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S.C.S Chapter 371: Judge’s way out

When Ian’s fleet left, the light in the air suddenly distorted on the sea near the battle site, and then a figure emerged slowly from nothing.

This figure, wearing headphones and jet shoes, dressed all in green, was none other than Yonji?

“Oops… this is bad, what should I do now? That tall man in a suit is Admiral Aokiji, right?” Yonji looked gloomily in the direction of Ian’s fleet.

There was chaos at the time of the battle, and when Crocodile fought Yonji, he didn’t go all out, resulting in him escaping.

When Yonji returned to their ship, he saw that his father was fighting the Pirate Empress Boa Hancock. He could see that his father was not the opponent of Boa Hancock, but because he had heard Judge’s orders in the headset, he couldn’t rush to help, and he had to leave the group, fly to a farther position and hide.

Here I have to mention the cloak on him. In fact, this cloak is also part of Germa’s armed suit. The role of this cloak is the ability to be invisible with the help of optical illusion!!

Yonji used the cloak’s invisibility, stayed under the sea surface, revealing only his head, and watched the whole event.

Because there were many dead bodies of Germa soldiers on the sea, Yonji unintentionally deceived Fujitora’s Kenbunshoku Haki. This was also why Judge asked about him when they were on Ian’s ship. No one knew where he was…

However, after Judge broke free with his children, he took Reiju and the others to escape, so no one paid attention to the missing boy, no one cared where he was!

On Ian’s side, they thought he had escaped with Judge, so they didn’t search him. Due to the urgency of time, Judge immediately started the engines and prepared to leave after reaching the ship with the kids. Yonji couldn’t catch up with them at that time.

Yonji also noticed this, so he quickly contacted Judge through his headset.

Judge was a little surprised when he learned that Yonji was still there, but when he heard what he said and knew that he was now invisible, he simply let him stay there and asked him to monitor Ian’s movements.

The boy executed the order, but he didn’t dare to get too close. He could only look at Ian’s ship from a distance, and he couldn’t even act when Varua took some people to salvage Germa’s snail ship.

However, this kind of surveillance allowed him to witness the scene of Aokiji boarding the ship.

Yonji saw Aokiji and Ian communicating, and it seemed like a normal conversation without any agitation. Instead, he finally left with him.

Then he realized that they were in big trouble!

Knocking on his headset, Yonji contacted his father who was still on the way to escape, and said: “Father, it seems that your guess is correct, the World Government has abandoned us!”

However, he told him about Aokiji boarding the boat.

At this time, Judge, who was hundreds of kilometers ahead, couldn’t help but slam his fist down on the table after listening to Yonji’s narration.

Reiju and Ichiji were both sitting in the conference room with crossed arms and legs. Seeing Judge’s angry expression, Ichiji said, “Father, I have said long ago that the world government will sooner or later turn on us!”

Judge knows very well the whole situation of the Germa Group.

With the continuous efforts and dedication of Judge over the years, as well as the remarkable growth of his kids, the prestige of the Germa army has once again emerged around the world, and Judge was getting closer to restoring the former glory of his kingdom…

However, with the increasing attention, Germa’s situation was actually getting worse. After Vegapunk joined the marines, science and technology received more and more attention from the marines and the World Government.

In the World Government study, Devil Fruits, Haki, and Technology Power, all seem to be in a balanced juxtaposition.

Devil Fruits can be encountered but not sought. If we talk about Haki, then we need to look at the qualifications of the person. Both of them have many limitations, but science can be popularized. After a long discussion, the world government agreed that scientific and technological power would help the marines obtain more strength. Even if possible, use the power of scientific means to end this Great Age of Pirates in one fell swoop!

This is why the World Government attached great importance to Vegapunk, and didn’t hesitate to establish the Marine Science Force, and vigorously funded Vegapunk’s research.

And the genius scientist Vegapunk has lived up to the expectations of the world government and the Marines. Various technologies have helped the Marines to grow. Whether it was Kairoseki, the study of Devil Fruit, or even the Pacifista plan, all have benefited the Government.

Under the leadership of Judge, the technology of the Germa Group has taken another route. Since they are a country member of the alliance, it is impossible for the world government not to notice their changes. Therefore, seeing the uniqueness of Germa technology, they wondered if they could lay their hands on Germa’s technology too.

This is why the Germa Group is in a bad situation. The World Government is also eyeing Germa’s science and technology, but since they are a member country of the World Government, it wasn’t easy for the world government to force it out of them, so now gradually, there is a rumor that the government is discussing whether to cancel Germa’s membership!

It was because of these kinds of rumors that Judge began to feel a little worried. He knew that once Germa group losses its status as a member country, the Marines could take action against them, because in the past, Germa’s organization that specialize in starting and ending wars, was in a confrontation with the marines, otherwise, there would be no such name as the evil army, as it was featured in the storybooks.

When that time comes, the Germa group will be finished, and the whole world will be their enemy!

The Germa Group is not Long Aotian, so naturally, they can’t face the whole world alone. Therefore, Judge has been trying to find a way out for the Germa group for a while. On one hand, he made tons of enemies and accepted many war commissions all over the world to earn a large sum of money to speed up the research of Germa technology. On the other hand, he is also considering whether to find a backer so that the Germa group can stand still after losing their membership as an allied country.

Well, to be exact, at this point in time, Judge has a plan to move closer to one of the four emperors.

Of course, it is the four emperors who can compete with the Marines. If he can obtain shelter under the command of one of the Four Emperors, then Germa will no longer have to worry about such a thing.

This is actually the reason why Judge took over the commission from the underground world this time. It’s not that he didn’t know Ian, the new Shichibukai, but if things were in an ordinary condition, he wouldn’t have provoked him for a little money. He would have considered the World Government’s attitude. However, at this moment, the Germa group, not only needs the money, but also needs to let the Yonko see the value of his Group!

Then, there is no better choice to do it with than a Shichibukai. They are appointed by the World Government and the Marines. Strictly speaking, this belongs to the World Government, if the Germa group is really canceled as a joining country at the next World Conference, which is equivalent to standing on the opposite side of the World Government, then Judge would no longer need to worry about their ideas.

Various factors have determined Germa’s attack on Ian’s Dragon Hunter Pirates this time, but unfortunately, Judge thought about it a lot before hands, but he didn’t expect such overreaction!

He brought in four Shichibukai to the field…

Especially now, when he learned through Yonji that even the Admiral Aokiji has appeared and got on Ian’s ship, Judge’s anxiety can be imagined.

In Judge’s view, the emergence of Aokiji represents the attitude of the marines and the World Government! Not only did he allow the battle between the two sides, but also stood on Ian’s side, which means that the rumor about canceling their membership at the next World Council was a foregone conclusion!

“In that case, don’t blame me for turning my back on you!” Judge gritted his teeth and made a decision, then contacted his kid: “Yonji, I’m giving you a mission, your current location should not be far from candy Island, Big mom’s territory, I want you to go there and see if you can contact the BigMom pirates!”

Upon hearing Judge’s words, Reiju was taken aback and said: “Father!? Do you want to ask the BigMom pirates for help!?”

“This is the only way out!” Judge nodded and said. “Among the four emperors, the Whitebeard Pirates have a relationship with Ian, and we can’t get closer to these monsters, and the red-hair pirate has erratic whereabouts and doesn’t have much of a fixed territory. So it is not easy to find them. As for Kaido of the Beasts Pirates, that person is a lunatic, I really don’t trust him and can’t cooperate with him, so in the end, only the BigMom pirates are the best partner!”

“But Father, cooperate with the pirates…” Reiju hesitated and said: “Our strength is far from that of the Four Emperors. If the BigMom pirates have other thoughts, then we…”

“Don’t worry, the underground World also has ‘benevolence and righteousness’!” Judge said: “Although the Bigmom is tyrannical, it still has a good reputation. Since all parties are thinking about taking our technology, we can simply find the best buyer for these technologies and sell them at a good price! Although Ian and other four Shichibukai are chasing us now, as long as Bigmom pirate group comes out, even with Aokiji by their sides, they won’t do anything to us!”

The matter was decided by Judge, and after receiving the order, Yonji immediately set off for Candy Island.

Ian wasn’t aware of all of this. If he did, he would probably sigh. After all, his intervention seems to have led to the early contact between the Germa group and BigMom…

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