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S.C.S Chapter 372: black and white

Ian’s combined fleet has been slowly following Germa’s group.

Germa’s snail boat has an advantage, that is, it ignores the influence of terrain, and can easily climb mountains. Judge wanted to get rid of the pursuers behind him in this way, but Ian didn’t let him do so.

Whenever an island appeared on the way and Germa’s fleet changes direction to land on it, Ian tokes action, uses the Flaming wings to fly to catch up with Germa’s fleet, and then makes a move, summoning from the horizon black thunderstorms, constantly striking that sea area.

In the face of such tricks, Judge didn’t dare to cross these clouds. If he did so, the whole snail fleet would be annihilated.

Therefore, even if he gritted his teeth with hatred, his fleet can only be forced to change course, and move forward in the direction Ian wanted.

After a few hours, Judge found that something was wrong. Ian seemed to be forcing the Germa group to follow a certain direction. As long as the course of the fleet does not change, Ian would not appear around.

As for Ian’s intention, he couldn’t guess at all, but he still felt a little uneasy in his heart. Generally, this strange situation means that the opponent is holding back his big move. Judge was afraid that if he was careless, he would be killed by Ian.

Not only him, but even Aokiji who stayed on Ian’s boat, couldn’t figure out why Ian chased Germa’s fleet but didn’t directly attack the opposite side. What’s going on in his head!?

However, due to his identity, the people on board were very wary of him. No one mentioned Ian’s plan in front of him, so Aokiji could only follow in confusion.

Fujitora and Aokiji got along well, he even pulled Aokiji in and thought him how to play mahjong, Jinbe and Crocodile accompany them as opponents, and Boa Hancock just watched from afar.

Aokiji quickly became addicted to the game that Ian brought to this world. Although he didn’t gamble much, he felt that this mahjong game was very interesting. He even learned how Fujitora used his fingers to touch the mahjong tiles.

Ian was speechless watching this scene, he thought that if this is the original world, maybe this scene can be the cover page…

Ace occupied the bow area, lying on it and sleeping peacefully, Ian was annoyed by his snoring that he couldn’t practice his swordsmanship, so he simply woke the guy up and pulled him to chat.

It was not until this time that Ian finally asked Ace why he went to Travolta in the first place.

“It’s what the old man what!” Ace was sleepy, yawned, scratched his hair and said: “That bastard Teach defected from the Whitebeard Pirates, and I was his captain, so I had to catch him back. Oyaji didn’t want me to go after him, but then changed his mind and said that I should come to you first and listen to your opinion!”

“Do you have to catch him?” Ian frowned.

“Of course! We have to!” Ace said resolutely: “But seriously, Ian, when you tried to assassinate Teach, have you perceived his nature?”

Due to the reminder from Ian at the beginning, the relationship between Ace and Teach was not that good, and they were not friends. So when Teach defected, he didn’t feel a strong betrayal. He just felt responsible and he wanted to bring him to justice, so today’s Ace seemed calm.

Facing Ace’s question, Ian felt a bit uncomfortable to answer. After thinking about it, he started to talk: “It was a kind of intuition. I have always felt something suspicious about Teach. He has been with the Whitebeard pirates for many years, but he hasn’t received a bounty on his head. For the Marines, he seems like a nobody, but inside, there were rumors that he injured the red-haired Shanks. Don’t you think it’s strange? He is obviously very powerful, but he has been lurking in the shadows…”

However because he heard Shanks’ name, Aokiji playing mahjong over there couldn’t help looking back at Ian.

Ian smiled at him, and said: “Admiral Kuzan, when you guys got this news, you must have been surprised too, right?”

“That’s right!” Aokiji turned around, picked up a mahjong tile, and said without looking back: “It was only after this incident that the department heard of the name Marshall D. teach for the first time, but the information about him was hollow. Up to now, we haven’t discovered the origin of this Blackbeard guy… Has he really injured the red-haired Shanks?

“According to my knowledge, that’s the case!” Ace nodded. Among the Whitebeard Pirates, many people participated in the battle with the Red Hair Pirates.

“Then this man, as Ian said, is very mysterious!” After shaking his head and saying these few words, Aokiji slammed a mahjong card: “Two Dots!”

On the opposite side, Crocodile pushed a card in front of him, and then glared at Aokiji with a big cigar in his mouth: “Huh! Pure hand!”

It seems that overcoming Aokiji on Mahjong has brought a different pleasure to Crocodile…

Aokiji was no longer involved in the discussion, and Ian said to Ace: “Actually, I don’t recommend you to hunt down Teach, you may not know that he is now a Devil Fruit User!”

“Is he… did he eat Tatch’s Devil Fruit?” Ace said with a bit of sorrow: “It’s strange, we suspect that Teach assassinated Tatch because of the Devil Fruit… but it’s just a Devil Fruit, and we can occasionally get multiple ones, so why!? Why did he go after Thatch’s?”

“It is estimated to be a very Rare Devil Fruit!” Ian couldn’t say its type directly, so he can only say this.

However, his sentence immediately surprised Ace and everyone who was playing mahjong.

“Are you saying that it is a Logia Devil Fruit!?”

Everyone immediately looked at Aokiji, and Aokiji couldn’t help looking serious.

Logia Devil Fruits are recognized as the strongest type, and the three admirals are Logia users. Needless to say, even Ace, the newcomer with the Flame-Flame Fruit, has grown to the Shichibukai level. So the world’s attention to the Logia Devil Fruit is indeed justified. If the Devil Fruit Teach snatched is a Logia, then everything will make sense.

However, the situation is actually more serious than Ace imagined. The fruit Teach snatched was not only a Logia, but also the most unique one. Although Ian knew what it was, he could not say a thing.

“It doesn’t matter, even if Teach is now a Logia User, so what!” Ace put on his cowboy hat and grinned at Ian: “My Mera Mera no mi won’t lose to him!”

“By the way, Ace, I see that your flames have different colors now. has your fruit ability evolved a lot?” Ian asked him.

“Yes!” Ace nodded and said: “I worked on your advice, my flames have reached a higher temperature. I have also achieved some results recently… The color of my flame is gradually turning white!”

With that said, Ace stretched out his hand, and a white flame ball started burning in his palm. With the appearance of Flame, the scorching temperature immediately began to spread around.

Ian felt it and found that Ace’s flame temperature had indeed increased.

In the past, the orange-colored fire is actually the ordinary natural flame, which was estimated to be about seven hundred degrees, but now his flame turned white, and its temperature has far exceeded this value. Although the specific number cannot be measured, Ian thinks that it should have exceeded the 1000 degrees barrier.

So the question is, is Ace’s Flame hotter than Akainu’s Magma?

If so, can the Flame-Flame Fruit be still considered as the lower of Magma Fruit?

Looking at Ace’s fiery white flame, Ian couldn’t help but reach out with bursting a dark flare.

After getting close, the black and white flames complemented each other. This scene attracted everyone’s attention even those who were playing mahjong.

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