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S.C.S Chapter 380: Press Where It hurts

What Doflamingo did on Dressrosa Island, although it was hidden in the dark, was like lice on a bald head, as long as it was there, it would definitely be discovered.

The Vinsmoke Family was running around the island with their soldiers, and Ian and the others were tailing them, so they gradually started exposing hidden stuff.

When they were ramping on the island, they came up with a pattern. In addition to the places where Doffy’s flag was hung, there were places where resistance was encountered, so they became their focus points, because such sites, there might be something important to protect, as soon as they encounter resistance, then stopping and making a scene will definitely be fruitful.

When Niji fled to a warehouse, he accidentally hit the ground and discovered where the weapons were hidden. Since the Germa Group and Ian’s gang landed on the island, the Donquixote pirates received to transfer their hoarding arms away, only to be bumped into the enemies in the way…

Those scoundrels were loyal to Doflamingo, so after getting face to face with the Germa 66, they relied on the large number of weapons in their hands, and attached them! They overestimated their abilities, and got killed by Niji and his soldiers, then suddenly he realized that he should stop and wait for Ace and Sabo to catch up, to keep the authenticity of the act.

As a result, with this fight, the hidden weapons in the warehouse were directly discovered.

Sabo instantly understood what was going on. In fact, the Revolutionary Army also placed intelligence personnel on Dressrosa. Because they found many war-torn countries on the Grand Line, the source of arms transactions is implicitly pointing to Dressrosa…

Faced with this situation, the Revolutionary Army wanted to investigate, but many spies sent didn’t find a thing, and soon after coming to this island, they were vaporized, and disappeared from his world.

As the chief of staff of the Revolutionary Army, Sabo naturally knew about this, and he was very puzzled. Now, after Ian brought him to Dressrosa, he finally found these arms deals, although he still did not understand where his spies went, he got his lead on the matter of arms transactions.

“Ace! Go ahead, destroy this place!” Sabo shouted to Ace while holding a Cameko Den Den Mushi, taking pictures and recording all this.

Ace replied with a wide smile, with a “Great Flame Commandment: Flame Emperor”, he bombarded the place on the spot.

And the cadres of the Donquixote pirates responsible for chasing Niji, were Giolla, the Art-Art Fruit user, and Senor Pink, the Swim-Swim Fruit user, but facing Ace’s giant Fire ball, they didn’t dare to approach!

There was no way that they could make a difference with their poor strength. They discovered that Ian wasn’t playing when he brought these folks. In addition Jinbe and Boa Hancock, Ace and Sabo were also capable of joining the Shichibukai ranks in terms of power alone… Now on the whole island, Doflamingo is the only one who can fight them head-on. Even if all his cadres were devil fruit users, they still need to consider whom they were picking as an opponent!

It can be said that none of Donquixote’s cadres were able to succeed in their task. Even if they were eager to kill the Vinsmoke family and prevent them from running around like this, the Vinsmoke kids were easy to deal with, no matter what killing moves they used, Judge’s children would just shout “Wall” and let their soldiers tank the upcoming blow…

As long as it delays the battle for a while, and the people on Ian’s side catch up, then they will teach Doffy’s cadres how to behave…

The current situation feels a bit one-sided. With Germa 66 and Ian’s gang tacitly co-operating, the cadres under Doflamingo couldn’t stop them from storming the island, revealing scars in every corner!

Human trafficking and arms smuggling, with the shocking crimes and gray businesses being dug out, the wicked deeds of Doflamingo became clearer and clearer.

Ian and Boa Hancock, with the Dragon Hunter Pirates and some Kuja pirates, chased after Reiju, while Jinbe and Ace, all through a little Den Den Mushi, told Ian what they had found so far.

Without exception, these gray businesses have been destroyed by them. It can be seen that the loss brought to Donquixote pirates is enormous.

However, with Ian’s knowledge, he was well aware that this was just a small part of Doffy’s underground business, even if it gets destroyed, it won’t really hurt Doflamingo as he intends to…

What can really hurt the Joker is the underground factory that produces artificial Devil Fruits!

According to Ian’s estimation, this underground factory may have already been established. On Punk Hazard’s side, the sad developed by Caesar should actually be regarded as a catalyst. This kind of material needs to be used before it can process artificial Devil Fruit, the Smile, also known as “Artificial Zoan Devil Fruit.”

If he really wants to make this guy suffer and regret the minute he thought of angering Ian, then destroying this underground factory is the best factor.

In particular, Ian would also like to see what this so-called artificial Devil Fruit looks like. Don’t forget, Ian can increase the stars of his own card by allowing his Card System to absorb the power of such Devil Fruits, thus gaining more attributes.

At ordinary times, if he wants to get a Devil Fruit, the easiest way is to buy them, but why would he spend his money when he can simply raid an artificial Devil Fruit factory of his beloved friend Doffy… Ian intends to go there and take a look, seeing if his system can accept them.

Plus most importantly, if the underground factory is destroyed, then Doflamingo will not be able to deliver the goods to Kaido, and he will be forced to bear his wrath.

If the Madman Kaido gets angry and kills Doflamingo, that will help Ian solve a big problem…

However, there is a problem in his plan… that is, Ian doesn’t know exactly where the underground factory is, but that doesn’t matter! He can go to the Tontatta Kingdom, which is the “fairy” residence.

If he remembers correctly, the location of the Tontatta Kingdom seems to be on the opposite side of an iron bridge, where there were ferocious fighting fishes under the bridge.

This is the best place he could go to, to ask for help!

When they learned that the bridge was on the north side of Dressrosa, Ian and Boa Hancock rushed forward, forcing Reiju to flee north, so she followed Ian’s wishes without saying a word and moved north.

However, just as Reiju was about to reach the bridge, a strange scene happened.

The Germa soldiers who were following Reiju suddenly turned around and attacked her!

Attacking their masters is a forbidden sin for the Germa soldiers. For the first time, panic expressions appeared on their cold faces, but they could not control their bodies at all.

Reiju was totally unprepared, she just found herself surrounded by her own soldiers. At the crucial moment, she flew up from the barrage of bullets and stayed in midair.

And those Germa soldiers started killing each other, when they couldn’t reach Reiju.

Ian and Boa Hancock, who had been following behind, naturally showed this scene. Ian reacted and suddenly raised his head to look at the sky.

He saw a figure with strange movements, bouncing between the clouds! Who else could it be if not Doflamingo?

The way the Germa soldiers acted made Ian think of Doffy’s “Parasite String”…

“Damn it!” After Doflamingo landed, he looked at Ian, and his forehead was full of blue veins. The rage in his heart was about to burn his whole person, but he used a faint voice to say to Ian. “Ian, you are a good chess player! I never thought that you would join forces with the Germa!”

Ian didn’t speak, just looked at him coldly.

Doflamingo originally wanted to go ahead of Ian and take down the Germa 66, but the plan changed very fast, the bad news from his cadres forced him to run over immediately. He went to the destroyed places by Jinbe and Ace. It was only at this time that he realized, he was tricked. The Germa 66 deliberately fled to Dressrosa for one reason only…!

At this moment, Doflamingo finally understood that Ian had already discovered that the commission was issued by him, and that he also used the Germa 66 for his revenge.

“It was baby-5, right!?” Doflamingo grinned and said to Ian: “How ridiculous. I had expected that woman to stay by your side and bring me back some useful information about your pirate group. Instead, she turned around and sold me! With her character, I shouldn’t have trusted her this easily!”

What Baby-5 was worried about finally happened, and Due to his suspicious personality, he listed her as the only suspect.

Ian didn’t want to correct Doffy’s wrong perception. In fact, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to change his mind, so he directly shocked him with it alllllll: “Doffy, Doffy, Doffy! Your only mistake was misunderstanding me… I knew from the very beginning that it is impossible for us to cooperate! Vergo’s identity can be hidden from the Marine department, but not from me! He was your man, or to be exact your right hand, and I killed him with a cold heart, and I knew that you won’t rest until you avenge him…”

Doflamingo was shocked when he heard this.

He found that he really underestimated Ian’s intelligence capabilities. Only he and the family’s core cadres knew about Vergo’s identity. How on earth did he know?

“What the hell do you want then?” Doflamingo couldn’t help but ask: “Take me down!? You are already a Shichibukai. Even if you do so, it won’t do you any good, right? Or do you just want to get your revenge on me? If so, haven’t you achieved your goal now? What else do you want?”

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