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S.C.S Chapter 379: Discoveries

Germa’s snails were rampaging everywhere on Dressrosa!

People of Dressrosa have never seen such a huge snail. They were frightened and didn’t stop running in all directions, although the Donquixote family had already issued an evacuation announcement in the country, there were still many people and toys on the street.

But what’s interesting is that when these snails are rushing to crush the citizens, it was not the Donquixote pirates who stood up to protect these people, but the toys!

There were even some toys that pushed people away from danger, and instead, they were crushed under the snails.

Fujitora, along with some members of the Dragon Hunter Pirates, has been tracking Vinsmoke Judge. The traces left by the snail were obvious and they were not afraid to lose them. However, with Fujitora’s Kenbunshoku Haki, he witnessed the senses where these toys came forward to save people, and it felt very strange.

In his perception, the outline of these toys was very strange! The humanoid dolls and the animal toys actually followed people around to save them, which made Fujitora somewhat surprised. He obviously can’t see with his eyes and thought these toys were real animals.

“Are all the animals in this country so intelligent?” Fujitora asked in surprise.

“No, Vice-Captain!” Zick followed Fujitora, hearing this, he scratched his head and said strangely: “These animals are toys, made of iron, wool! They are all toys!”

“Toys!?” Fujitora was stunned for a while, and with a disbelieving look, he asked with a tone: “How can toys move? And in my perception, they are alive! I can hear their ‘heartbeat’!”

“Here, take!” Zick was helpless, so he simply picked up a doll that he had run by him and handed it to Fujitora, letting him touch it.

“Eh!?” Fujitora felt it, and couldn’t help but marvel: “Is this a unique species in this country?”

Getting caught by Fujitora, the doll shouted in his hand: “let go of me, let go of me!”

As soon as he loosened his hand, the doll fell to the ground without getting broken. He got up and ran away with his short legs.

“How wonderful!” Zick and the others watched the doll run away in amazement, they didn’t expect him to speak…

“No! Maybe not!” Fujitora suddenly said: “There is another possibility, with is a Devil Fruit Ability!”

Zick was stunned for a moment, then reacted, saying: “Uncle Issho, what do you mean…”

“The captain told me that this country is hiding a lot of secrets, full of darkness!” Fujitora said with a serious face: “If what the captain said is true, then the origin of these toys should be one of them!”

“Let’s keep moving!” Fujitora then said, “Maybe we will know the answer later.”

The entire group quickly followed him, but they didn’t notice that behind them, a one-legged toy soldier with a gun was sitting on a treetop, watching them quietly…

On the other side, Jinbe finally saw Ichiji after chasing his direction for a while.

Ichiji went on rampaging with a Germa’s snail ship and many soldiers. At this time, he was intercepted by the cadres of the Donquixote family in the city, and it was Gladius and Diamante who blocked his way!

When Jinbe arrived, Ichiji was surrounded and fighting these two, but since they were on land, Ichiji used the ‘wall trick’, making the Germa soldiers withstand the upcoming blows without the slightest hesitation, then attacked back when Gladius and Diamante were stunned…

Although Jinbe was very uncomfortable seeing the cold-blooded behavior of Ichiji, he didn’t forget what Ian had explained their tactics before, so he stretched out his palm, and at the same time a drop of water dripped from his palm, then it was ejected with a furious wave.

“Water Shot!”

Diamante was hit by Jinbe’s water bullet, which pierced a hole directly in his waist.

“Cough cough!” Diamante covered the wound with his rippling sword and yelled at Jinbe: “Damn it, Jinbe! Are you crazy? Why did you shoot us!?”

“I’m sorry!” Jinbe said: “But the Germa group must be defeated by us. Brother Ian asked me to come and help out, not to come and just watch!”

“But this is Donquixote’s family’s territory!” Diamante growled.

“Say this to your Young Master! I have a job to do!” Jinbe has always known that Doflamingo is evil, so he didn’t like his men.

While taking advantage of Jinbe’s shot, Ichiji pushed back his opponent Gladius, and then immediately ran with his soldiers.

Due to Judge’s orders, the Vinsmoke family and Ian reached a strange tacit agreement on their side. Both sides had the same goal, which is to drag the Donquixote pirates into the mud… The first thing Ichiji did after escaping was find a building with Doflamingo’s flag and went in its direction! Generally speaking, the banner hanging refers to an important place to the Donquixote pirates, even if it was not a factory, it can be a warehouse or anything else…

And once such a place is found, Ichiji will attack and destroy it without hesitation.

The current situation was like this. Doflamingo’s cadres were desperately trying to block the Vinsmoke family and Ian’s group, but these two sides were deliberately choosing the worst places to fight in. but when they fight, they have no intention to kill each other, they were just launching blows with the utmost area damage.

So in the end, Doflamingo’s industry would be in a bad situation.

Jinbe and Ichiji kept on going, while Diamante and Gladius, who were chasing after them, got very angry.

Then, during this chase and escape, the things that worried the Donquixote family happened. When Jinbe and Ichiji started ‘fighting’ near a store, and ‘accidentally’ destroying half of it, they saw many people with explosive collars on their necks and chains on their hands and feet.

These people were in shabby clothes and stained with blood. At first glance, they looked like they had been detained for a long time, and their faces looked haggard.

Jinbe was not a fool. As soon as he saw these people, he immediately understood that these people are slaves!

When he first followed Fisher Tiger, he saw the appearance of many slaves, so he concluded this at first glance, and Jinbe was extremely angry because he saw many Fishmen within the slaves!

Doflamingo has always been involved in the business of human trafficking. This store is one of them. It is not an auction house like the Sabaody Archipelago, but a hidden store. Although this building was a clothing store on the surface, it was a place where Donquixote pirate kidnaps people. When single men and women came to buy clothes in this store, they feel dizzy in the dressing room by the anesthetic gas, and when they woke up, they found themselves captured with chains and collars.

Most of these kidnapped people were tourists. Even if they were missing, they will not attract attention. After waiting for a whole collection, the Donquixote pirates will take them to the Sabaody Archipelago and sell them.

As a Fishman, Jinbe hated this kind of business the most. When it was discovered that there was such a sinful thing as human trafficking hidden here, Jinbe became furious.

“What’s going on here!” With a direct punch, he knocked over all the minions who rushed out of the store, and then went up to rescue his fellow Fishman. When he saw their poor faces, he said to himself that he would never doubt Ian!

“Kill him!” After seeing this scene, Gladius and Diamante gritted their teeth and planned to attack. Diamante used his Ripple-Ripple Ability to shake the entire ground, and Gladius turned into a giant hedgehog balloon, moved toward Jinbe, intending to blow him up directly.

However, Jinbe managed to keep himself still on the shaking ground, and when Gladius approached him, he lifted his foot in clogs and kicked Gladius with a fierce roundabout kick.

“7000 Brick Roundhouse Kick!”

The huge impact force made Gladius explode in an instant, but his explosion did not hurt Jinbe in the slightest. Instead, he was kicked by Jinbe and spat blood while flying back.

Although Jinbe was not the most powerful fighter on the land, his Fishman karate was enough to deal with these two… as a Shichibukai, Jinbe was not weaker than Doffy! Gladius and Diamante were just cadres, and can’t defeat the giant shark…

While the fact of human trafficking on the island was revealed by Jinbe, Ace and Sabo also found a large number of arms transactions on the island when pursuing Niji…