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S.C.S Chapter 376: We can survive

“Father, there is an island ahead!”

On Germa’s boat, Niji shouted to Judge: “Do we need to turn?”

However, Judge did not answer him, but asked Reiju: “Did that damn boy Ian appear?”

Reiju was watching with a telescope at the stern of the ship. She was able to see Ian’s fleet from a distance, but she didn’t see Ian appear this time, so she shook her head and said: “No, father, I don’t see him take off!”

“Is he stopping us from landing on the island?” Judge thoughtfully looked at the island, which appeared in front of him. “It seems that they want us to land here…”

Judge was not an idiot. After being forced to change course by Ian again and again, he realized that Ian was purposefully driving them in one direction, and now it seems that he has reached his destination.

“Check it out immediately, tell me what’s the name of the island ahead!” Judge ordered.

Soon, the news came back, and it was Dressrosa!

As soon as he heard this place’s name, he got stunned. Of course, he knew Dressrosa very well. It was the territory of another Shichibukai, Doflamingo’s site!

“Could it be that I have angered the Gods and they really want to eliminate the Germa kingdom?” Judge fell to the ground in frustration, clutching his forehead, and said. “Four Shichibukai were not enough. He also arranged a fifth to block us from the front!”

Ichiji and Niji said carelessly: “What are you afraid of, father? In that case, let’s fight them on their land!”

Reiju looked at her two younger brothers without saying a word. She knew very well that her two brothers did not have any emotion, and they would not even be afraid of their own death.

Seeing Judge’s depressed look, Reiju finally started to talk: “father, don’t give up, maybe we still have a chance!”

Judge raised his head and looked at Reiju: “What do you mean by that?”

“According to the information we know, it seems that Doflamingo and Ian are indeed allies, because they have cooperated!” Reiju said: “But I think, if Ian really contacted Doflamingo to came and block us, he would’ve been waiting in the sea… and it would be completely unnecessary for Ian to intercept us several times on the way, forcing us to make a turn, which shows that he was able to actually destroy us in the process… But he didn’t do so!”

“So, don’t you think that this is too much trouble?” Reiju said: “Their strength can completely crush our group, but why did they drive us all the way to Dressrosa, and then eliminate us? This doesn’t make any sense!”

“Then what do they want…” Judge’s eyes gradually brightened.

“Hum, maybe we all got it wrong!” Reiju said: “Ian and Doflamingo shouldn’t be allies. The task we received this time is really strange. Even the broker who issued the entrustment was killed, this all feels like a trap. Imagine that if this trap is used by Doflamingo to deal with Ian, then everything would make sense!”

“That’s right!” Judge also reacted, and being reminded by Reiju, he remembered the scene when the broker Bug was assassinated, and suddenly realized: “If Ian knew already all of this, then, he should’ve wanted to drive us to Dressrosa to make a big fuss in the name of attacking us and teach the Joker a lesson!”

When Reiju saw that Judge had understood the situation, she stopped talking. In fact, after she was slashed by Ian and didn’t die, she had some guesses, plus because Ian caught them but didn’t take their arms, it looked like deliberately letting them go. Based on these clues, she made such speculation, and that was the only explanation…

“We still have a chance!” Judge cheered up and said: “Yonji has already contacted the BigMom pirates, and they promised to take action, as long as we can hold on for a while, wait until the BigMom pirates come, then we may not be able to retreat!”

“The key here for our salvation is that Doflamingo shouldn’t attack us!” Reiju said: “And Admiral Aokiji on Ian’s ship at the moment… If he also participates in the war, maybe we will be defeated before the BigMom pirates arrive! So we have to delay as much as possible and don’t fight them head-on!”

After making a quick decision, Germa’s fleet began to slow down, moving towards Dressrosa.

And Ian and the others in the back were gradually approaching.

“Dressrosa is ahead!” Jinbe stood on the bow and looked at the emerging island. He said to Ian: “Heavenly Yaksha is not easy to mess with. Brother Ian, have you made up your mind?”

Ian smiled slightly, but did not answer, turned to Aokiji and asked: “Admiral Kuzan, if I fight Doflamingo, which side will you help?”

Aokiji pulled down his sleep mask and covered his eyes. “Don’t ask me, I want to sleep!”

After approaching Dressrosa, Aokiji finally figured out Ian’s real purpose. He never thought that Ian’s attack on the Germa Group was just a show, and his goal was to scourge Doflamingo!

The two Shichibukai are fighting each other. In this case, Aokiji really doesn’t know what to do. Logically speaking, the marines and World Government won’t take care of the dispute between the two Shichibukai. At most, they would try to stop it, so that the enmity between the two sides will not be too intensified, because the ultimate loss is the combat power of the marines.

But the problem is, now Ian came to Dressrosa with helpers to cause trouble. Although Doflamingo is powerful and crafty, he probably has no chance of winning so many Shichibukai.

Knowing that Doflamingo might be beaten and rubbed on the ground by Ian and his group of friends, Aokiji found himself unable to stop this from happening. He can’t help either side, because Ian has made it clear that he only intends to give Doflamingo a slap on the face and won’t kill him.

So, It’d be better if he goes to sleep… Aokiji made a decision, closed his eyes, and didn’t care about anything! The task given to him by The Fleet Admiral Sengoku was so exasperating…

In the sky, a small black spot appeared. Ian picked up the telescope and looked at the black spot, only to find that it was Doflamingo’s subordinate, Buffalo!

This flying man was the partner of baby-5. Thinking of this, Ian couldn’t help looking at her.

Baby-5 looked at Ian with a complicated expression, and said: “Young Master Ian, do you really want to fight the Joker?”

Ian nodded and said: “Do not worry, you won’t get involved, this is an old grudge between me and him, and it has to be solved. I’m willing to let you stay on the ship, you don’t need to get your hands dirty!”

Baby-5 didn’t say a word. This was actually very difficult for her. Maybe when she was young, baby-5 was quite grateful to Doflamingo, but as she grew older, she realized that Doflamingo kept her around because he thought she was obedient, so he kept using her all the time.

Doflamingo’s so-called family concept was only valid if the other party did not betray him. If the unforgivable happens, he will be merciless when he strikes!

Baby-5 did not know this before. It was not until Trafalgar Law was taken away by the Marines that she realized this. When Doflamingo killed his own brother Rosinante, Baby-5 witnessed all from the sky while riding Buffalo…

Now, due to the emergence of Ian, baby-5 changed sides. Doflamingo designed a secret plan and used the power of the Germa group to attack Ian, but the latter saw through the joker plan and brought back-up to cause more trouble…

Baby-5 thinks that Doflamingo probably would think that Ian discovered all of this by himself, but he may feel it was baby-5 who betrayed him!

There’s no way that she could keep a secret, with baby-5 character once someone asks her about anything, she will tell them everything… so it’s normal for Doflamingo to suspect her.

So for Doflamingo, it is very likely that Baby-5 will become a traitor after this, and she will never be able to return to the Donquixote Pirates…

She clearly knew this was the case, but baby-5 still feels grateful for Doflamingo’s kindness and care back then, so her mood at this moment was so complicated.

Fortunately, Ian saw her melancholy and did not ask her to join the war. Instead, he said to Crocodile: “Old sand, I know you don’t intend to do your best, so I will just give you a simple task, stay on board and protect baby-5 and other people left behind, as long as you fulfill this, then I will honor our agreement and return your soul!”

Crocodile looked at baby-5 and then coldly said: “Deal!”

While the Germa group and Ian’s fleet were approaching Dressrosa, Buffalo, in the sky, contacted Doflamingo through Den Den Mushi, telling him everything…

“What!?” When he heard the news, Doflamingo was shocked. He stood up and roared at Den Den Mushi. “What the hell is going on!? Hasn’t the Germa’s fleet been intercepted? How could they suddenly appear here!?”

“I don’t know, Young Master!” Buffalo said aggrievedly: “I thought the Germa 66 were finished, plus I discovered the trace of Admiral Aokiji, so in order not to cause unnecessary trouble, I ordered the surveillance personnel to withdraw, but who knew that the Germa’s 66 were not defeated, but instead fled here…”

“Damn it!” Doflamingo couldn’t help but curse. He found that the direction of the matter had exceeded his expectations. So after hanging up the phone, he immediately called Trebol and told him to immediately assemble Donquixote Pirates. No matter what happens, the most important task now is to never allow the Germa’s people to land on the island…

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