji was not surprised at the fact that his surveillance operation was discovered. He parked his bicycle on the gunwale, turned around, hung his jacket on his shoulder, and put his hands in his trouser pockets. He then came close to Ian, lowered his head, and said. “It seems that you have long noticed me! In that case, it was the right call to come and say hello!”

When Aokiji appeared, Sabo and Koala quietly lowered the brim of their hat and retreated into the cabin.

As for Nico Robin, at the moment of seeing Aokiji, her relaxed expression suddenly became nervous and her whole body could not stop shaking.

Aokiji noticed her afterward, frowned slightly, and said: “Nico Robin, long time no see!”

Robin didn’t talk, just looked at him as she subconsciously retreated.

As a result, at this time, Ian took a step and stood between Aokiji and Robin, blocking the sight of both sides.

“Kuzan Admiral, you’re not here just to flirt with the beautiful ladies on my ship!” Ian said.

Aokiji looked at Ian for a while before starting to talk: “Do you know who she is?”

Ian looked back at Robin and said, “Yeah, I know a little bit!”

“If that’s the case, why did you take her aboard?” Aokiji frowned. “Do you know what will happen if you have a relationship with this woman?”

As a result, Ian smiled and said: “Kuzan Admiral, since you know her well, it means that you have a relationship with her. So what do you think will happen too?”

Aokiji went silent for a moment, then simply sat down on the deck of the ship, crossed his long legs, placed his elbow on his knee, and looked around at the people around him.

When Aokiji looked over, Jinbe bowed slightly to him, greeting him, while Crocodile still looked provocatively, while Boa Hancock stood there with a blank expression and her hands on her waist.

“I came here because I was really curious!” Aokiji said to the crowd: “I originally thought that you would seriously damage or even annihilate the Germa Group here, after all, so many Shichibukai are gathered together… such power is already terrifying enough, but I didn’t expect you to let Germa’s group go. What’s your intention?”

Aokiji really couldn’t hold back at this time. He had been tailing Ian’s fleet for a long time. Originally, he thought that after the battle with Germa, Ian’s temporary team should be disbanded. In that case, his mission would be completed, but unexpectedly, the plot twisted at a critical moment, and Germa 66 fled.

Aokiji didn’t get it at first, but the more he thought about it, the more wrong it felt. On second thought, Ian and his gang seem to have deliberately let them go.

The four Shichibukai together have attracted unparalleled attention. The longer this combination exists, the more uneasy Aokiji will be. Therefore, after this point, he can only take the initiative to appear and ask them in person.

However, Jinbe and the others did not answer Aokiji’s question, and all looked at Ian.

Seeing this, Ian shrugged and said, “Would you believe me if I say they escaped in a moment of carelessness?”

“I don’t buy it!” Aokiji shook his head, and said: “Because in my observations, you didn’t go all out. If you used the same power you had shown when you fought against Borsalino, even if the Germa 66 could escape, I’m afraid they would be badly damaged, but I don’t see any willingness to take action, and I know for a fact that you are not the careless type of person…”

“Aiya, Aiya! There’s nothing I can do!” Ian pretended to be depressed: “I went to Marine Headquarters and asked you for help, but Sengoku, the Fleet Admiral rejected my demand. If you and admiral Kuzan came to help, maybe they wouldn’t be able to escape….”

Listening to Ian’s words, Aokiji felt that if Sengoku agreed to help him, it might be better! It wouldn’t make him so nervous. For fear that if they acted carelessly, these guys would make a big fuss all over the world, and finally have the marine and World Government help them wipe their a$$…

Seeing that Ian was unwilling to tell the truth, Aokiji didn’t say anything anymore. He simply lay down on the deck with his hands as a pillow and said, “Well, I am tired of riding the bicycle. You won’t mind if I take a rest on your boat for a while, right?”

“…” Ian looked at Aokiji speechlessly, is he going to keep a close eye on us like this?

But he couldn’t find an excuse to get Aokiji off the ship, so he had to acquiesce.

In this way, Sabo and Koala can only go to another ship. Otherwise, if Aokiji recognizes their identity, things will get worse.

After two or three hours of delay on the sea, they finally repaired the ships and set off to pursue Germa’s fleet.

What is different from before is that there is now an Admiral on board…

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