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S.C.S Chapter 387: show of meteorites

Sugar can be said to be the most special cadre of the Donquixote Pirate Group.

The Hobby-Hobby Fruit has a secondary side effect of granting the eater eternal youth. Since Sugar ate this fruit when she was young, her appearance has always remained the same as that of a child, and she kept dressing in a cute bear-shaped shawl, wearing a small crown, she seemed to be a cute Loli.

Perhaps this special ability has another side effect, not only does Sugar keep her Loli appearance in her 20s, but she doesn’t seem to be able to cultivate any physical skills, so she has no fighting ability at all. Her body is very weak and still Doflamingo attached great importance to her, so other cadres always followed and protected her.

But this time, due to the fact that Ian and his four Shichibukai allies, plus Fujitora, Ace and a group of fierce people suddenly came to cause Doflamingo, Doflamingo sent all the cadres who could be sent out. Although it seems that they were planning to cause mayhem, Doflamingo didn’t think that Fujitora would raid the royal palace under the guidance of Cyrus. If he knew, he would’ve left one or two cadres to protect sugar.

Now, the only cadre left in the whole palace was Sugar. When she saw Fujitora below in the tower, she immediately felt anxious, so she quickly found a place to hide.

That’s why when Fujitora and the others arrived, they didn’t find her.

However, according to what Cyrus knew about Sugar, he knew that she would definitely not run too far, so Fujitora and the others scattered in the palace and began to look for traces of Sugar.

Cyrus informed everyone about her appearance, so that everyone can look carefully.

There is nothing wrong with their method, but Cyrus and Fujitora have neglected something, that is, besides Cyrus, no one was familiar with the palace at all!

Sugar was originally intended to hide and wait until Fujitora and the others couldn’t find her, but when she saw the crowd scattered to search for her, she immediately felt that the opportunity had come.

Zick was already walking in the hallway, looking around, trying to find a trace, but when he walked through a huge vase, Sugar suddenly appeared from behind the vase, and touched his hand.

Taking advantage of her small size, Sugar hid in the small gap behind the vase and made a sneak attack on Zick.

“Turn into a teddy bear!”

With these words, Zick’s body suddenly transformed into a fluffy bear toy and fell to the ground.

“Humph, what’s going on!” Zick wanted to make a sound, but found that he couldn’t talk. He looked at his hands and body. When he found the change in his body, he finally understood what happened.

At this time, Sugar came to him. The originally short girl, now looked very tall in front of Zick, who was turned into a bear toy.

“Your contract!” Sugar raised her index finger with a smile, and said to Zick, “Obey my order until you die!”

And at the same time, Fujitora and the others, who were still looking for traces of sugar in the palace, all the things about Zick in their memories were erased. They didn’t remember at all that there was a person named Zick in this world… Their Long-handed companion from the beginning…

The power of this fruit is simply overemphasized, more like black magic.

After Sugar said the content of the contract, she went on to Zick: “Find the invaders in the palace and take them all down.”

Zick could understand what she said. He wanted to resist, but he found that his body was completely out of control. Following the order, he involuntarily picked up a weapon and ran towards the interior of the palace.

As for sugar, she found another place to hide in, and waited for the arrival of the next unlucky one…

In such a deliberate and unintentional situation, more people were recruited one after another, and the most outrageous thing is that every person who was recruited and turned into a toy will be erased from the minds of others at the same time. So after a couple of minutes, more than half of them were turned into slaves by sugar, and Fujitora and the others were completely unaware that their companions had decreased!

Fujitora only felt that they seemed to have brought this many people to the palace. Although they still remembered the task of finding sugar, they felt that they had searched for a long time and found no trace of her.

On the contrary, from time to time, there will be one or two toy bears in the palace. These toys will rush towards the dragon hunters with weapons and then launch an attack.

Fujitora thought it was very strange. He didn’t know how these toy bears appeared. He thought it was a defensive means for the enemy to stay in the palace, so he didn’t care much and knocked down these toy bears one by one.

And he didn’t realize at all that the toy bears he knocked down were his companions.

Zick and the others still have self-awareness, but they found that they couldn’t make a sound. Not only did their bodies involuntarily attack Fujitora, but he didn’t know them at all.

The fear in their hearts completely dominated Zick and the others. When they became toys, they found out how terrible it was to be completely forgotten.

“Save us, Uncle Issho, Captain Ian, where are you?”

Zick and the others were pressed into the wall by Fujitora’s force, and they couldn’t move at all. They could only helplessly shout in their heart.

The number of invading people has become less and less, and the sneak attack of sugar has succeeded in succession. In the end, in the entire palace, only Fujitora and Cyrus were left and they were still looking for her.

“Cyrus!” Fujitora walked with Cyrus at this time, and couldn’t help but say: “Do you feel that we alone can search the entire palace, our number is too little to cover a large area?”

Upon hearing this, the toy soldier, Cyrus, was shocked and faintly felt that something was wrong. He was the person who knew the most about Sugar, so he couldn’t help but think: “Wait, in case…in case sugar is in the palace, and she started using her ability, would our companions be more than just the two of us, but she turned them into toys, so we totally forgot about them!?”

Although memories can be erased, people can still think about the subject. Although Cyrus tried desperately to recall whether there were any other companions on his side, he couldn’t remember at all, but he was extremely vigilant.

At this time, Fujitora suddenly stopped.

With his Kenbunshoku Haki, he finally sensed the existence of sugar, and she seemed to be hidden in a gap between the two walls in front.

It’s no wonder that Fujitora only discovered sugar now. Although his Observation Haki has a wide range, if there is a building blocking his senses, it would limit his use of Haki, because the development direction of his Observation Haki is not like Enel, who can hear people’s voice and perceive it in an entire island. Fujitora was more inclined to sense the outline of objects, so his sense of sight is uniquely able to identify objects such as buildings, but it will also be blocked by them.

This kind of Kenbunshoku Haki is actually derived from the use of Fujitora’s gravity fruit. His eyes are completely blind. If he can’t identify objects from people, how can he sense meteorites and pull them down?

In other words, Fujitora could find her only when she was in an open area with Fujitora, and that’s how his Haki works.

“Come out!” Fujitora said to Sugar in her hiding place.

Sugar came out obediently, and she also realized that Fujitora should have discovered her with his Observation Haki. Although she didn’t know Fujitora, she realized that this old man should be a powerful member, so she did not resist at all.

“Here I come, but please don’t hurt me!” Sugar raised her hands pitifully and said. “Although I am a member of the Donquixote Pirate Group, I am not a fighter.”

While trying to lower Fujitora’s vigilance, Sugar slowly walked toward him. She knew that in She knew that facing the person who knew how to use Kenbunshoku Haki, her chance of surviving was relying only on the first strike, so she had to get close to Fujitora.

“Be careful, Fujitora Issho!” The toy soldier Cyrus was very alert to sugar. After seeing her movements, he immediately became suspicious, so he reminded Fujitora.

Hearing this voice, sugar gritted her teeth, put her hands in front, and rushed toward Fujitora. At this time, she was a little further away from Fujitora, but she couldn’t think of any other solution.

Even if the opponent can dodge her, as long as she can lay a hand on his body, her power will be used.

However, unfortunately, her body suddenly stopped in mid-air and couldn’t approach any further.

Fujitora applied a weightless ability directly to her body, which ruined her plan completely.

“You…what did you do to me!?” Sugar squirmed her body in a panic, but found herself rotating in the same place. It was difficult for her to control her body in weightless ability.

Fujitora closed his eyes and his face showed a smile. In fact, he didn’t need to be reminded by Cyrus. He also felt that something was wrong, so he talked with Cyrus before, and now he successfully caught sugar, Fujitora felt quite satisfied.

Then, the next thing to do is how to make her lose consciousness.

Pulling out his sword, Fujitora used his gravity fruit, and suddenly collapsed on the ceiling of the palace, but the debris didn’t fall near them. He threw it aside, then he raised his head, looked to the sky from the hole he created, and said to Sugar with a smile, “Hey, little girl, would you like this old man to show you what a falling meteorite looks like?”

With his voice, a bright spot in the sky appeared…

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