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S.C.S Chapter 377: Bad timing

Dressrosa, known as the toy country of love and passion, is a tropical island with a joyful style.

Women and men on this island are full of passion for the pursuit of love. The island is full of fragrances of flowers and famous for its delicious food. In addition to the surrounding of food and music, young women and hot sexy dancers are a major selling point. This is the most romantic place and the country with the most couples. Men and women who come here will fall in love at first sight, hold hands and walk in the famous “Lover’s Lane”.

Of course, the excessive attachment to love creates strong jealousy among women. As soon as they get betrayed by men, they will make terrifying behaviors of assassinating the other party. The more beautiful women are, the more vicious they are. It can be said that love and hate are inseparable. Therefore, it is common to have emotional disputes and even physical conflicts.

This country is also known as the country of toys, because in the streets, there are some dolls that can move freely and live everywhere. They live in harmony with mankind and are a part of this society. These toys help people take care of their children, shopping, walking dogs, cleaning, etc… and they are even toy soldiers patrolling the streets, maintaining law and order. They have worked hard and won people’s love.

No one knows where these dolls came from, they seem to have only started appearing in Dressrosa about a decade ago, but now they are completely integrated into people’s lives.

Moreover, there have been legends about Fairies and dwarves in this country. If someone accidentally loses something, then it is gone forever, people will tell him that it is a dwarves’ prank.

Since 700 years ago, the inhabitants of the island still believe in the existence and legends of fairies, regard them as the local Guardian God, and won’t care about some of their tricks.

People in this country also advocate bravery. There you can find the largest fighting competitions in the new world. Special gladiators and some criminals are the ones who participate in these competitions, but when they show a strong fighting spirit, they will also win people’s cheers and praise.

The strange geography, the peculiar customs, the Legends, together constitute Dressrosa, which is a pearl on the sea of

the New World.

Originally, the king of this country was King Riku Doldo III, for some unknown reason, more than ten years ago, Riku brought his army and murdered his own people, thus being despised by the people.

It was also at this time that the Donquixote family appeared. They helped the people of Dressrosa to overthrow the rule of Riku. Because of their kindness, people elected their master Doflamingo as a king. As a Great Pirate and a Shichibukai, he became the new King of Dressrosa.

Over the past ten years, Doflamingo, the King, has gained recognition by people, and they have been used to him being king…

In this country, the Donquixote family are the nobles there, and no one dares to provoke them.

However, today, the members of the Donquixote family suddenly came out in full force, a large number of lower-level soldiers, and Many important cadres of the pirate group, all of them appeared together. They were armed with weapons and rushed to the port in a panic.

Meanwhile, the giant screen on the entire island began to broadcast, saying: “All citizens please take refuge immediately, the ships of the evil army Jemma 66 are approaching Dressrosa, the Donquixote family will intercept them to protect the safety of the general public.”

Upon hearing this, the people of Dressrosa were both frightened and grateful. Although most of them didn’t know who the Germa 66 are, they can only feel scared when hearing the word ‘evil army’. That’s enough to make them feel scared, but they weren’t that worried because they knew that the Donquixote family will protect them.

As a result, the people did not dare to stay in the street, and ran back to their homes, locked the doors and windows, waiting for the good news.

It is a pity that they still didn’t discover that the Donquixote family, whom they regard as protectors, are the biggest liars! Doflamingo and his people deceived the entire country of Dressrosa. The dolls that revolve around people all day are actually living human beings, and were originated from the power of the Hobby-Hobby devil fruit, turning citizens into a doll! At the moment of becoming a doll, everyone related to this person will lose their memory!

The dolls who follow people in the street may be their fathers, their brothers, their wives, and their husbands, but people have no memory of them and can’t recall anything about them.

This is a very scary thing…

The Donquixote family are the masters of deceiving, not only their people didn’t they trick, in fact, even the Germa Group, which appeared in the near sea, did fall into their trap. Now, he pretended to be the protector of these people and stood up firmly, but won the respect and gratitude of the people, which is a great irony…

Now, the minions of the Donquixote Pirates, as well as some ordinary cadres, were concentrated in the position, and the order they received is to prevent the fleet of Germa 66 from landing in Dressrosa.

Doflamingo is not a fool. He knows that once the Germa group land in Dressrosa, Ian and the others, who are chasing them, will immediately use Dressrosa as a battlefield.

Under Dressrosa, Doflamingo hid too many hideous things. Those who are turned into dolls were not only the inhabitants of the island, but also outside pirates, and even some Marine soldiers, as well as officials of the World Government, etc… all of which Doflamingo did to cover up his secrets.

Besides these, the most important thing is the artificial Devil Fruit factory!

In fact, at this point in time, Doflamingo has already reached cooperation with Caesar. Punk Hazard, which was abandoned because of the explosion accident, has now been secretly reconstructed. Caesar’s Research Institute has been quietly established on the island. An uninhabited island filled with poisonous gas can be used in researching the special raw material SAD that can be used to make artificial devil fruits!

Therefore, when he learned that the fleet of Germa 66 was being chased by Ian and his fleet, moving toward Dressrosa, Doflamingo was really surprised and mad.

Just a few days ago, Caesar’s first batch of SAD was shipped to Dressrosa, and Doflamingo was planning to start cultivating the artificial Devil Fruit, because he has reached an agreement with Kaido, one of Four Emperors. If things go right, then he will provide Kaido with the first batch of artificial Devil Fruit!

In general, the first transaction is the most important thing. Whether Doflamingo can successfully get on the line of Kaido depends on this wave of efforts.

However, at this critical time, this unexpected matter happened. How could he not be furious?

Germa’s snail fleet was already approaching the port at this time, and Donquixote pirates opened fire immediately when the ships got close…!

Mortars, cannons, submachine guns, a lot of firepowers poured towards the Germa fleet.

However, an astonishing scene emerged. Those snail ships in Germa actually hid their big eyes and let these bullets bombard their shells!

As mentioned earlier, the shells of these snails are made of strong metal, so ordinary firearms and weapons have no effect on these snails at all!

Although the snails were hidden in their shells, they still had sails on their backs. The Germa fleet, relying on the wind, forcibly rushed into the port of Dressrosa!

More than a dozen huge metal snails rushed into the shore, and those who stood in their way were crushed. Most of the gangsters of the Donquixote family were just ordinary pirates. When they saw this situation, they immediately ran away.

Meanwhile, the cloning soldiers of Germa finally applied their strength. They took their weapons and jumped off the boats to fight with the Donquixote pirates!

Compared with the Pirates who fled, Germa’s soldiers could be called ruthless mercenaries! They are brave and fearless… Even if they were shot and slashed by swords, they will drag their opponents to hell with them.

Back then, the Germa soldiers met Ian and the others with high-end combat power, and were beaten without being unable to fight back, but now facing the Donquixote Pirates, the evil army finally showed its horror…

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