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S.C.S Chapter 375: Overflow

After repeated experiments, Ian finally determined that Doroni really couldn’t eat inorganic substances like Wapol. After Doroni had eaten the Devil Fruit, he received a boosted gluttony, and what he eats is just normal food.

Moreover, from the current point of view, the ability displayed by Doroni is only the more he eats, the stronger he gets! Other capabilities are unknown for the time being, and may need to be developed.

Judging from these performances, the Devil Fruit Ian got was not the original Munch-Munch Fruit, but its nature has changed.

Perhaps now this Devil Fruit is called a gluttony-gluttony fruit…

Aokiji said that this may have become the lower-tier Munch-Munch Fruit, and Ian agreed with him, but Ian felt that Doroni’s current situation may be better than Wapol’s.

Wapol was a stupid person. Ian always thought that this guy was eating the wrong thing, so his brain stopped functioning normally. Ian didn’t want Doroni to become like that guy, but he still had his best feature of being naive. Although he ate more, Ian could still afford his food. In particular, the biggest advantage was that he didn’t have to worry about Doroni gnawing his ship one day!

As for the superior fruit and inferior fruit, Ian doesn’t think it matters. It’s too arbitrary to judge the strength of fruit simply according to this distribution. Now the ready-made examples are in front of us. Ace’s Flame-Flame Fruit got evolved due to countless hours of training, which makes it barely equal to Akainu’s Magma Fruit in Ian’s view.

Again, the strength of the fruit depends on the individual’s use and development of its abilities.

When Ian said this to Doroni, what he didn’t expect was that the first person to agree was Crocodile.

“That’s right!” Crocodile inhaled his cigar and spit out a cloud of smoke: “The paramecia fruits are the easier to be Awakened. And in that case, the Strength of Devil Fruit User will rise to a much higher level.”

Ian looked back at him and said, “It seems that you are taking a firm route to develop your Devil Fruit!”

“Humph!” Crocodile glared at Ian coldly, and said, “Don’t act tough. If my fruit ability was already awakened when we fought, I don’t know who will win!”

After that, he went on to say: “Among the three types of Devil Fruits, the Logia has the greatest potential, followed by the paramecia, and Zoan is the weakest! However, everything has its balance. In the process of training and developing the fruit ability, the Zoan Awakening is the easiest to achieve, followed by the paramecia, and Logia is the hardest!”

As he spoke, he looked at the Aokiji next to him, apparently meaning something, but Aokiji did not say a word.

Ian glanced at Crocodile with some surprise. He didn’t expect Crocodile’s research on the Devil Fruits to be so deep.

Crocodile is a Logia user. So, this guy’s strength is limited because his Devil Fruit is difficult to awaken? After all, this guy is still incapable of using Haki…

Regarding the discussion of Devil Fruit types, Doroni actually didn’t care much. He was very happy. Now with this Devil Fruit, this guy can eat freely, he was excited that he could eat more delicious food.

When this matter was settled and everyone went in his way, the fleet continued to pursue the Germa 66.

Ian was wondering why the nature of Munch-Munch Fruit changed, but after a while, he temporarily put it down…


“It’s energy! The overflow of energy!”

At this time, in a tavern in a certain country in the West Blue, a burly and rude man was laughing “Zihahahaha”.

And such signature laughter refers only to one person: the Blackbeard, Marshall D. Teach!

After defecting from the Whitebeard Pirates, Teach finally appeared in the West Blue, while he was sitting in the pub, facing a man with a civilization crutch and a top hat. This man had no eyebrows and wore earrings, which gave him a demonic look, but he was listening to Teach very seriously.

Around the two, there was a mess on the ground… tables, chairs, and furniture were all torn apart, and dozens of people had fallen into a pool of blood. There was no one who could move in the whole tavern except the two of them.

Obviously, there was a battle here, and the people who started it were undoubtedly Teach, or… the two of them.

The Demon Sheriff in front of Teach, named Laffitte, was a security officer in this country, but he has been arrested for violent law enforcement. Just as Teach passed by, and saw him pleasing to the eye, he went on and saved him.

At this time, Teach was talking to him while splashing saliva as usual: “If the devil fruit power is regarded as a kind of energy, then Devil Fruit itself is the container that carries this energy. When people eat the devil fruit, the container changes into the human body, so at this time, the person can use the energy of Devil Fruit!…

However, when the user dies, it means that the container is gone, then the energy of the devil fruit will be transferred again. If there is something nearby that can carry this energy, then it will be transferred in, and if not, the energy will ‘escape’! It will reappear when it finds a place to live again! This is why the world thinks that after the death of a Devil Fruit User, the same Devil Fruit will reappear somewhere in World!”

“Oh! I see!” Laffitte rubbed his chin, looked enchanting at Blackbeard, and said in surprise: “What does this have to do with the overflow of energy you just mentioned?”

“When a Devil Fruit User dies, if there is a container that can carry energy nearby, such as a similar fruit, will be the best carrier. At this time, the power of the devil will enter the fruit!” Teach explained: “But in this process, the energy will be dissipated, in other words, the power that enters the container will not be all…! This may lead to the change of the nature of the energy and turn it into a second-class devil fruit, which is the so-called lower-tier fruit!”

“You mean, it’s as if only half of the energy is lost, and the other half is spilled?” Laffitte asked puzzledly: “Where does this part of energy go?”

“I don’t know, maybe this part will dissociate!” Teach shook his head and said. “It is possible that after the new owner dies, these energies will be reunited and restored to the original devil fruit! These are more in-depth studies of devil fruit. That’s what scholars and scientists are working on. I can’t know in detail. However, I heard that now the containers are not limited to fruits. It seems that some specific weapons can also be used as carriers. it is said that this is the latest achievement of the Marine Science Force, which allows weapons to also acquire the Devil Fruit’s Ability!”

“That’s amazing!” Laffitte exclaimed in amazement: “I always thought that only living bodies can obtain the power of Devil Fruits…”

“Zihahahahaha!” Teach laughed again, saying: “This also depends on what kind of weapon is used. It seems that only a weapon created by a specific mineral has the capability to become a container. If I remember correctly it is called ‘Liquor Iron Ore’… it’s named like that, but it doesn’t matter!”

“So, Lord Teach!” Laffitte said: “What do you want to achieve by telling me this?”

“Would you like to join my pirate group?” Teach opened his big toothless mouth and said: “Because I have a way to get the energy of Devil Fruit completely transferred to any container, so as not to let the targeted energy spill out. In this way, we can hunt those powerful devil fruit Users, completely plunder their ability, form a super army, become the most powerful Pirate Group, and then ascend the throne of the Pirate King!”

“If that’s the case, then it would be a great honor, my captain!” Laffitte stood up, bent over, and saluted Teach.

From this moment on, Teach finally found his first companion, and the Blackbeard Pirates group was officially established…

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