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S.C.S Chapter 374: Different Tier Goods

When Ian and Ace’s performance ended, everyone stopped playing mahjong, and the topic revolved around Ian’s ability.

Over this period, people have roughly understood Ian’s abilities. Although they feel that Ian can have so many different skills at the same time, which surprised them, Devil Fruits were always so mysterious. This unscientific creation can easily confuse people, so they had to accept what they got in hand.

Therefore, what they were discussing is whether Ian’s Cryptocurrency fruit is the strongest paramecia devil fruit.

Yes, a paramecia fruit, everyone has confirmed this, because Ian’s body can’t be elementalized, nor can he transform to an animal, so it must be paramecia, but now everyone is confirming that the Whitebeard’s Tremor-Tremor Fruit and Ian’s Cryptocurrency fruit are the true strongest paramecia.

Of course, among the known paramecia fruits, there are also Doflamingo’s thread fruit, Bartholomew’s the Paw-Paw Fruit, and the Love-Love Fruit of Boa Hancock. Some paramecia fruits often develop some unexpected special abilities, so this comparison is really hard to judge.

After a long discussion, no result was reached, but it reminded Ian of one thing.

When the topic of paramecia fruits arose, Ian thought of the one in his hands. So he ran into the cabin and took out a small box from his room.

When Ian came back from Alabasta, he had brought a lot of things, in addition to the medical books and notes of Dr. Kureha found for Ranga, there was the devil fruit condensed from an apple after Wapol’s death!

Originally, this Devil Fruit could be absorbed by Ian for his own card, but after thinking about it, he kept it and wanted to test his theory.

It’s just that he has encountered serial events in this period, so he also forgot. When they talked about Devil Fruit, he remembered it and brought it out.

Everyone was curious about what he had in the box, but when Ian opened it and they saw the spiral-shaped apple inside, all of them were stunned.

“Is this… a devil fruit?” Ace said in surprise: “Another one?”

“Yeah!” Ian nodded, and said: “This may be the Munch-Munch Fruit !”

“How can you know?” Crocodile asked doubtfully: “Have you seen the Devil Fruit illustration book?”

“No! I got it after killing the King Wapol of the Drum Kingdom!” Ian didn’t hide the truth and said what he had experienced.

Aokiji, covered with black lines, knocked on the table: “Hey, you are talking about killing the king of a country in front of me, a marine Admiral. Are you out of your mind!?”

Ian smiled and said to Aokiji: “Admiral Kuzan, don’t tell me that you guys don’t know what kind of a King Wapol was. Your department should have a lot of information about him? Do you think that such a person is really suitable to be the king of a country?”

Aokiji went silent for a while.

Among the three Admirals, Akainu’s justice was absolute, Kizaru’s sense of justice is the vaguest, and Aokiji’s sense of justice is the most self-moral!

In other words, Aokiji is the representative of humanity in the marines!

So when Ian mentioned this, he was speechless.

Seeing him like this, Ian thought that Aokiji is really a good person, because his concept of good and evil was not blind. He has his own thinking about justice. This is why Ian can tolerate Aokiji staying on his boat. If it was Akainu, he wouldn’t dare trying it!

“So, after a Devil Fruit User, it’s possible that the devil fruit ability will attach to a nearby fruit?” Jinbe couldn’t help but asked while rubbing his chin.

“I’m not sure either!” Ian shook his head and said. “What I knew is that we a Devil Fruit User dies, his originally eaten Devil Fruit, will be regenerated and appear somewhere in the World. ”

In fact, although scholars in this world have been conducting research on the power of Devil Fruits, it is still not well understood by most people.

As for what is going on, Ian also wants to know, but the problem is that he can’t find such scholars and scientists who study the secrets of Devil Fruits, so he can only find his own way to verify it.

Now with the devil fruit in hand, the next step is to find a volunteer to eat this devil fruit.

This fruit was found by Ian, so the volunteer must be a member of the Dragon Hunter Pirates. Fortunately, among the Dragon Hunters, most of them were ordinary people, so they can consume a Devil Fruit.

Ian gathered the members of the Dragon Hunter Pirates and took the Devil Fruit. “I’m not 100% sure, but as I said, this may be the Munch- Munch Fruit!”

Then, Ian described some of the Munch-Munch Fruit’s Abilities that Wapol had shown, and finally said: “You guys need to think about it. If you are okay with such abilities, then you need to step up and take it!”

The members of the Dragon Hunter Pirates could not help but look at each other in dismay, although Ian had already made it clear that this fruit had potential, however, they couldn’t make a decision.

Indeed, if this was a Logia fruit, even if they didn’t know what kind it was, there would be a hustle about it, but when they knew its capabilities, everyone should consider the possibilities carefully.

Eating a Devil Fruit means that they will be incapable of swimming. Once they fall into the water, they can only wait for a companion to save them, and the Munch-Munch Fruit doesn’t seem to have powerful attacking means…

Moreover, a person can only eat one Devil Fruit in his lifetime, so if after eating this fruit, and the group gets a better one, then it would be a shame for that guy, so for a time, everyone hesitated and no one stood up.

“Nobody wants it?” Ian asked again.

At this time, Doroni stood up scratching his head, and he said naively: “Captain, why don’t you just give me this fruit, I would like to eat it!”

As soon as these words were said, everyone in the Dragon Hunter Pirates burst into laughter.

Doroni was speaking genuinely, he really likes to eat a lot, and that’s why he had a good relationship with Chef Matthew, so that Doroni often goes to the kitchen to steal Matthew’s food, but the chef was aware and didn’t mind. Now, Doroni has gained a lot of weight compared to when the group was established.

Fortunately, he is the black bear Mink, the heavier he was, the stronger he gets. In ordinary battles, he likes to use his body to crush his opponents, so it seems that the Munch-Munch Fruit may be really suitable for him.

Ian laughed when he saw Doroni take the initiative to stand up, and sure enough, all bears are fearless!

So, Ian stretched out his hand and gave him the Devil Fruit.

And Doroni didn’t think much about it, and after taking it, he directly took a bite.

“Ugh… so unpalatable!” The next second, Doroni’s whole face wrinkled, but Ace asked curiously, “What does it taste like?”

He has never forgotten the taste of his own Fruit, so when he saw Doroni eating the Devil Fruit, he wanted to see if they all taste like sh!t.

However, because he found it too bad to eat, Doroni was reluctant to take a second bite and threw away the rest of it.

“What a strange feeling!” Doroni flexed his muscles of both arms and said, “There is something happening in my body…”

“Is it power?” Everyone couldn’t help but ask him curiously.

As a result, the next second, a loud noise came from Doroni’s stomach, which made everyone fall down immediately!

F*ck! Is this too much stomach acid!?

“I’m so hungry. I want to eat!” Doroni said.

Ian immediately handed him a chair, because he remembers that the Munch-Munch Fruit allows the user to eat a lot of inorganic substances.

However, something strange happened, Doroni didn’t want to eat the chair! Instead, he devoured the food brought by Matthew!

As he continued to eat food, his muscles were expanding at a speed visible to the naked eye!

After eating for a while, Doroni looked around, then ran over and picked up Raideen’s huge iron shield.

He held the shield in his arms, and then with both hands, he squeezed it! Then grabbed it from the top and continued to squeeze, and soon knead the shield into an iron ball!

Seeing this scene, everyone gasped loudly. They knew that Doroni didn’t have such strength in the past!

Is it the power brought to him by the fruit he has just eaten?

Everyone turned around and looked at Ian, hoping he could give an explanation, but Ian frowned and said: “That’s weird! Doroni, you should be able to eat inorganic substances?”

“I don’t want to…!” Doroni shook his head and said, “How can I eat that stuff?”

“This is strange! Isn’t this Munch-Munch Fruit!?” Ian wondered: “The Munch-Munch Fruit allows you to eat anything! And you can digest what you eat and change it into creative shapes.”

No one could answer Ian’s question. They haven’t seen the Munch-Munch Fruit abilities, but from Ian’s words, they understood that the Devil Fruit Doroni ate seems to be different from the original one!

What the hell is going on?

At this time, Aokiji suddenly started to talk: “I don’t know if you have heard of high and low-level fruits?”

“You mean, this fruit is not the original Munch-Munch Fruit, but the lower-tier Munch-Munch Fruit?” Ian asked Aokiji.

“It’s very possible!” Aokiji nodded.

This was completely beyond Ian’s expectations. He thought that this was the Munch-Munch Fruit, but he didn’t expect that after Doroni had eaten it, it would result in a different effect. So, what’s the name of this fruit?

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