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S.C.S Chapter 386: A loop around the island

The little Tontatta dwarves didn’t dare to show up when the drought Jack landed in Greenbit. They could detect the evil and crazy smell on Jack, so they all hid.

But when they saw Raideen and Sandersonia and the others get defeated by him, they took the risk and came out, and everyone who encountered the drought Jack, including Reiju, was also rescued.

Now going back in time a little bit, about ten minutes ago, Aokiji on the ship at the port was resting with their eyes closed. Suddenly, he moved, sat up straight, lifted his blindfolds, and looked at the dock.

The same goes for Crocodile, turning his head to look at the pier.

There, two figures appeared, Ace and Sabo, and behind them were Nana and Walnut. Unlike when they left before, Ace and the others came back with two huge wooden boxes on their shoulders, they brought back no less than dozens of wooden boxes.

Carrying the wooden boxes, Ace and the others returned to the ship, and then stacked them on the deck one by one.

“What is this? Pirate’s spoils?” Aokiji asked Ace.

He was very curious, weren’t they going after the Germa? Why did you suddenly come back now?

Ace held his cowboy hat and grinned, then kicked a wooden box and said: “Admiral Kuzan, have a look!”

Inside the box, there was a pile of firearms lying neatly, and there was no lack of submachine guns. They were all the latest high-grade goods. Even the guns of marine soldiers could not be compared with them.

Aokiji frowned and asked, “Is this found in Dressrosa? Are all the arms in these boxes?”

“Yes!” Ace said: “We feel that it is necessary for you, the marines, to have a look at this, so we brought them all back.”

Aokiji didn’t say a word, but Crocodile said disdainfully: “I’m afraid it’s not enough to use this thing to bring down Doflamingo. He was involved in arms smuggling when he was a pirate, I’m afraid it would be very normal in the eyes of the world government!”

“Whatever you say!” Ace said with a smile: “There are still a lot more, we will keep bringing more back, don’t touch it! This is our booty!”

Sabo and Nana didn’t speak, but in fact, it was Sabo’s idea to bring these arms back. The revolutionary army also needs weapons to strengthen itself. He has already planned to bring these arms over to Ian and deliver them back to the headquarters of the Revolutionary Army, and with his brother Ace, of course, he was willing to support his decision unconditionally.

As for chasing Niji, in fact, for them, it is no longer important, Ian’s original purpose is damaging Doflamingo.

Ace and Sabo left again and returned to bring back more weapons. Aokiji glanced at Crocodile and asked with some doubts: “Who is the man next to fire fist ace? Do you know him?”

“I don’t know, I’m not interested in knowing either!” Crocodile bit his cigar and didn’t look back.

Crocodile knows Sabo’s true identity, but the problem is that he can’t tell it, especially to Aokiji, the Admiral…

And Aokiji was also noncommittal, did not inquire any further, but was very interested: “Didn’t Nicole Robin used to follow you all the time? Why is she with Ian now?”

“Hmph, that woman…” Crocodile was very unhappy with this question, but after Aokiji asked this sentence, he also realized that Nico Robin had always been under Aokiji’s surveillance. Looking at it this way, It seems that Nico Robin’s departure from the Baroque Works is a good thing, at least it can divert Aokiji’s attention and won’t disturb his plan.

Talking about Nico Robin. In fact, she was following Jinbe. Jinbe was chasing Ichiji all the way and destroyed some dens where Donquixote Pirate Group kidnapped slaves. Seeing that there were many people rescued, Jinbe planned to take these people back to the ship first, so he asked Nicole Robin.

As a result, Nico Robin nodded and said. “Jinbe-San, allow me to escort them back, then I will rejoin you!”

Jinbe didn’t say anything, nod, and the people who were rescued stayed with her, and Nico Robin watched Jinbe leave. Then she looked around and asked Doroni and Matthew, who also stayed behind: “Aren’t you two going to finish the quest with him!?”

“Of course, we will… but!” Doroni said: “Miss Robin, When the captain left, he gave us an order to stay with and protect you!”

“Ye…ah, That’…s … right…” Matthew nodded slowly…

Robin showed a warm smile and said, “Thank you! Doroni, tell me if you’re hungry, and I’ll treat you to something to eat!”

“Good, good! Actually, talking about food, I started feeling hungry!” Doroni couldn’t help but get close to Robin’s face, and started rubbing his face on her shoulder like all the Mink Tribe, causing Robin to giggle.

Matthew looked at Robin’s smile and was in a daze. At this time, he found that she was really beautiful and mature when she smiles…

When the three people walked around the island, on the other side, Fujitora was smiling and looking up, with Zick and king running ahead.

In front of them, there was a one-legged toy soldier with a gun running.

“It’s just ahead! That’s Doflamingo’s palace!” the toy soldier said as he ran.

“Uncle Issho!” After hearing the words of the toy soldier, Zick couldn’t help but turn around and ask Fujitora. “Do you say that this world really has such a powerful Devil Fruit? It can be at the same time that turns people into toys, erase all the memories of all those who have a relationship with him?”

“The world is so big, there are all kinds of wonders!” Fujitora replied while catching up, shaking his head, “Devil Fruits have all kinds of abilities, so this fruit that Cyrus said must be true. It’s not very useful, let’s think about it, how to make that little girl named Sugar lose consciousness!”

The two of them were talking about the one-legged toy soldier Cyrus. When Fujitora was chasing Judge and destroying the place where the Donquixote pirate flag was along the way, the self-proclaimed toy soldier found Fujitora. When they learned that Fujitora turned out to be the vice-captain of the dragon hunters, and this time they appeared in Dressrosa to cause mayhem, Cyrus directly asked them to help.

Cyrus was originally the strongest gladiator of Dressrosa. When King Riku was still serving as Dressrosa’s leader, he admired Cyrus, he married his eldest daughter to him.

However, after Doflamingo returned to Dressrosa and used the parasitic thread to control the king’s army, the King Riku lost his national trust and encroached on the country of Dressrosa. Cyrus was turned into a toy soldier by Doflamingo’s special cadre, Hobi Hobi no Mi granulated sugar, because he tried to assassinate Doflamingo.

However, it seemed that Sugar used her power for the first time, and failed to understand its own rules, so it failed to make a contract with Cyrus, which led to Cyrus becoming the most special toy in Dressrosa. Instead of becoming a toy slave, he could act freely.

Over the years, Cyrus has been trying his best to overthrow Doflamingo’s rule, and he has witnessed many people being turned into toys, trying to save them. However, he has not been able to do so alone. Needless to say, Doflamingo’s influence is too wide for Cyrus to take down alone.

However, after so many years of dark observation, he also discovered the method of cracking Sugar’s Ability, which is to make her lose consciousness.

Killing her won’t solve the problem, she must lose consciousness, because this is related to the problem of a devil fruit’s ability to get out of control!

If you kill a devil fruit user, the previous effects of his devil fruit ability cannot be revoked. That is to say, if sugar dies, the people she turns into toys will continue to remain the same and will never change back, even when Hobi Hobi no Mi is reborn and eaten by another person.

Therefore, the best way to solve this is by knocking her down. Generally speaking, as long as the devil fruit person loses consciousness but does not die, his devil fruit ability will be out of control or runaway. This is the only way to remove sugar’s ability!

However, when they arrived at the palace with Cyrus, they found that the building was empty and sugar was gone!

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