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S.C.S Chapter 388: Things go off track

“Hey hey! Uncle, what are you doing!?”

Sugar looked at the increasingly large meteorite in the sky, and couldn’t help but panic: “Do you want to destroy this island!?”

However, Fujitora remained unmoved and focused on controlling the meteorite to hit the palace.

People on the entire Dressrosa Island saw the meteorite that was raging under the blazing fire, and people fled in panic.

Doflamingo, who was fighting Ian in the birdcage, could only pause at this time. He raised his head and looked at the falling meteorite, and said angrily to Ian: “Damn it! Ian, that’s your vice-captain Fujitora doing!? You must stop him!”

Ian held the sword, lightly smiled and said, “Hum! Okay! But how about you open the bird cage, so I go out and tell him to stop?”

“You…!” Doflamingo became furious, but seeing that the meteorite was about to hit the ground, he could only prepare for the shock wave.

Only Ian was very reassured by Fujitora’s deed. Although he does not know why he used such ability, he was sure that Fujitora has everything under control.

The entire island was in chaos at this time, and everyone thought disaster was imminent.

Sugar, controlled by Fujitora’s weightlessness, felt the deepest fear in her life, because she watched the meteorite fall head-on towards her position!

“Is this how I am going to die?” Sugar looked at the astonishing meteorite in horror. She started feeling its heat on her face.

The meteorite was getting closer and closer, reaching the top of the palace, and about to hit Sugar, face-on.

At this time, she finally could not hold on, closed her eyes, and when the meteorite was about to smash the top of the palace, she was scared, started foaming, and fainted.

However, she fainted, but what she didn’t know was that when the meteorite reached the gap in the roof of the palace, it suddenly stopped strangely!

Since Fujitora can use Supergravity, then naturally he can use anti-gravity. He is not a fool. He is still standing in the palace with her. How can he let the meteorite fall on him? Therefore, he was completely trying to scare her to death. At the most critical time, he directly stopped the meteorite and let the huge burning meteorite float in midair.

If sugar knew that all this was done to scare her, she would probably cry and keep swearing at Fujitora…

At the moment she fainted, Zick and the others, who were turned into a bear toys in the palace, suddenly made a bang and their bodies returned to their original state.

And at the same time, Fujitora’s memory of them suddenly came back. This kind of suddenly remembering someone who was completely forgotten felt really bad, especially knowing that the lack of memory was because of the little girl in front of him. After that, it got worse, and Fujitora couldn’t help but break into a cold sweat, and he finally realized that many of his people were really turned into toys by sugar.

“This is all we need to do, right?” Fujitora asked Cyrus next to him.

At this time, Cyrus changed back to the originally one-legged gladiator. He failed to answer the question, just kept looking at his own hands.

“I’m finally back, I’m back!” Cyrus’ lips trembled, looking like he couldn’t believe this day would come. He originally sought help from Fujitora and the others, but he was just struggling with his best efforts, but he never thought they would succeed. Fujitora actually scared Sugar and made her faint.

“Thank you, Lord Fujitora!” Cyrus leaned over and bent to Fujitora. He said, “Thank you for saving Dressrosa!”

“Huh!” Fujitora sighed and did not speak. In his Kenbunshoku Haki, he naturally sensed the whole process of Cyrus’ transformation. It was only at this time that he really understood what Ian said about the darkness of this island. This country is a leaving hell, turning people into toys, using them as slaves, and erasing the memories of their relatives, what a cruel thing.

Fujitora’s sense of justice and conscience told him that he was really right to follow Ian to Dressrosa Island this time.

“If you have someone you need to meet, just go!” Fujitora sensed Cyrus’s mood, so he took the initiative to speak.

As a result, Cyrus shook his head and said, “Lord Fujitora, let me follow you first, I also want to take my revenge from Doflamingo with my own hands!”

Fujitora didn’t say anything after that, turned his head, and looked at sugar floating in the air, saying: “This little girl’s ability is too dangerous. It is not even safe to hand her over to the marines. Maybe I should take her with me… …I don’t know if Captain Ian has a way to restrain her…”

It was calm in the palace, but when Sugar passed out, Dressrosa was in a mess.

When the meteorite fell, people thought that the end had come, but the strange thing is that not only did the meteorite not crash, but a magical thing happened in the city. The toys that people were accustomed to in the city were suddenly changed back to their original appearance, and at the same time, people’s memories about them also returned in an instant, and people were horrified to discover that the toys that had been guarding them turned out to be their relatives, and they had forgotten their existence.

So people hugged these relatives who were originally toys, and then burst into tears together.

In addition to the local people in Dressrosa who were turned into toys, there were also some pirates who were turned into toys. When these pirates came back, they immediately took up their weapons and shouted: “Where are the Donquixote family? Come out and die with honor!”

After these pirates were turned into toys by sugar, they have been enslaved to work for the Donquixote family. Now that they are free, the first thing that comes to their minds is to get revenge.

In a flash, the Donquixote family started facing hundreds of enemies…

Plus, there were some agents of the World Government who were also turned into toys. These agents from CP and government high-level officials, after returning, immediately searched for a Den Den Mushi and tried to contact the World Government and the marines.

Looking at the way they grit their teeth, you can see what they want to do now, that’s right! Seek the destruction of Doflamingo’s pirate group!

He is obviously a member of Shichibukai, but Doflamingo dared to confront the World Government and Trick them! A pirate is always a pirate, not trustworthy! Report this matter to the World Government immediately and deprive Doflamingo of Shichibukai’s identity!

Now Dressrosa was boiling. When the people heard how these toys emerged and it was all Doflamingo’s conspiracy, people completely lost it!

Ignoring the current situation of the war on the island, people went out of their homes and walked the streets, and angrily denounced the Donquixote family. They threw a lot of stones and rotten eggs at the Donquixote Pirates, then rushed up and knocked them to the ground!

Doflamingo, who was fighting Ian, also noticed the chaos on the street at this time. He was shocked, and he suddenly realized that the meteorite that Fujitora had dropped before was not for attacking, but for another purpose……

“Sugar!” Doflamingo gritted his teeth so hard, stared at Ian and said, “Your goal turned out to be Sugar!? Damn it, how do you know the secret of Sugar’s ability?”

Ian shrugged, saying that he didn’t expect it. In fact, at the beginning, Ian didn’t expect that Fujitora would encounter Sugar. He thought that Doflamingo should closely protect an important cadre like Sugar, but as a result…

“If I said that it was all a coincidence, would you believe it?” Ian said helplessly to Doflamingo.

In fact, whether it is smuggling arms or catching rare races and selling slaves, Ian knows all these things, but he never thought that he could overthrow Doflamingo by relying on these. After all, Doflamingo’s biggest customer of the slave trade is the Celestial Dragon, and they will provide him with protection.

Ian felt that to bring down Doflamingo, perhaps he should start with the artificial devil fruit, but now it seems that the artificial fruit has not been found, however, Fujitora liberated the toys.

This whole thing… Ian doesn’t know what to say. This should have been the business of Luffy, right?

‘I feel that the plot is getting more and more deviated, and I don’t know how it will develop in the future…’

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