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S.C.S Chapter 391: Full Tank

No matter what, they had to leave the place immediately.

The underground port was actually built in a river, and the exit was closed by a huge stone gate, but it was not difficult for Ace, his incandescent flame was released and slowly melted the stone gate, allowing everyone to get out.

However, when they came out and returned to the ground, they discovered countless thin threads covering the entire sky of Dressrosa.

“What is that!!” Ace looked up at the sky with amazement.

“That should be the birdcage, I think?” Robin also looked at the sky and said, “Didn’t the hedgehog head who set the bombs mention that? That should be one of Doflamingo’s abilities…”

“What should we do? We don’t seem to be able to get out!” Nana said: “If this bird cage has enveloped the entire island, then even if we evacuate the residents, we will not be able to escape!”

Sabo lowered the brim of his hat and said calmly: “Now we can only prepare for the worst. Ace, go to Ian and ask if he knows a way to destroy the bird cage. Nana, follow me and try to tell the people on the island to evacuate. At least inform them to stay away from those possible explosion sites. Miss Robin, if I recall correctly, you should be the Flower-Flower Fruit user. I wonder if you can use your ability to inform someone on the outside, like Crocodile on our ship, he must help us find a way out… “

At this crucial moment, Sabo’s mind was clear and focused, and he quickly assigned tasks to everyone. It can be said that all aspects were taken into account.

So they immediately split up.

Looking back at the battle scene, between Ian and Drought Jack, as well as Doflamingo and Hancock, it has lasted for more than ten minutes.

For the battle situation, Ian can only use one word to describe it, which is “tricky”!

Jack’s fighting style is very brutal, relying on his Ancient Zoan fruit and his own Fishman lineage. This guy’s Strength is terrifying… With Ian’s 3400 point strength attribute, in terms of strength alone, he was not his opponent at all!

Ian tried to damage him several times, and he was always crushed. After the collision of the giant fist and Ian’s sharp blade, he was knocked back every time!

Drought Jack hits the ground with a punch, which causes an explosion. The huge force can bombard the ground into a large circular pit. Every step he takes would crack the ground. Such a tyrannical force, In Ian’s cognition, only kuina, who has eaten Asura’s fruit, can compete with him.

Plus, Jack has a sturdy Busoshoku Haki, which gave Ian a strong headache.

It seems that for these aggressive folks, they quickly master the Armament Haki, and the drought Jack is among the top in the list! Even when Ian used the advanced Sword of the Darkness Flame, he could only make a shallow white mark on his skin.

During the ten minutes of the fight, Ian used all kinds of tricks against Jack. When he sent out the Black Dragon wave, Jack resisted it with his bare arms. Although he was burned all over, his armored arms survived the high temperature.

What’s even more annoying is that Jack was the same as Doflamingo, already awakened his Devil Fruit! After Awakening his Zoan’s fruit, it had brought him a super-recovery Ability and a super anti-strike resistance, so the burned area caused by Ian’s Black Dragon waves was recovered in just two minutes. The scorched skin peeled off in large chunks, and soon the new skin grew back.

The blazing flame was ineffective for this guy. Ian gathered a lot of energy and used the lightning gun to shoot him. This guy was only paralyzed for a short time and then woke up. Ian then tried the last falling thunder. The ultra-high voltage laser bombarded Jack, which was mostly offset by his anti-strike resistance.

He even used the upgraded version of the Railgun on him from a close distance, but this guy relied on his own muscles to unload the projectiles’ force… the Super Electromagnetic Shotgun was also a dud and could not penetrate his palm. The bullets were stuck in his muscles, and soon they were squeezed out again and fell to the ground.

Ian’s eyes almost popped out at that time. It was the first time he saw such an inhuman monster, ‘Fuking Hell, is this an invincible beast!?’.

Fortunately, although it was difficult to damage this guy, Ian was only launching blows repeatedly. Because with his crushing strength, Jack’s speed was incomparable to Ian’s swift movements.

Although Jack was capable of using Kenbunshoku Haki (Observation Haki), his cultivation lacks a lot in front of his armed Haki, plus his actions can’t keep up with Ian. After fighting for so long, only Ian was able to land a hit on him, but all of them were ineffective…

In this way, as long as Ian doesn’t confront him head-on, he can continue trying to cause damage to Jack.

This is a victory for the Agility-type characters…

“Go to hell!” Jack screamed, raised his fists, and slammed his elbow at Ian. As a result, Ian flashed away and instantly left the place. Jack’s blow hit the ground and blasted away countless rubble.

In this time, Ian reappeared behind Jack’s head, and the tip of the blade stabbed Jack’s head. Then, he activated Orochi’s Skill, and a sound of a glass shattering was heard. The space ahead of the tip of the blade suddenly collapsed.

The force of space fragmentation was quite powerful. Jack received this blow at the back of his head, and immediately leaned forward, hitting the ground with his head, and the long curved horns on his head plunged into the ground.

This guy was dizzy by Ian’s blow, and blood flowed from his nose and mouth, but it stopped quickly.

“Ouch! ouch!” Jack suddenly pulled his horns out of the ground, forked up a huge stone slab, and smashed his head at Ian.

Ian slashed the slate, took the opportunity to bully him, flashed to Jack’s chest, put his hand near his heart, and cast a black particle, which was Orochi’s Black Hole.

After a moment, they heard a weird sound of a space vacuum, and Jack’s body was shaken by this mote of bluish-white light. Although he used Busoshoku Kōka to cover his whole body, this ability still penetrated him, moving into his body at a constant speed… Ian was aiming at his heart, which caused him to suffer heavy damage and it felt like it was about to burst.

However… this won’t matter! Although Jack looks miserable now, with blood flowing everywhere, Ian knows that as long as he is given a little time, this guy will soon recover…

In the face of such a force that is difficult to kill. Ian knew how to handle him. He knew that no other ability would hurt this beast. Plus, he sensed that soon he will transform into the Mammoth he is… however, with such a transformation, he would get slower, but also tougher to deal with.

So he had to eliminate him for the moment, this guy has an unparalleled recovery of ability, and Ian started feeling tired of launching attacks.

Ian estimates that Jack may be following the same path as Kaido. He may not be as good as the Yonko for now, but he is expected to be going in the direction of immortality.

This is the unique direction of the Mythic Zoan Devil Fruit.

At this time, Ian used the skill of Evil Eye Master and Devouring Black Dragon Wave. Although big moves occurred frequently, they actually consumed little. He didn’t get hurt and his stamina was still high, so his Nen recovery was very fast. If he continues to fight Jack, he can rely on this state for three days and three nights, but the problem is that, this is completely fuking pointless, fighting such a madman and not being able to kill him feels like a waste of effort.

Otherwise, try devouring his soul? No matter how strong your body is, your soul is just as fragile, right? But that would take a long time…

And after looking at Hancock, Ian found that she and Doflamingo had also fought indistinguishably during this time, but in any case, Doflamingo still had the upper hand, which is due to ability restraint, Hancock’s petrochemical Ability usually requires contact with the target, but Doflamingo kept controlling his threads to attack Hancock from a distance.

Doflamingo has a strong Kenbunshoku Haki, and Hancock is equally qualified… their Haki is indistinguishable, but their abilities are different.

Ian knew that if she continued to fight like this, Hancock might get injured under Doflamingo’s fast attacks.

At this moment, Ace suddenly broke into the battlefield of the four people. Raising his hand, a blazing fire fist slammed into Jack. He ignited the guy laying on the ground. At this time, Ace ran to Ian, and quickly told him what happened…

“Bombs!?” Ian took a breath.

At present, the people on the island were not only the strong leaders Ian brought, but also Fishman pirates, Kuja pirates, and members of the Dragon Hunter Pirates. If there were big explosions, Ian and the others might be fine, but the three pirate regiments would certainly suffer heavy casualties!

This must be stopped, Ian immediately understood the reason why Ace came here, looked up at the birdcage above, and asked Ace, “Does your flame have no effect on these cables?”

“I tried! I bombarded it with the Great Flame Commandment: Flame Emperor, but it didn’t work!” Ace shook his head and said, “Those silk lines burned for a moment, but weren’t damaged.”

Ian looked at Doflamingo, and it seemed that the source of the problem was still this guy.

“Ouch!” the flames on Drought Jack’s body went out, and the guy rushed towards Ian again. At this time, Jack has recovered and become completely bald, and some of his hair was burned by Ian before. Now Ace’s torch burned all the rest, so he looked very hideous.

It’s not over yet!? Ian looked angrily at Jack, who rushed up again. He couldn’t help but grit his teeth and turned the Senbonzakura in his hand upside down, with the blade facing the ground.

The next moment, Ian’s hand loosened, and the Senbonzakura suddenly fell, however, in Ace’s shocked expression, the Senbonzakura’s blade was like falling into the water, and after a ripple on the ground, it disappeared directly.

“Scatter (chire)! Senbonzakura Kageyoshi!”

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