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S.C.S Chapter 381: Stop caring

However, Doflamingo didn’t say we are even now, and Ian couldn’t stop the killing intent in his heart.

Yeah, what else do I want? Ian himself is asking this question.

Obviously, the conflict between him and Doflamingo is irreconcilable, and during so many contacts, Ian realized that Doffy is a very dangerous person. This guy not only has high status and power, but also has extensive connections. He is a famous broker in the whole underground world. Now with all the cards being played on the table, if he just teaches him a lesson and lets him go, it will be a deadly mistake!

Once this guy gets released to the world, Ian and his dragon hunter pirates would face more ferocious retaliation from Doflamingo.

“Kill him!” Ian suddenly made this decision in his heart. He wasn’t the kind of person who knows about a potential danger in the future, and let it be. Since there might be tons of follow-up troubles, then nipping it in the bud is the answer!

In fact, Ian did think too much before, but because he had a bad reading of the situation at the time, knowing that the World Government and the Marines did not allow Shichibukai to fight each other, so Ian’s response was limited, thinking only within the limits allowed by the world government… and the only answer was “an eye for an eye”.

Then, he took this matter from another angle.

Now, when Ian realized that Doflamingo would always stay lurking in his back, he then immediately ignored the restriction of his Shichibukai rank.

Obtaining this identity was just to prevent the Marines from sending admirals to hunt down his pirate group, and to win a breathing time for himself… this does not mean that Ian got close to the World Government. If so, why should he worry too much about the reaction of the World Government and Marines?

As a Shichibukai, even if I kill Doflamingo, what can they do to me? Remove my Shichibukai title!?

In that case, they will lose two Shichibukai at once! Would they be willing to do that?

Once this point was figured out, Ian became relieved.

With Ian’s sudden enlightenment, enlightenment noticed the killing intent emitting from Ian’s body. He couldn’t help but grit his teeth in astonishment: “You actually want to kill me!?”

At this moment, Doflamingo was really angry. Even when he wanted to cause trouble for Ian, he had to be cautious and didn’t do it in person, so he issued this mission in the underground World, and attracted Germa 66 through a broker. However, he didn’t expect that Ian would appear with such strong intention.

Doesn’t he worry about the attitude of the World Government?

Thinking of this, Doflamingo suddenly burst into arrogant laughter. He pointed his finger at Ian. “Stinky boy, do you really think that killing me wouldn’t hold you accountable by the World Government? Let me tell you one thing, I am also a Celestial Dragon! Although my stupid family renounced their World Noble status and left Mary Geoise, after I became Shichibukai, I resumed contact with the world nobles… I’m aware that I can’t regain my original title, but I hold the great secret of the Celestial Dragon in my hand. If I am really killed by you, the Celestial Dragons will never let you go!”

“Is this related to the national treasure of the Celestial Dragons?” Ian coldly said: “You are talking about the identity chip I gave you, calling it ‘national treasure’? But what do you think they would do if I told them that their identity chip was taken by you?”

“Do you think they will believe such a lie?” Doflamingo laughed: “To tell you the truth, I have learned through a special way that the identity chips they brought back can be used! So, even if their chip is fake, as long as it can be used, they will consider it as the original, so they won’t believe you a word you say!”

“Tsk!” Ian looked as if he was hearing depressing news.

In fact, the chip that Ian returned was indeed the real chip, but Doflamingo didn’t know. He thought Ian gave back the fake one he made. Now he thinks that if the fake identity chip can be used, the Celestial Dragon won’t listen to Ian.

This logic is a bit roundabout, but whether it is true or false, as long as they are not angry with Doflamingo, he can still seek their help.

“Do you understand this?” Doflamingo said proudly: “Even if you kill me, the Celestial Dragons will think that you have obtained the secret about the national treasure from me. and at that time, they will kill you at all costs! Because they don’t allow any person to know the secret of the national treasure, even if this person used to be one of them, let alone being an ordinary person! At that time, even if the cost is the loss of two Shichibukai, they will do it without a second thought!”

Indeed, Doflamingo knows about the Celestial Dragons’ national treasure, which is because his family used to be a member of the World Nobles… Therefore, after he became Shichibukai, although they were unhappy with his possession of such secret, they felt that it is still within the controllable range. Doflamingo has always wanted to return to his original rank within the World Nobles, so the Celestial Dragons thought that he should not disclose such information, but will just hold it in his own hand as a bargaining chip.

If necessary, the Celestial Dragons can make a decision at any time to make Doflamingo a World Noble again. In this way, the secret of the national treasure will be returned to the hands of the Celestial Dragons only, and Doflamingo gets what he wants. Then he will also strictly guard this secret for the special status of a Celestial Dragon.

However, if it were an ordinary person who learned about this national treasure, the situation would be completely different! They can’t accept an ordinary person getting close to them, let alone becoming one of them. These fellows are obsessive about their bloodlines. The only solution they can think of is to kill all insiders!

At that time, we are not only talking about the three Admirals, I’m afraid that the entire marine department and the entire CP intelligence agency will be dispatched to deal with Ian and his pirate group!

So now, it’s not a question of whether Ian wants to kill Doflamingo, but if he can!

“Hmph! But if I kill you, they won’t know if you ever told their secret, right ?” Ian couldn’t help but retort.
“Hey! Even if I kill you, Celestial Dragon won’t know if you told me the secret of our treasure?” Ian couldn’t help but retort.

“Maybe!” Doflamingo said with a sinister smile: “But don’t forget, there are many World Government intelligence officers in Dressrosa who are always under the supervision of my pirates. And only when they discover my secrets, I have to take action and deal with them. Otherwise, I can’t just act against the World Government and kill their agents…

So at this moment, there are many active CP agents on my island. When you and the Germa Group have made such a big fuss on Dressrosa, you guys have already fallen to their attention. Therefore, as soon as I shout and mention the word national treasure, they will report it immediately. Then, do you think you can clear the suspicion?”

“This won’t only affect you, but also you, Boa Hancock!” Doflamingo looked at her with a wicked smile and said: “Since you came with this brat Ian, then you will also become the target of World Government, by that time, you and your Amazon Lily will enter in a disaster arc! Fuffuffuffuffu! Fuffuffuffuffu!”

The more he talked, the more refreshing Doflamingo felt. ‘It’s really wonderful to play with a group of Shichibukai!’

However, Doflamingo, who was laughing wildly, did not realize that at this moment, Boa Hancock had already lost her mind about what he just said!

If she hadn’t been with Ian, she would never figure out that Doffy, who is also a Shichibukai like her, used to be a member of the world nobles!

Even if he is a former Celestial Dragon, that can’t change this fact.

And the people, she is the most afraid and resented of, are the Celestial Dragons! At this moment, listening to Doflamingo speaking of his identity proudly, Hancock couldn’t help thinking of the arrogant laughter of those Celestial Dragons when they were branding her and her sisters with the slaves’ mark…

So, she exploded.

“Go to hell!” her willow eyebrows turned upside down, and she shouted violently, while firing the “Falling-Down Drunk Sweet Wind/ Mero Mero Mellow“ at Doffy.

And at this same time, Ian drew his sword and rushed towards Doflamingo from the side!

Even with what Doflamingo said, Ian wasn’t scared!

Kuina was right at the beginning, with Ian’s temperament, if he cared about this and that, he wouldn’t have achieved anything in his life…

So, without previous notice, Ian and Hancock started the fight.

Let’s Fck him up!

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