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S.C.S Chapter 390: Destroy evidence

Vinsmoke Yonji finally met the rescue team.

For a trivial matter, Big Mom certainly would not go out in person, so she sent her first son, Charlotte Perospero.

As the pure presence of the four emperors who reign in the new world, their power is not a joke… Whitebeard Pirates has 16 fleets, Big Mom has 34 Officers and three Sweet commanders, Kaido has three disasters and his beasts Legion… as for Akagami (Red Hair) Shanks, the youngest, he should not be underestimated.

According to Judge’s instructions, Yonji requested an alliance after contacting the Big Mom pirates, and expressed his willingness to contribute Germa’s scientific and technological strength to her, on the condition that the Big Mom Pirates rescue and provide protection to the Germa 66.

Charlotte Linlin said that this is not a problem at all, so Charlotte Perospero, the candy minister, took some pirates of their troops, immediately set off with Yonji, and rushed to Dressrosa. They entered the island after hours of Ian’s landing.

However, like the drought Jack, the fleet that Perospero brought did not enter from a regular port.

As the largest arms smuggler and dark broker in the underground world, Doflamingo has established some underground ports on Dressrosa, which are guarded and controlled by the Donquixote Pirates. Common people don’t even know of such a place.

Perospero knew about this underground port, and when they entered the underground port, they happened to meet Ace and Sabo there.

When Sabo discovered that Doflamingo was smuggling arms, he wanted to seize these weapons for the Revolutionary Army, he chose to snatch them immediately with the slightest hesitation. He and Ace took the lead and looked around the city for the place where the Donquixote Pirate Group transported arms. This underground port was just discovered by them.

However, before they could take away the arms, they were attacked by Perospero who suddenly appeared in the port. Perospero was the user of the Lick-Lick Fruit, becoming the Candy Human. He can produce sticky syrup from his body. His syrup can turn to iron-reinforced candy… when his molten candy mixed with Haki solidify, even Logia Devil Fruit User would find it difficult to escape.

Ace and Sabo were caught off guard, and all the other members were stuck by Perospero’s candy.

As for Nico Robin and the others, they accidentally came later to this place, but Robin was more cautious. When he found out that Perospero caught Ace, Robin immediately took Matthew and Doroni to hide.

It was a bad idea to rush out to save Ace and Sabo, so they had to watch first.

When Yonji appeared, he raised his hand and punched Ace in the face, making the corner of Ace’s mouth bleed, although the Germa group seemed to be teaming up with Ian and the others in Dressrosa. But in the final analysis, the two sides were still enemies, so Yonji did not hesitate to take action.

Ace spat out a mouthful of blood, grinned, and glanced at Yonji, then turned his head and asked Perospero, “What are you going to do with us? Kill us?”

“No, no, no!” Perospero shook his candy cane and said, “You are a member of the Whitebeard Pirates. Mom doesn’t want to fight the old man yet, so we won’t touch you, you only need to stay here obediently until we take away Germa group!”

Yonji pulled the cloak and said with a smile: “But, if Doflamingo finds you in this place, unable to move, what will happen next is none of our business!”

Amid the laughter of Yonji and Perospero, they left the underground port and headed to the surface.

It wasn’t until it was confirmed that there was no one left, and the three quietly walked out of the dark.

“Sister Robin!” Nana saw Nico Robin and the others at a glance, and said in surprise, “You guys were here? Great, we are saved!”

Robin smiled slightly, raised her index finger at Ace and the others and whispered, then Doroni came forward, trying to help everyone unravel the syrup.

However, something unexpected happened. With Doroni’s Strength, he could not shake the syrup!

Perospero’s syrup was too strong, and it sticks everyone directly to the ground, Ace and the others can’t even get up now.

Doroni desperately wanted to hold the solidified syrup and break it, but his black furry face turned red, and there was no movement.

Matthew found a gun nearby, so he tried to use it to see if he could break the syrup, but it was still useless.

“What should I do now?” Doroni scratched his head.

Robin frowned and was about to say something, but suddenly heard a voice from the exit of the underground port, so she hurried to ask the two standing to hide.

The person who appeared in the underground port was Doflamingo’s subordinate, Gladius, the spiky-headed man wearing a black mask and goggles… As soon as he came in, he found Ace and the others who were trapped at the dock.

“Ha! I never thought that I would meet Fire Fist Ace here!” Gladius looked at the syrup on them and said, “I didn’t expect that what Perospero said was true, fantastic, you guys are going to die here slowly!”

After that, Gladius ignored Ace and the others, and began to wander around the underground port alone. Every time he finds a suitable place, he put down a strange thing.

“What are you doing?” Walnut couldn’t help but ask him.

“This is a special device!” Gladius said without turning his head: “I am the user of Pop-Pop Fruit, I can detonate the inorganic substances I touch at will, and this special device is to connect them to my body, as soon as I need to activate it, I will use this special device to activate my ability…”

“Then there will be a ‘bang’, and everything will fly into the sky!” Gladius spread his fingers suddenly, making an explosive gesture.

“You mean, this is a remote control bomb!?” Ace said in surprise with wide eyes.

“That’s right!” Gladius nodded and said: “Young Master has launched the birdcage, covering the entire island, and my mission is to destroy all evidence!”

After that, Gladius put both hands inside his pockets and said, “Enjoy your last moments, because you may lose your lives in a big explosion soon.”

Gladius left, but as he did so, he completely blocked the exit.

“Damn it!” After realizing that Gladius had planted so many remote-controlled bombs in this underground port, Nana couldn’t help but scolded: “so there will be a big explosion on this island! That guy has not only planted bombs here, but in other places!”

“We must escape as soon as possible and inform everyone about this!” Sabo said.

“But how do we get rid of this candy?” Ace was depressed.

Robin, Matthew, and Doroni came out again. Where they had been hiding, Gladius did not come to plant a bomb, so they kept hiding.

“Miss Robin!” Sabo said: “You have to find a way to get out and inform Ian of this news!”

As a result, Robin shook her head and said: “Without your help, we can’t go out, let alone leaving you here. Who knows when that lunatic will detonate the bombs? In case Ian can’t come back to save you, that would be bad, so let’s figure out how to get rid of the candy!”

At this time, the dead fish-eyed Matthew suddenly slapped his palm, and everyone looked at him immediately.

Then they heard Matthew say in a slow tone: “Do… ro… ni…… Eat… this…pile… of…sugar…”

It was already hard hearing him talk. But, as soon as he said eat, Doroni’s stomach made a loud noise, which made him scratch his head a little embarrassedly.

For Doroni, who has already eaten “gluttony” fruit, it was not a problem eating a pile of candy! So he immediately stuck out his tongue and started licking the candy on Ace.

As a result, the licking was done right. The solid sugar coating that could not be broken by guns and muscles began to melt gradually with Doroni’s licking.

Perospero is the Lick-Lick Fruit user. The name of his devil fruit is self-explaining. His ability is activated and deactivated by “licking”!

When Matthew had a clever idea… The sugar coating on these people added up to at least dozens of pounds, but all of it was swallowed by Doroni.

Ace and Sabo got free and quickly got up from the ground and moved their bodies.

“Let’s go to Ian!” Ace said: “If there is a big explosion on the island, we must be ready to evacuate.

As a result, Sabo had a different opinion, saying: “What about the residents of the island? They will also be affected by the explosion…”

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