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S.C.S Chapter 384: Tyranny

Greenbit is actually a separate island next to Dressrosa, small in size, and the people of Dressrosa connected it with an iron bridge and was treated as part of Dressrosa.

So this single island is actually used mainly as a port. Although no wharf has been built, ships can still land here.

The drought Jack of Beasts Pirates and his boat came ashore from here.

When Ian was chased by Admiral Kizaru on Salamis Island, Doflamingo had already lined up with the Beasts Pirates and the Emperor Kaido.

How should I put it, Doflamingo, as Shichibukai, is also the top broker in the underground world, and the king of Dressrosa, and he is also associated with World Nobles Celestial Dragon, wealth, status, and power… to him, it is all within reach. In a sense, Doflamingo is no different from the Pirate King. The only difference is a little reputation. It can be said that Doflamingo has nothing to pursue.

However, if people don’t pursue anything, they can do everything they like, Doflamingo has an unparalleled destructive tendency. It’s not too much for him to even say that he wants to destroy the world, this is not an exaggeration, so does the madman Kaido, not only does he want to commit suicide, but also wants to launch a vigorous war. No matter who he targets, as long as he can let himself have a hearty fight.

The two people’s characters made them hit it off immediately after meeting, and soon reached a cooperation intention. Because he had Caesar, an evil scientist, he started a business of artificial Devil Fruit with Kaido.

Kaido is already strong enough as a Yonko, and Doflamingo has spared no effort to provide Kaido with a large number of artificial Devil Fruit to expand his Legion. To say that Doflamingo has no idea, that can’t be true, to Hell with it all… Maybe he also expects Kaido to be strong enough to challenge the world government and Marines and completely overthrow their rule.

Since there is such cooperation, there is naturally a close connection between Doflamingo and the Beast Pirates. Unfortunately, Kaido learned from Doflamingo a few days ago that the first The batch of artificial devil fruits was estimated to be about to ripen, so Kaido sent Drought Jack, one of his three plagues, to come, intending to bring the first batch of fruits back after their successful cultivation.

Dr. Jack is definitely the banner of Beasts Pirates. Needless to say, Beasts Pirates is really famous in New World. If Jack swaggers and appears in the port of Dressrosa, it is estimated that the whole country will enter a panic state.

Moreover, at that time, Doflamingo will certainly be implicated and subjected to stricter investigation by the world government.

So Jack finally chose to land here in Greenbit. Because there are fighting fish attacking people who pass through the iron bridge, there is no one here will appear on this small island. If Jack goes ashore here, he can not disturb anyone and bring trouble to Doflamingo… as long as he gets the artificial devil fruit from Doflamingo and Jack leaves quietly, then no one will know that the Beast Pirates have appeared here.

In fact, Jack had landed on Greenbit a few hours ago. If Ian and the Germa Group did not appear on the island, Donquixote pirates would have sent people to meet the drought Jack and finish the deal with him. But, unfortunately, Ian and the Germa Group started to make trouble on the island of Dressrosa, and Doflamingo had to send all his forces to stop them, so they even forgot about the drought Jack.

This is really…

Obviously, the drought Jack is not a good-tempered person. If it is not because his Boss attaches great importance to this transaction, he would not dare to come to Dressrosa. According to his character, waiting for a few hours is enough to make him lose his temper.

On the other hand, when Jack was extremely anxious, Ian started the battle with Doflamingo a few miles away from Greenbit. Even if he was far away, he could see Ian flying in the air and the bird cage launched by Doflamingo.

In this case, Jack naturally reacted immediately, and understood that something happened on Dressrosa Island, so he walked out of the hiding place and planned to pass over the iron bridge to see what was going on.

The Germa soldiers following Reiju, the Dragon Hunter Pirates, and the Kuja Pirates met Drought Jack under such circumstances…

At the moment of seeing the drought Jack, Reiju stopped breathing because her father had thought about selling Germa’s technology before at a good price, and he wanted to find an Emperor to cooperate with. With the power of a Yonko, getting an astonishing Strength, and then completing the wish of re-ruling the North Blue, Reiju has naturally researched about the four Emperor, and learned about the drought Jack.

“How come we meet this lunatic here!?” Reiju’s pretty face turned pale with fright at the moment, and her eyebrows couldn’t help but wrinkle into a ball.

Just as she thought about how to deal with it, she suddenly heard Jack start to talk: “You are the Donquixote family? Where is Doflamingo?!”

Drought Jack encountered the wrong people. Although Doflamingo and Hundred Beast Kaido have a cooperative relationship, Jack only recognizes their leader Doffy. He does not know anyone under him, he is just too lazy to bother himself with a trivial matter. Because, in his opinion, his subordinates are all ants, not worthy of attention.

Therefore, when Reiju appeared ahead of him, he thought it was someone sent by Doflamingo to greet him. So he asked: “Explain what happened here? Why did I wait for so long?”

Reiju found herself in a weird spot, but she didn’t want to say something angering the drought Jack. She didn’t want to provoke this lunatic at all, so when she heard Jack’s question, she had an idea and immediately said, “Boss, he’s behind! “

Reiju just wanted to quickly deal with the drought Jack, so she pretended to be a member of the Donquixote family.

Jack did not doubt, and immediately took a big step and walked forward, saying: “I will go to him!”

So Reiju and Germa’s soldiers quickly got out of the way and let Jack pass, and behind Raideen and the others from the Kuja Pirates, they reacted immediately and opened the road.

However, they forgot one thing. Jack was originally one of the captains of the three fleets of Beasts Pirates, so he was followed by his men, and Jack disdained them and thought of them as “Doffy’s men” and paid no attention to them, but his subordinates were attentive. When they followed behind, One of Jack’s confidants suddenly saw the Dragon Hunter pirate tattoo on Raideen’s arm!

This confidant suddenly felt that something was wrong. When he remembered the tattoo mark, he suddenly shouted and said, “Boss Jack! We have been deceived! They are not Doflamingo’s people!”

Suddenly, Jack Drought turned around abruptly, staring at Reiju with bloodshot eyes, roaring, “How dare you lie to me!?”

After that, he did not give her the chance to speak, and directly punched her!

Reiju screamed. She immediately raised both hands and defended. Then when she was hit by Jack this fist, a huge strange force suddenly came. she only heard a cracking sound from her arm bones, and then she was blown away!

She was hit by Jack’s sudden punch and flew hundreds of meters away. When she landed on the ground, she rolled several times in succession. When she finally stopped, she found that her arm’s armed suit had been destroyed. The punch cracked them, and the wrist bones of her hands had been broken.

Struggling to get up, but Reiju couldn’t help but sigh, and spat out a mouthful of blood.

With just one punch, Reiju was severely injured by Drought Jack, and even the body of steel could not defend against the opponent’s powerful punch. Drought Jack was the mammoth fruit user, and has one of the strongest punches. Those who use mere technology are not his opponents at all…

After spitting blood, Reiju felt the world spinning for a while. Seeing that Jack had already ordered his men to attack, the Germa’s soldiers and the Dragon Hunter Pirates and the Kuja Pirates. She originally wanted to do something, but her vision suddenly blurred, and she fainted in place…

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