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S.C.S Chapter 392: Endscape: White Imperial Sword

Ace saw Ian’s Senbonzakura blade Shikai, although he was quite surprised why the blade in Ian’s hand shattered into countless petals, Ace regarded it as a kind of swordsmanship.

Now, however, he was stunned because he saw Ian use a move he had never seen before.

In the past, Ian would hold the Senbonzakura upright in his hand, and the blade would turn into cherry blossom petals, but this time, Ian threw the whole blade into the ground.

When the sword disappeared on the ground, countless huge blades slowly rose on both sides of Ian’s side!

Hundreds of blades! These erected blades were adding up none-stop, and they slowly rose from both sides of Ian and soon occupied everyone’s field of vision.

“What is that!? Illusion Technique?” Doflamingo used the silk puppet made by Shadow Knight String to block Hancock’s blow, opened a little distance, and looked at Ian’s position in surprise.

On the contrary, Drought Jack didn’t care so much. When he rushed in front of Ian, he raised his huge arm and punched Ian in the face.

However, at this time, a strange scene appeared. The Hundreds huge blades of Ian suddenly collapsed. Each of them turned into a large number of pink petals. These petals gathered together and immediately turned into a huge ocean wave of petals, roaring and sweeping in front of Ian, turning into a huge ball, blocking Jack’s fist.

Jack’s smash didn’t stop moving forward, but instead, he was surrounded by hundreds of millions of petals, enveloping his entire body.

That’s right, what Ian used this time, was not the Shikai of Senbonzakura, but Bankai!

After recharging the ten billion Berry from the Celestial Dragons, Ian has almost used it all. In addition to upgrading his commonly used cards to five-star red cards, Ian also collected all Orochi’s fragments…

At first, he thought of using Orochi’s ultimate “BRIGHT LIGHT”, but due to its high consumption and control difficulty, Ian choose not to. The enemies he’s dealing with are now gradually becoming stronger and stronger, and not only was he facing Doflamingo who was considered a ruthless Shichibukai, but the appearance of Drought Jack made him realize that the four emperors are an insurmountable barrier in this New World.

Fortunately, Ian chose to upgrade his exclusive treasures to five stars with the last remaining diamonds. Although he spent a lot of diamonds, it was totally worth it.

Because the five-star Senbonzakura Zanpakutō can finally unleash the Bankai!

With the Shikai, the Senbonzakura brought a three times increase in all attributes to Ian, while the Bankai brought up eight times amplification of his attributes!

Now in his ultimate state, Ian has more than 100,000 points of Nen, not to mention the increase in strength and speed attributes.

Although the Bankai’s duration is very short, so it is best to use it at this critical moment.

He thought that he might be able to burn the bird cage with Ace’s help in a combined technique. However, the problem is that the black and white flames of the two added up, when released, would launch a blazing wave that may sweep across the entire island of Dressrosa and set everything on fire.

Now on the island, there are a lot of people, not just the three Pirate Groups, but many innocent civilians. Ian and Ace are still unable to control the released Hellfire. If they lose control, it will be troublesome.

Therefore, Ian chose to make a move on his own.

Drought Jack’s recovery ability is really annoying, but this time, when he was wrapped in the petals of Ian Senbonzakura’s Blade, his recovery ability became a burden to him instead.

What appeared in the eyes of everyone was a huge ball of petals, which seemed to be filled with pink petals between the heavens and the earth. It was a beautiful scene, but Jack, who is in the midst of it, doesn’t think so. When the countless petals began to spin rapidly, those sharp petals tore and cut Jack’s body.

In the beginning, Jack was able to resist these petals by relying on his armed Haki, but the number of petals was too large. Every cut was equivalent to consuming a bit of Haki. Of course, the so-called Haki power came from people’s physical strength, so it was consuming Jack’s Stamina.

After just holding on for a few seconds, Jack found that his physical strength was rapidly draining, and his body began to feel tired. Gradually, his Busoshoku Haki couldn’t keep up!

With a slash, the first cut appeared on Jack, and after that, the second, third, more and more, more…

It’s true that these cuts were not deep, but they still hurt. However, as a Zoan fruit awakener, Jack’s powerful recovery ability began to play its role, and the injured parts of his body began to recover quickly.

If Jack could escape from the ball of the petals, it might be helpful, but at the moment, all the places he could see were pink. He had completely lost his sense of direction and didn’t know where to run. As a result, while his body was recovering, he was cut again by the petals, and he fell into a state of endless loop.

This is simply a tragedy, because the pain that Jack feels at this time may be a hundred times more than that of others. His strong resilience allowed him to persist in these petals for a longer time, so the pain he suffers became equally lasting.

“Ahhhh!” Drought Jack let out an angry roar in the ball of the petals, and the constant blood loss and recovery ability took effect, causing his Stamina to drain faster.

At this time, he finally had a sense of fear. He felt that if this continued, he would probably die here.

For a long time, he had never been afraid of anything. This was the feeling that even his boss, Kaido, had never brought to him. So he couldn’t help roaring: “Doffy! Help me! If I die, Kaido will never let you go!”

“Damn it!” Doflamingo couldn’t help but be surprised when he heard Jack’s voice. He didn’t know what Jack experienced in the huge petal ball, but he knew that if Ian could make Jack ask for help, this move was definitely a terrifying one.

Therefore, Doflamingo finally turned his attention to their direction.

“Off White: Shield White String!”

Doflamingo pressed his hands on the ground and activated his ability. Two shields made of thousands of silk threads immediately sprang up on the ground. These two groups of silk threads like shields bent and extended forward. The front section turned into a sharp spearhead and pierced into the ball of petals, and then used the tenacious resistance of the thousands of threads, separated the petals, wrapping around Jack in the center of the ball, and pulled him out.

“This guy is really hiding something!” When Ian saw this scene, he couldn’t help thinking: “he didn’t use his awakening abilities when he fought Hancock.”

Yes, that’s right, Doflamingo’s so-called Shield White String should be a powerful move that can only be used in an awakened state.

The drought Jack was pulled out by Doffy, but he was bleeding all over his body and looked terrible. When Doflamingo pulled him out, he left a path of blood.

Although it seems that Jack is still alive, everyone noticed that Jack has completely lost his ability to fight at this time. The awakened Zoan users are like demons, although it makes them close to the immortals, it also consumes a lot of their physical strength. If Doflamingo rescued him later, Jack might have died of exhaustion.

Realizing this, Doflamingo couldn’t help shivering. On one hand, it was because Ian showed terrible fighting power at this time, and on the other hand, because Jack was almost dead… at that time, Doflamingo would be killed by Kaido.

After solving the problem of jack, the next thing Ian has to do is to break the siege of the bird cage. He glanced at Doflamingo, and even though the best way was to directly attack him, Ian, who was in his ultimate state, wanted to find out how powerful he was. He plans to see if he can break the unbreakable birdcage of Doflamingo alone.

So, in the eyes of everyone, the huge ball of petals began to shrink, and countless petals turned into torrents, rushing to converge on Ian.

Then, a pair of huge wings made up of petals appeared on the sides of Ian’s back, not only that, but an arc of petals connected the wings.

This gesture is so domineering!

“Shūkei: Hakuteiken! Endscape: White Imperial Sword!”

In the gaze of Hancock’s beautiful eyes, and in the anticipation of Ace’s excited eyes, a sword made up of petals, appeared in Ian’s hands.

This sword, which was originally the Senbonzakura, was re-held by Ian in his new shape, but Ian gently waved it in a circle over his head!

The scene was quiet, Ian, who was wielding his sword in a circle, lowered his blade again. After a brief silence, a circle of extremely powerful sword aura suddenly erupted above Ian’s head!

As the scene was blown by a hurricane, Ace held his cowboy hat and was blown two steps back. Boa Hancock reached out to her forehead and resisted the wind pressure. Her long hair was also blown into a mess.

As for Doflamingo, his flamingo coat was blown up over his head…

This circle of powerful sword aura spread rapidly, like a shining sun flare, directly affecting the entire Dressrosa Island.

People on the entire island looked up and saw the sudden burst of sword aura. They saw that all buildings at the same height of the blow were broken into two sections and collapsed. Now, this is equivalent to shaving all the buildings making them at the same level…

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