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S.C.S Chapter 382: Things getting serious

If everything really goes according to what Doflamingo said, wouldn’t no one be able to provoke him at all?

Of course, this is impossible! So Ian simply didn’t believe him at all!

Perhaps for others, Doflamingo’s loss of his world’s noble title will frighten the attacking party and have them consider the consequences, but for Ian, it didn’t work.

Because in Ian’s heart, he has already seen the essence of Celestial Dragons, that is, a bunch of fools dressed in lion skin to show off their power. Ian has long challenged their majesty, and after killing one of them, they surrendered to the situation and let him be, so the potential threat in Doffy’s words wasn’t enough to stop him…

To say that what Ian is really afraid of was the power of the marines, but as his current strength grows, their threat is slowly decreasing.

Therefore, Doflamingo’s remarks didn’t affect Ian’s killing intent, it just agitated another person, that is, Boa Hancock!

Doflamingo did not expect that the first person to attack would be Hancock. Most of his attention was placed on Ian because he knew that Ian was the leader. As a result, when Hancock’s ray of pink heart was shot, he was almost hit if he didn’t react in time and jump away!

As a Shichibukai, Doflamingo knows how dangerous this woman is. He is the kind of person who is inherently evil, and has a strong lust. So in the face of Hancock’s Love-Love Fruit, he is quite weak, because many of her petrification abilities generally take effect on everyone, whether he was seduced by her or not doesn’t matter.

Having just avoided the upcoming projectile, Ian has already come from the side, Doflamingo cursed inwardly, raised his hairy right leg wearing pointed shoes, and blocked Ian’s chop.

The two’s armored Haki clashed, making a metallic sound. Although there was no winner in this collision, Ian used his weapon, and Doffy defended with his armed leg, he just felt some pain.

Ian didn’t give him a chance to breathe at all. Black flames enwrapped his sword, and waved another slash toward the joker.

Now Ian’s sword strike is faster than ever. Doflamingo was almost unable to see his shot clearly. He can only rely on Observation Haki to perceive the direction of Ian’s attack and then keep raising his arms and legs to defend himself.

However, the sharpness of the upgraded Sword of the Darkness Flame was beyond Doflamingo’s imagination. After withstanding a few blows, his armored Haki was no longer able to hold, and was cut by Ian’s flaming blade, leaving a wound on his wrist.

“Ah!! You bastard!” Doflamingo hasn’t been injured for a long time, and suddenly he was shocked and angry. He slammed his fingers into a claw and slashed at Ian who was close!

“Goshikito (Five Color Strings)!”

In Ian’s Nen field, Doflamingo’s hand wasn’t the threat, but the invisible strings attached to his fingers, so he immediately raised his hands and blocked it with his sword.

“Clang!” Doflamingo obviously didn’t reach Ian, but with the strong impact, the solid black flame on the Senbonzakura was separated by five gaps, as if it was sliced.

Ian quickly took a few steps to retreat, and checked his blade with some distress.

Although the Senbonzakura is a weapon embodied by the system, this weapon is not unshakeable, Ian already knew this.

Fortunately, now Ian has upgraded it to a five-star Zanpakutō, which is much stronger than the first weapon he got, the three-star Juggernaut sword. The swing of Doflamingo’s string did not leave a scratch on the blade.

When Ian retired, Hancock fired Slave Arrows at Doffy.

Seeing the arrow, Doflamingo couldn’t chase after Ian, and had to deal with Hancock’s attack.

He bent his fingers, leaving only the index finger, and pointing out the flying arrows that were shot one after another. It was like the Six Meridians Divine Sword, only the voice of Duan Yu was missing… (A joke for those who watched Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils!)

This was his Bullet String trick! The thin thread created from his fingers was ejected at a high speed, which has a destructive power enough to pierce the human body, but now it was used to take down Hancock’s arrows.

Just after dealing with Hancock’s attack, suddenly a purple flame came flying from the ground towards Doflamingo.

Ian and Hancock cooperated in a very skillful way that they hardly gave Doffy any break. Due to the angle of the flames, Doflamingo failed to see it coming, so it was too late to avoid it!

Boom! The purple blazing pillar exploded in an instant, and the raging fire swallowed Doflamingo’s body at once.

‘You’ll remember me each time you look at the moon…’ After Iori’s skill exploded, a human-shaped bathed in purple flame stayed in the pillar of fire.

When Ian obtained Iori’s exclusive treasure, Yasakani no Magatama, the “Ura 108 Shiki Ya Sakazuki /Eight Sake Cups” was able to freeze the time flow around the target, so it looked as if Doflamingo was completely frozen by flames

However, Ian didn’t take advantage of this opportunity to attack, but raised his head and looked forward to the sky!

“Over there!” Ian’s whole body was glittering with lightning, and he suddenly shook his hand… a bolt of strong lightning pierced Dressrosa’s sky, struck obliquely into the sky.

Ian realized that the one sealed by the Eight Sake Cups flames was not Doflamingo’s real body, it was a substitute puppet he left with the power of his thread fruit… his real body escaped and flew into the air with the clouds at the moment of the explosion!

If it wasn’t for Ian’s Nen field, they wouldn’t have noticed that the one in the flames had no vital characteristics, and they might get deceived by him.

The speed of the lightning strike was instant and hit Doflamingo between the clouds. Under the bombardment of high voltage, Doflamingo screamed his lungs out and was shot down from the air.

His whole body turned black, the flamingo coat on his body was burned out by lightning, and thick black smoke was emitting… However, when reaching the ground, Doflamingo rolled and didn’t fall, but landed on his feet.

People who strengthen their bodies with physical training in this world are actually quite powerful, so even if he was hit by a lightning strike, Doflamingo was only damaged, but it didn’t faint or kill him.

At the same time as he landed, Doflamingo’s forehead was full of blue veins. His right hand suddenly stretched back as he roared: “Time to strike back! Overheat!”

In his palm, countless transparent silk threads stretched out wildly, and then twisted together to form a thick whip, which followed the swing of Doflamingo’s right hand, with a powerful rebound, it broke the air and rushed at Ian!

At this time, Hancock shot Doflamingo with several kiss guns, however, Doffy desperately was focused on attacking Ian, which made him get hit.

The power of this whiplash was overwhelming, Although Ian had never seen it before, his intuition gave him a dangerous signal, so Ian didn’t dare to withstand or block it. He rolled on the ground with his fastest speed and dodged the upcoming blow.

Bang! A tall building behind Ian was directly demolished by Doflamingo’s whip. At the position where the whip landed, the stones turned into powder in an instant!

He failed to hit Ian, but Hancock landed many bullets on his body. After all, Hancock is also an expert in using Haki… When Doffy didn’t concentrate on defense, her bullets easily tore off the hardened armor on his body, making him tremble with every shot.

Although these three fought for less than a minute, Doflamingo had been injured repeatedly. Although these wounds were not serious, they made him realize how dangerous it was to fight the two Shichibukais at the same time. If he doesn’t use his true power, he may get seriously injured in the next collisions with these monsters…

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