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S.C.S Chapter 389: Candy Minister

If it’s just that Ian and his group of Shichibukai who came to Dressrosa Island to make a fuss, then maybe many Doflamingo would still have an opportunity to save the situation.

Apart from that, if just sugar turns those people back into toys, and the people lose their memories again, no one will remember the identity of those toys, and the storm will soon subside.

But… don’t forget, there is another important person in the harbor at this time, which is Admiral Aokiji!

Originally, Aokiji stayed on the boat, but when Jinbe came back with the slaves who were kidnapped by the Donquixote family, Aokiji couldn’t sit still anymore.

He didn’t forget that Ian had made big trouble in Marijoa to free the slaves. Now the slave trade event broke out again on the island. Aokiji felt it necessary to go out and have a look.

As a result, when he came to the island, the toys around suddenly changed back to humans…

Aokiji witnessed the whole process with his own eyes. In fact, when he used to travel around by bicycle, he came to Dressrosa several times. At that time, he had seen these toys, but he didn’t think much about it… Or where did they come from?

Now, seeing these toys transform into living people, this scene was too shocking for Aokiji.

Along the way, he saw the scene of the changing toys and their families hugging each other and crying, which made his heart feel chills.

At this time, Aokiji’s Den Den Mushi rang and it was a call from the Marine Headquarters.

The World Government officials and CP intelligence personnel who had changed back had already reported the news. At this time, there were too many of them, and the World Government was very surprised.

They did not know whether it was true or a conspiracy, so they conveyed it to Fleet Admiral Sengoku of the Marines, and asked him to send troops to Dressrosa for investigation. When he received this instruction, recalling that Aokiji followed Ian to Dressrosa, he hurriedly called him.

When Aokiji planned to tell Sengoku and describe everything he saw on the island, suddenly the signal went down.

Aokiji raised his head, looked towards the sky, and found countless threads were gradually converging in the sky.

The large birdcage was finally launched!

At the place where Ian and Doflamingo fought, the latter finally removed the birdcage that only covered the two of them. Instead, he launched a larger birdcage!

When he realized that the situation was starting to get serious, Doflamingo found himself unable to recover and couldn’t manage all of this in time. He went on and isolated the external contacts of the entire Dressrosa Island, he couldn’t let those World Government officials divulge the situation of his kingdom.

The birdcage can isolate the Den Den Mushi’s radio waves, so when it was established, all the people on the island who were communicating with the outside world found that the signal was suddenly interrupted, and no matter how much they shouted in the speakers, they do not respond.

This is the Awakening Ability of Doflamingo’s thread fruit, and even Ian could do a thing to stop it. He can only watch the birdcage close in the sky of Dressrosa.

After releasing the birdcage, Doflamingo wasn’t done, he suddenly pointed to the sky. From his fingertips, countless thin lines bloomed. After these thin lines rushed straight to the sky, they bend, and fell to the ground in all directions.

At this time, among the rioting crowd on the island, many people were stung on their necks by these thin lines… the next second, they began to attack the people around them without control, even in front of their relatives and children. They cried and raised their weapons, begging them to run!

The use of the birdcage was to isolate the radio waves and prevent people from leaving, not let the things happening on the island be known to the outside world, and then he used Parasite Strings to control residents to kill each other.

In this way, when things pass, it is only necessary to control public opinion and push the events on the island on a small group of rioters. With the protection of the World Nobles, Doflamingo was sure to turn this incident into a trivial matter.

Of course, the only problem now is that he has to eliminate Ian, and then turn Admiral Aokiji into a toy, erasing people’s memories of him…

Therefore, although Doflamingo is trying his best to remedy the situation, in Ian’s view, he is only struggling in vain.

Boa Hancock stood behind Ian, and the two looked seriously at Doflamingo. The small birdcage was lifted, so Boa Hancock was able to join the fight.

Stretching out his tongue and licking the blood on his lips, Doflamingo felt that it was still a little tricky, because he knew that now not only would he have to face two Shichibukai, but if it was dragged on a little longer, Jinbe and Fujitora may come and join them. At that time, things would get worse!

And for his cadres, Doflamingo can no longer count on them, and the gap in strength between them and the enemies cannot be offset by their large number.

However, when Doflamingo was thinking about the way to break the balance, a thumping ground vibration came, and a huge dark shadow suddenly appeared behind him.

Doflamingo turned his head and laughed: “Ho ho ho! It seems that the Gods didn’t give up on me yet! Jack, you really came at the right time!”

However, Ian and Hancock looked at each other with a concerned gaze!

A huge mammoth appeared in the field of vision of the three. The mammoth’s eyes were full of bloodshot, bloody red. Behind, there were a group of Beast Pirates.

When he approached, Drought Jack slowly transformed into a human form, but he was still burly, his iron jaw was gone, revealing his sharp teeth, and he said to Doflamingo: “Doffy, It looks like you are in trouble! Did you contact boss Kaido about this delay and mess?”

“I can’t help it. There is a certain someone who has messed up the situation!” With a strange smile, he spread out his hands and said, “It seems that I can’t deliver anything today!”

“I don’t care!” Drought Jack’s blood-red eyes glared at Doflamingo and said, “I must receive the goods today, otherwise I won’t be able to face the consequences. Since someone is in your way, just let me kill him!”

“Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo! Easier said than done!” He pointed to Ian and Hancock on the opposite side and said, “That’s two Shichibukai we are talking about here…”

“Are you kidding? Don’t you know who’s by your side?” Drought Jack roared, “War is what we strive for!”

With that said, the guy rushed directly towards Ian.

In fact, when he saw Drought Jack appear, Ian couldn’t help but curse in his heart. He never thought that the people of the Hundred Beast Pirates were actually on this island.

The drought, Jack, is a true lunatic, the most reckless person on earth. The Shichibukai title doesn’t mean a thing to him. This guy didn’t even hesitate, and he rushed to the battle…

His answer is always war…

Drought Jack rushed to Ian with a couple of strides. The ground under his feet was immediately cracked as he stepped down, and then Jack went head-on to hit Ian with a punch.

Ian didn’t say a word, turned sideways to dodge his punch, and then the Senbonzakura slashed across Jack’s arm.

The creaking sound filled the place, which was brought by the friction of the Busoshoku Haki on Ian’s blade and Jack’s arm. This shows the high intensity of their Haki.

On the other hand, Hancock was clashing with Doflamingo, and the two fought each other using their legs…

Since the drought Jack has appeared, will another person of a Yonko be far behind?

In an underground port in the south of Dressrosa City, Nico Robin, Matthew, and Doroni were hiding behind a pile of wooden boxes, carefully peeping.

Not far in front of them, a bunch of strange people appeared. The leader was a man dressed in fancy clothes. He wore a large, orange and red striped hat with rainbow-colored lollipops along its rim, this man is slender, has a long nose and tongue, and holds a crooked cane that looks like some kind of candy cane.

Among these people, Ace, Sabo, and their group were actually sitting on the ground and surrounded by them. They were unable to move because they had a strange layer of transparent slurry on their bodies. After the slurry of candy was applied to them, it became a very hard coating, making their bodies unable to move.

Ace and Sabo were struggling hard at the moment. Ace even wanted to turn into flame and dissolve this coating, but the strange thing is that the places covered by this coating cannot be elementalized…

“Oh, hahaha! Don’t struggle! This is a powerful molten candy blended with Haki!” The weird man stretched out his long tongue and tilted it at the corners of his mouth. He laughed and said, “Even if you are Logia User, when you get caught, there is no way out!”

Ace ignored him and continued to struggle, looking for a way out, but Sabo was calm and said with a smile, “I didn’t expect to meet someone from the Bigmom Pirates here. Who are you exactly!?”

“You want me to introduce myself!?” He shook his candy cane and said with a strange smile: “I’m Charlotte Perospero! The eldest son of the Bigmom, the Minister of Candy of the Totto Land, one of the 34 officers of the Big Mom Pirates, I am very honored to meet you!”

“Why did people from the Big Mom Pirates appear here?” Nana sat back to back with Walnut at this time, and after hearing the introduction of Perospero, she couldn’t help asking in surprise.

Perospero walked over to Nana, and stretched out his finger to lift Nana’s chin. “Oh, what a beautiful girl! Are you from the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group? But I only know Fire Fist Ace. Who are you?”

Nana ignored him, shook her head, and threw his finger away.

Perospero didn’t mind either, proudly saying, “We are here because someone asked us for help!”

With his words, the figure of Vinsmoke Yonji appeared in the eyes of everyone…

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