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S.C.S Chapter 378: Separating

“Rush up!” Judge commanded the Germa’s soldiers, shouting: “Kill everyone in your way, head towards the center of the island! If you encounter an establishment or a factory of Donquixote family, destroy it!”

After listening to Reiju’s analysis, Judge knew what to do next.

Doflamingo’s pirates are a very powerful group in North Blue. Perhaps because of Judge’s desire to restore his kingdom’s glory, which conflicts with Doflamingo’s, led to getting involved and trapped.

On one hand, he felt that the Germa group was in an unfavorable situation, on the other hand, Judge hated Doflamingo with all of his guts.

So now that Ian has deliberately driven Germa to Dressrosa, then Judge didn’t mind much, and just like Ian, he plans to make a big fuss on this island.

After the snail ships of Germa 66 rushed into the port successfully, the snails oozed out of the shell, carrying the buildings, and began to crawl into the island.

Doflamingo underestimated Germa’s military strength. The lower-level combatants of his pirate group were unable to withstand a single blow of the Germa soldiers, and could not stop their progress at all, which led to Judge’s smooth landing on the island.

Afterward, Judge asked his three children to take part in this battle and move separately.

Judge knows that since this is what Ian wants, then even if the Germa group flees in the end, Ian and his monsters won’t keep following them… And there has been news from Yonji saying, that the rescue forces of the BigMom were on the way.

So now, the Germa only needs to act separately and try to buy as much time as possible. When the BigMom people arrive, maybe then they can escape.

At that time, the distraction will also make Ian’s pursuers equally dispersed.

So, when Doflamingo got the news from the front line and came with the senior cadres of the family to stop the Germa Group, he found that they had already scattered in Dressrosa.

“Damn it!” Doflamingo couldn’t help stomping his foot hard. This time, he was followed by the real elites.

In addition to Trebol, there are also Giolla (Art-Art Fruit User), Pica (Stone-Stone Fruit User), Gladius (Pop-Pop Fruit User), Diamante (Ripple-Ripple Fruit User), Senor Pink (Swim-Swim Fruit User), Dellinger (Powerful Fishman), and Lao G (martial arts master) are the main members of the family.

“You all! Disperse immediately, go after the Germa group!” Doflamingo said to them: “Don’t let them roam on the island, because if they discover our secrets, then it will be bad! And don’t forget, kill on sight!”

“Yes, Young Master!” The cadres responded in a union, and soon scattered in twos and threes, moving in the direction of the enemies’ departure.

As for Doflamingo, he stayed in place, because he saw Ian and his ships also land at this time.

“This is Dressrosa?” After Ian got off the ship with Ace and the others, they couldn’t help looking around at the scenery of this country.

And at this time, he naturally saw Doflamingo.

Wearing his pink coat, and with a bare chest and hands in his pocket, Doflamingo walked step by step towards Ian in his pointed shoes. Although his eyes were hidden under sunglasses, everyone could feel that Doflamingo’s murderous aura was quite heavy at the moment, and they could even see protruding blue veins on his forehead.

“Hey, Ian! What the hell do you mean by this?” When he came near them, Doflamingo spread his hands, gnashing teeth, and asked Ian: “You chased the Germa 66 all the way to my territory!?”

“That’s right!” Ian laughed with him and pretended to be helpless: “I didn’t know, these people were too cunning, they escaped in a surprising way. We had caught the Vinsmoke family, but capturing them was a part of their plan! There was no way that we could figure that out, we then had to chase them all the way, but I did not expect them to land here, what a weird coincidence!”

“Bullsh!t!” Doflamingo couldn’t help roaring: “How could you four Shichibukai let these people escape so easily!?”

“I’m telling you the truth! If you don’t believe me, go ask Admiral Aokiji, he saw it all with his own eyes!” Ian pointed his finger at his ship.

As a result, Doflamingo looked up and saw that Aokiji was staying on the deck. He was stunned and hurriedly forced himself to calm down.

“What happened!!?? Didn’t my agents say that he was monitoring their actions? Why did Aokiji board their ship!?” Doflamingo thought to himself: “Could it be that something major happened in the middle of the battle?”

However, no matter what causes Aokiji to appear with Ian, Doflamingo had to be alerted, because his island contained too many prohibited goods, and Aokiji represented the marine department. Once the secrets of this island are found, Aokiji will most likely report it to the Marine Headquarters. At that time, Doflamingo will lose his rank as a Shichibukai.

Although he has a connection with the World Government, because he was once a Celestial Dragon, which allows him to use the World Government’s Intelligence forces when needed, but all of this is based on the fact that he is no threat to the World Government. Once the Marines and World Government find out that he is secretly studying and making artificial Devil Fruit, then it is conceivable that what awaits him is a disaster!

So, after forcing himself to calm down, he suddenly changed his expression and spread his hands. He laughed and said: “So that’s how it is, well, since Admiral Aokiji was present and can testify, then I believe you!”

After that, he said to Ian: “However, after all, this is my territory, my country, the Germa Group has run to my site to make trouble. It is necessary for me to take action, since we are friends. I will personally deal with them, as for you fellow Shichibukai… just wait here for my good news!”

Right now, Doflamingo just wanted to keep this matter under his control. He can’t let Ian and the others chase and fight the Germa 66 on his island at will. Therefore, even if he has the urge to vomit blood, he can only take over the matter.

What a great sentiment, Doflamingo seems to be the most selfless person in One Piece World. For this kind of free help and the obligation to do everything for a friend, Ian says… I can’t accept it!

“Don’t mistake me, Doffy! What the Germa destroyed was my station, my territory!” Ian raised his right wrist slightly and shook the bell on the special bandage, sending a crisp sound. He looked serious and said: “So what, if they fled to your site, I must deal with them myself, get my revenge, otherwise, how can I be able to show my face again in the New World?”

“If you think about stopping me, then you are also my enemy!” Ian put down his wrist, clubbed on the handle of his Katana, and looked coldly at Doflamingo. As soon as he dares to say “No”, Ian will pull his sword and place it in front of Doffy.

In his back, the Knight of the Sea Jinbe, Pirate Empress Boa Hancock, and Fire Fist Ace, uncle Fujitora, all of them were standing behind Ian.

With such a lineup, even Doflamingo had to weigh the consequences of turning his face on Ian now.

“Okay!” Doflamingo thought about it for a while, and finally agreed with gritting teeth. He can only hope that Ian and the others really came to the island to hunt down the Germa group, and pray that they won’t reveal his secrets in the process…

Doflamingo stepped aside, and Ian took the lead and walked forward. A squad of furious folks walked together, followed by members of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group, Fishman pirates and Kuja pirates, the entire group moved towards the city.

As for Doflamingo, he could only leave immediately after Ian and the others disappeared from his vision. He had to go back and make arrangements.

“Captain, are we really going to fight as you told us on this island?” After walking a distance, Fujitora asked Ian: “This will cause many innocent casualties!”

“Trust me, Uncle Issho!” Ian whispered: “This country hides darkness far beyond your imagination! Perhaps it is a good thing to take advantage of this opportunity to expose it!”

When Fujitora heard this, he didn’t say anything anymore. He knew that Ian wouldn’t do anything aimless, just wait for it to be known, so he said, “Well then, let’s go after the Vinsmoke Family!”

“I’ll go after the one named Ichiji!” Jinbe said with his arms crossed.

“Leave Niji for me and Sabo!” Ace grinned and put his arms around Sabo’s shoulders. He finally had a chance to fight alongside Sabo. Aokiji didn’t leave the ship, so Sabo was relieved and could act safely.

As for Crocodile, he did not disembark. He stayed on board to protect the ship and the people left behind.

In this way, only Reiju was left. She was the one who fought against Ian, but at this time, Boa Hancock puffed her chest and said nervously: “This… this princess will accompany you!”

Ian glanced at her, and said with a slight smile: “OK!”

Ian knew very well that as long as they made a fuss in Dressrosa, Doflamingo won’t stay still, so with Boa Hancock by his side, the odds of being him would be high enough when he appears……

So next, the gang got separated.

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