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S.C.S Chapter 385: Fairies running on the water

The Drought Jack attacked everyone present!

Yes, everyone… for him, he won’t bother asking which Pirate Group the people ahead of him are from! There is a single thought in his mind: You are standing in front of me, then you gonna die!

The fighting power that Jack showed was very ferocious. The soldiers of Germa were the ones who suffered heavy losses at first. After Reiju was blown away, they rushed to Jack and launched all their attacks on him. However, with that done, they were ejected into the air, starting a bloody rain.

Hitting the Germa soldiers, Jack can easily pierce through them, then he throws them high.

The casualties of Germa soldiers led by Reiju were extremely huge. Although the expression on their faces has not changed even when they were killed, such a dead body may make ordinary people feel cold and empty, but it is of no use to Jack. When one pounced on him, he would kill one without any hesitation.

There was too much difference in strength, and the soldiers of Germa 66 were rapidly decreasing, so soon, the members of the dragon pirates and Kuja pirates began to be affected.

There is no way out… the iron bridge behind was crowded with so many people, they can’t escape, and because of Jack’s indiscriminate killing, the seawater under the iron bridge was already full of bright red color, stimulated by the strong bloody smell. The fighting fishes are about to fight wildly, and they are all swimming near the fight, preventing everyone from escaping from the sea.

The Dragon Hunter Pirates are led by Raideen, and the Kuja Pirates are led by Boya Sandersonia, Hancock’s sister. They originally planned to chase after Reiju, when they encountered a property of the Donquixote Family, they took action and destroyed it, but she never imagined that she would encounter the famous Drought Jack here, and the other party went rampage immediately, so now they had to fight back and protect themselves.

They were fine with those men who had taken on Drought Jack, and they could have a slight upper hand, but the problem was that Drought Jack was a humanoid killing machine at this time. If they don’t defeat him, what will they do?

So Raideen and Sandersonia looked at each other and immediately moved toward Jack.

“All mighty punch!” Raideen took the lead and used his greatest strength to punch Jack in the face.

He has a steel finger tiger in his hand. With the powerful strength of the giants, if it is an ordinary person, this punch in the face can directly smash the opponent’s entire head, but after Raideen hit Jack in the face, he shook his body and took two steps back.

The steel jaws that Jack was wearing were twisted and fell off by Raideen’s punch, and blood was oozing from Jack’s nose.

However, Jack remained awake. He raised his hands and hugged Raideen’s huge fist. Then he pulled his index finger and turned it up with a hard force.

“Aaah!” his index finger was bent back, naturally causing a huge pain, and Raideen couldn’t help but scream, he desperately wanted to pull his hand back, but he couldn’t move… Jack’s strange power turned out to be even higher than giants. After his index finger was held by his arms, he desperately pressed and turned it. Looking at the posture, this guy wanted to break Raideen’s index finger directly!

He couldn’t pull his finger back, and Raideen couldn’t bear the pain. He couldn’t help kneeling on the iron bridge, causing the whole iron bridge to shake.

After kneeling down, Raideen looked at Jack and showed long sharp teeth with a bloodthirsty smile. He immediately became ruthless, disregarding the pain in his hand, the great sword held in his left hand was raised high and chopped down at a high speed.

Drought Jack was slashed on the shoulder by this great sword, but Raideen failed to cut him in half as he wished. Jack leaned on one shoulder and even held the sword abruptly. However, due to the heavy pressure, the guy was finally crashed to the ground by Raideen.

Moreover, this guy was so cruel that he fell to the ground and refused to let go of Raideen’s finger, so when he fell to the ground, Raideen’s sturdy finger also made a loud crack and was completely broken…

Although it is still attached to his palm, Raideen’s index finger was tilted in a strange arc at this time, which makes people feel abnormal at first glance, and Raideen was covered in cold sweat caused by severe pain at this time.

Thanks to Raideen’s efforts, Sandersonia finally found a chance to get close. When Jack fell to the ground, her whole body turned into a huge human-faced python, and she quickly restrained Jack, strangling his neck.


Sandasonia’s move was like a real python hunting for food. She used all her strength to restrain Jack fiercely, trying to kill him.

However, Jack, lying on the ground, grabbed her body and began to tear it apart.

This move immediately showed the huge gap in strength between the two. Sandersonia failed to cut Jack’s breath. Instead, there was a huge pain in her body, and she felt as if she was about to be torn apart.

Although she was a strong female warrior of Amazon Lily, she wasn’t that powerful to face one of the Disasters. Such a huge pain made her involuntarily relax her entanglement on Jack.

And because of this, Jack’s chin was freed, and then he did something that no one could have imagined. He opened his big mouth full of sharp teeth and bit Sandersonia fiercely.

“Ah!!!” Sandersonia made a huge scream.

Jack held her body with both hands, shook his head vigorously, and immediately tore off a large piece of flesh from Sandasonia’s body!

Sandersonia let go of Jack completely and rolled on the ground in pain. She was bitten on her tail by Jack and had a large gap, causing her whole body to twist with pain.

His mouth contained the piece of flesh that was snatched from Sandersonia. Jack, who actually chewed twice, got a bad taste, so he spat it out.

Many people who witnessed this scene were shocked, especially the female warriors of Kuja. They all know that Sandersonia used the Busoshoku Haki to defend her body. But still, Jack was able to bite her body!!?

What an enormous bite force! …

Looking at Jack’s mouth full of fangs, everyone realized that this drought Jack might be a Fishman, and only them could have such a huge jaw power.

“I’m gonna kill you all!” Drought Jack’s bloodshot eyes burst into destruction without reservation, this guy transformed!

Drought Jack has an Ancient Zoan fruit, Mammoth Fruit User… mammoth itself is the representative of giant power, coupled with Jack’s own Fishman bloodline, this superposition is not simple, this is the source of Jack’s terrifying power.

The Zoan system is often able to transform. When Jack transformed, a huge mammoth suddenly appeared on the iron bridge.

Seeing this scene, Jack’s subordinates immediately realized that their captain was mad and transformed in such a narrow place. Isn’t this bad for all of us? So Jack’s men quickly withdrew from the battleground and ran desperately back to Greenbit Island.

But Raideen and Sandersonia, who were still on the bridge, suffered huge damage immediately. After transforming into a mammoth, Jack started to attack recklessly. With a flick of his long nose, more than ten people were immediately shot, these poor people were knocked out of the bridge while vomiting blood in the air, and fell into the water. As soon as the huge soles stepped on the ground, seven or eight people were crushed and their bones were shattered.

The same was for Raideen. He was hit by Jack’s elephant on the nose and immediately flew out of the iron bridge.

This is probably the worst injury in the history of the Dragon Hunter Pirates. A Great Pirate with a bounty of over 1 billion is so terrifying.

However, when Jack was raging, the iron bridge could no longer hold back. He slammed and fell into the water from the middle. Although it had not been broken, it also allowed Jack to come into contact with the water.

This is naturally 100% seawater. The power of the sea immediately affected jack, making him weak and relieving his transformation.

As for Jack’s men who hid across the bridge, when they saw him falling into the water, they hurried over, and everyone pulled Jack up and dragged him to the other side.

In the end, when Jack recovered, he asked, “Are those guys dead?”

“It’s over, it’s over!” his subordinates replied quickly.

So Jack stopped talking, got up, and said, “Go find Doflamingo!”

Drought Jack took his people away, but for those who were beaten to death by him, it was despair.

Due to the sinking of the iron bridge, many people fell into the water. At this time, the fierce fighting fishes in the water were raging. For those who were seriously injured and unable to move, they could not escape.

At this time, Raideen had several broken bones and was unable to swim at all. He floated on the water and saw a group of fighting fish rushing towards him, so he had to close his eyes and wait to die.

“Captain, avenge us…” Raideen thought.

However, at this time, dozens of thin waterlines suddenly appeared on the sea, and the waterlines rushed all the way towards the people who fell into the water.

A huge betta fighting fish came to Raideen first, and opened its mouth to bite him, but before it could, a waterline came to it, and went down. In a second, the fighting fish was slapped and flew out as if it had been attacked by something.

This is not over yet, and the remaining fighting fish have also suffered the same fate. they didn’t know what they were hit by, and flew away one after another.

Raideen heard the sound and opened his eyes. He floated on the water, but saw a small figure, falling on his face.

“You… who are you?” Raideen couldn’t help asking in surprise, looking at this little man with a pointed nose and a fluffy tail behind his butt.

“We are the Tontatta Pirates!” The little man had a small runny nose. He sucked it back, and his face showed a natural smile. He said to Raideen: “You are really a big big man! “

Raideen turned his head and looked at other places. Now, on the sea, these little people of the Tontatta clan galloped quickly on the water, knocking up the fighting fish one after another, and saving everyone who fell into the water…

With a sigh of relief, Raideen knew that he wasn’t dead…

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