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S.C.S Chapter 373: Let’s get together

“How wonderful!” Jinbe was obsessed with the look at the two-colored Flames, saying: “Brother Ace, Brother Ian, you two are really alike!”

Especially in the contrast of this flame color…

In fact, even Ian was a little surprised. When he first mentioned the idea of the Flame temperature with Ace, he never thought that Ace’s fire would soon turn white.

At this time, the two flames were put together, and the air overall the ship was scorching hot, but everyone could feel that the temperature of Ian’s black flame was actually higher than that of Ace’s…

In particular, Ace’s current flame has not yet fully converted to pure white, so no matter how you see it, Ian’s fire is mightier.

While they were comparing, Ace’s hand couldn’t help approaching Ian’s, and then a strange scene happened.

Ace’s white flame was moving closer to Ian’s black fire!

This sign was so obvious that when the two of them saw this scene, they couldn’t help being stunned.

“What, what’s going on?” Ian was a little surprised, and couldn’t help but bring his hand closer.

In front of everyone’s eyes, the two flames, one white and one black, began to intertwine, but there was a distinct feeling. It seemed that because of the temperature difference, the heated area was not the same, forming a spiral airflow…

In fact, the formation principle of a tornado is similar to the current one. The collision of hot and cold air will generate a vortex. At this moment, Ace and Ian have different Flame temperatures, so they also generate eddy currents, which entangle their flames.

The two stared blankly at the entangled flames, and after a while, Ace suddenly excitedly said: “Ian, let’s get together!”

puff! Ian almost spat out a mouthful of blood!! What the hell do you mean by together!?

Ace, what the heck are you saying!?

Are you talking about Coalescence!

Although Ace’s words were misleading, Ian understood what he meant, so with the crisp sound of his bell, Ian untied the special bandage on his right wrist.

At the moment of unraveling, even more terrible heat was emitted, and there was a crackling sound from the deck under Ian’s feet, which was a sign that the wood board was scorched and began to crack.

The people playing mahjong on the deck could no longer stay in place, so they quickly got up and stayed away.

The only one who wasn’t afraid of Ian’s flame is Ace. When Ian untied the bandage and revealed the Black Dragon on his arm, Ace’s entire body began to gush out the strong blaze, and his body turned elemental!

The flame powers of these two were superimposed together. It seems that the entire ship is in danger of being burned. At this time, Ace and Ian feel like two suns, one white and one black… Even approaching them will be fatal.

Aokiji frowned, and two fire ability users showed their true power. The most uncomfortable person among the people present may be him, because he is the user of the Ice-Ice Fruit. He could feel the threat of this heat, which made him remember the scene when he was injured by Ian’s black Dragon wave in the holy land.

“These two people will be the biggest headaches for the marines in the future…” Aokiji suddenly had such an idea in his heart, and with it, he couldn’t help but release a trace of killing intent.

However, as soon as his killing intention emerged, Ian and Ace immediately looked back at him, even Fujitora, Jinbe, and Boa Hancock took precautions against him.

Seeing this scene, Aokiji woke up and remembered that he was on Ian’s ship. In desperation, he had to restrain his killing intent and waved his hand: “Don’t mind me, I can’t help it! I feel threatened by the fire!”

He had to explain himself like this, but none of them said a word, then Aokiji began to use his Ability, exuding a cold air from his body, helping everyone resist the heat of Ian and Ace, which was refreshing.

Ian and Ace turned their heads and looked at the sea ahead. Not far away from their ship, there was a coral reef island, which was small and fragmented. It was an uninhabited island. So the two looked at each other and planned to choose it as the target.

At this point, Ian’s right hand and Ace’s left hand were placed in a flush position, with five fingers opened as claws, and the flames in their palms were rising.

Ace said: “Let’s release it all in one go!”

Ian nodded, then shouted: “Inflame Black Dragon Wave!”

Ace also shouted at the same time: “Hellish Fire Fist!”

At the moment of shouting, Ian’s right hand and Ace’s left hand pushed forward at the same time, then two huge flames streams ejected from their palms.

At the moment of the release, Ian’s Dragon Wave and Ace’s Fire Fist began to interweave. No one knew why, but Ian’s Black Dragon wave couldn’t maintain the Dragon form, Similarly, Ace’s Fire Fist couldn’t sustain the fist shape, the two flames merged to a point of becoming as sharp as a bullet!

Two such flames intertwined and entangled, like a rotating drill, and in the process of traveling, the smoldering flames alternately lead the head forward, flying straight ahead, giving the impression of a javelin.

In front of everyone’s eyes, the black and white flame projectile instantly crossed the distance of thousands of meters and hit the location of the uninhabited island.

The next second, this giant explosion erupted!

A semi-circular light mass suddenly appeared on the whole sea, shrouded the location of the uninhabited island, and then the powerful flame heat directly transpiration the surrounding seawater, distorting everyone’s sight.

What kind of picture was it!? It was as if the entire uninhabited island was distorted!

And this distortion did not last long, the island disappeared in front of everyone! The raging black and white fire directly burned this small island!

This is not over yet. Next, where the island was located, a big explosion occurred, and its scope spread at least three kilometers, and the evaporated seawater also formed a mushroom cloud of water vapor, which swept into the sky!

Fishman pirates, as well as Kuja pirates, were all lying on the side of the ship, staring blankly at this scene like doomsday.

Not only them, even Jinbe, Crocodile and Boa Hancock were shocked. They didn’t even think of it. They never thought that the merged shot would directly destroy an island!

“How terrifying!” On another ship, Koala stood on the side of the ship and looked at the scene. She turned to Sabo and said: “Sabo, your two big brothers are really scary! Are they Monster?”

Sabo laughed, Ian is indeed older than Sabo, so is Ace, so Ian was really his big brother…

“Ha… is this our new fusion technique?” Ace looked at the slowly rising steam mushroom cloud, and couldn’t help but look down at his right hand.

But, of all people, the most surprised one was actually Ian!

Because when he and Ace teamed up to make this attack, the card system in his mind actually sent a prompt telling him that he had obtained a special bond attribute!

As I said before, Ian himself is actually a card character in the card system. He also has a level and attributes. He can improve his card rank through special methods. And now, his protagonist card has an additional bond, and it is exclusive to him!

And this bond is Ace! When Ace is near him, Ian can get a special effect that increases the fire power by 50%!

Fuck! Could this be the special effect of developing a fusion technique??

The most surprised person was Ian, and the one with the most complicated mood was Aokiji who watched the flames erupt. For him, he witnessed the birth of two powerful enemies, but he couldn’t do anything because he was surrounded by many monsters…

He just hoped that in the future, the Marine department would not directly conflict with these two. Otherwise, it will be the most terrifying nightmare for ordinary soldiers…

When he came back to his senses, Ace couldn’t close the cracked corners of his mouth for a long time. He reached out and patted Ian’s shoulder. “That’s amazing, Ian, we have to give this trick an equally powerful name. Yeah! What do you think of the name ‘through the fire and flames’?” (😈 I didn’t like the author’s name, burning city)

Ian pondered a bit, and thought it was pretty good. Ace still has a good idea of

how to name his moves. He felt Hiei’s skill names were too long.

Well, ‘through the fire and flames’! It was so happily decided!

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