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S.C.S Chapter 383: Birdcage reappearance, the arrival of unexpected people

Speaking of which, there is no reason why Doflamingo has always kept the madman appearance, playing it cool. In addition to being a Shichibukai and a Celestial Dragon, he also has a formidable strength, which is mainly reflected in his Haki cultivation and fruit abilities.

Doflamingo has Awakened his devil fruit, and his use of his thread fruit ability has reached a very high level.

In addition to using the threads as his attack method, he can even use them to close injuries!

Just like a surgical suture, let alone ordinary wounds, even if his internal organs were damaged, he can treat them urgently, stop the bleeding, and sew them up! Although this emergency treatment is different from normal physical recovery, what it shows during combat is how resistant he can be.

This is also the reason why he can fight back unharmed after being shot by Ian

However, this kind of recovery still takes time. If he recovers while fighting, he will be distracted. Doflamingo knows his weakness, so in the face of Ian and Hancock, two Shichibukai, he knew that he couldn’t hold on for too long.

Either fight or turn around and run away, otherwise, no matter how thick his skin is, he will be killed by the none ending blows.

with the pride and self-esteem of a Shichibukai, he was not allowed to turn around and run away, so Doflamingo chose the other option.

After Ian escaped the slamming whip of Doflamingo, he stood up and immediately shot a Black Dragon wave in his direction!

However, in the face of the surging heatwave and the terrifying flame of the black dragon wave, Doflamingo did not choose to dodge, but slammed his hands on the ground!

The next moment, all the sights and objects seemed to be distorted in the range where the three were!

The surrounding buildings seem to have been stretched, extending out countless threads, converging in front of Doflamingo, and he used these gathered threads to resist Ian’s black dragon!

The Flame of Black Dragon Wave is not something that can be easily stopped, but at this moment, Doflamingo seems to have an endless stream of power. Those silk threads have just been melted by the black flames, other silk thread waves immediately followed and continued to block the black dragon wave! In the midst of these ups and downs, the flight of the black dragon wave was actually blocked, and the black dragon body was shrinking little by little.

In the end, when the Black Dragon wave started reaching Doflamingo and there were still several meters ahead, the dragon body evaporated. On the way between Ian and Doflamingo, only a deep ravine that was melted by heat was left. High heat and green smoke were emitted.

This is the first time Ian has seen someone able to offset his own black dragon wave…

Obviously, Doflamingo used the awakened power of his thread fruit.

Not only that, after offsetting the Black Dragon wave, all the surrounding silk threads, under Doflamingo’s control, continued to gather again, and then solidified into a thick and strong thread. These silk threads ejected high in the air, covered the positions of just the two of them, and then stopped spreading…

“Birdcage!” Doflamingo showed a smirk. He stuck out his tongue and licked the blood left on his cheek from when getting hit by Hancock “Fuffuffuffuffu! Ian, let’s fight like trapped beasts!”

Ian looked back and saw that the birdcage raised by Doflamingo had just isolated Hancock outside!

“This…what the hell is this!” Hancock raised her long leg and kicked the silk threads of the birdcage, but it didn’t affect the threads at all, instead, she was pushed back, which made her frown.

She still felt some pain, Hancock realized that when she kicked the cage, if it wasn’t for the protection of her armed Haki, she would’ve been cut!

This birdcage is formed by Doflamingo’s will. Those threads should not be normal threads, but made of energy, so they are indestructible, and not something that Hancock’s kick can break.

Even Ian was incapable of cutting it. He violently waved his sword at the edge of the silk thread of the birdcage, using the Sword of the Darkness Flame, but such a move just brought out a long spark and sharp sound, which seemed useless to these silk threads.

In this way, Ian can’t get out, and Hancock can’t get in.

Doflamingo was not a fool. He knows that he has to deal with Ian and Boa Hancock’s attacks at the same time. so he simply isolated her outside with his birdcage. In this way, he only needs to concentrate on dealing with Ian alone. After defeating Ian, facing the snake princess wouldn’t be as hard…

“Fuffuffuffuffu! On second thought, why not shrink it a bit!” Doflamingo opened his hands, raised his head, and laughed loudly, while controlling the movement of the birdcage. With his ferocious laughter, the abnormal threads that surrounded them in all directions began to shrink slowly.

The biggest advantage of the birdcage is that once it moves, it doesn’t need to be manipulated by Doflamingo, so he can concentrate on fighting Ian one-on-one.

“You’d better be careful!” Doflamingo then said to Ian: “Even if your Haki is so strong, you will be sliced by the silk thread of this birdcage, and turn into pieces!”

This is naturally a psychological tactic. Doflamingo has grown to the point where he has experienced many battles. He knows very well that when the birdcage is slowly shrinking, his opponents are often eager to defeat him. If you become impatient and eager to win, you will be more prone to flaws and making mistakes.

Ian faintly noticed Doflamingo’s intention, he took a long sigh, then raised his right hand, and the second black dragon began to condense on his wrist.

Throwing the black dragon wave into the sky, and then waiting for the black dragon to fall on him, Ian swallowed its energy, Ian closed his eyes, and quickly spread his black flame wings. When he opened his eyes, the evil eye master skill was activated, and the third eye on his forehead appeared at the same time.

“Hey, hey, hey! That’s amazing!” Doflamingo opened his palm, spread his fingers, took a stance facing Ian, and grinned at Ian: “The power of Cryptocurrency fruit really lives up to its reputation! But I don’t know if it can get stronger than my Paramecia Devil Fruit?”

“We’ll find out later!” Ian replied coldly, holding the Senbonzakura in both hands.

The next moment, their figures disappeared at the same time, and when the two reappeared, they had already collided…


When Ian and Doflamingo were fighting in the birdcage, Reiju, who escaped to Greenbit Island on the other side, encountered huge trouble.

When Doflamingo suddenly appeared, she knew that the battle between the three Shichibukais was not something she could intervene in, so she took advantage of the situation. When they were busy, Reiju quietly left the scene with Germa’s soldiers.

The members of the Dragon Hunter Pirates and the Kuja Pirates noticed that Reiju had left, so they followed her tail. Everyone knew that the fight between the three Shichibukais would definitely be a disaster, so staying around would only bring more troubles.

So in this way, when Doflamingo used the birdcage, because the coverage of the birdcage did not spread to the entire Dressrosa Island, ordinary people like them were not caught!

Reiju took Germa’s soldiers to the front, while the Dragon Hunter Pirates and the Kuja Pirates followed unhurriedly. Neither of them had any intention of fighting, but instead, they were looking for the possible existence of the Donquixote family’s property, intending to destroy it, this is the tacit common goal of both parties now.

However, when they repelled the fierce fighting fish in the sea who were desperately attacking everyone, and finally came to Greenbit through the iron bridge, a completely unexpected person appeared.

It was a man with a pair of long, pointed horns on his head! He is very tall and burly, with a steel jaw guard on his chin, but when everyone saw him, what impressed them the most was his eyes.

What kind of look is that, it seems to be fused with madness and destruction, fierce and full of chaos.

Reiju was stunned when she saw this man, and she recognized him at once.

This man turned out to be one of the famous three disasters of Emperor Kaido, with a bounty of 1 billion Berries: Drought Jack!

Why is he here!?

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