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S.C.S Chapter 393: Reiryoku

Doflamingo’s bird cage is covering the ground in the shape of a half-cylinder, and the sword aura that Ian pulled out is a growing circle.

After the Bankai of Senbonzakura, the Endscape: White Imperial Sword was more than a fascinating move, and this trick has the effect of integrating attack and defense. The wings condensed by countless petals are actually a defense system, and Ian’s latest projectile condenses a glimpse of all his strengths.

When the sword aura passed by, the entire island of Dressrosa was quiet, even those who were controlled by the Parasite String temporarily stopped their movements and looked at the bird cage above.

“Is this… this sword energy was launched by Captain Ian!?” Fujitora raised his head and looked at the sky in amazement. Although he couldn’t see it, he could feel the burst of energy.

And Jinbe was looking at the sky at the moment, and couldn’t help but whisper: “I feel like this power equivalent to that of Eyes Mihawk’s Slash, the World’s Greatest Swordsman.”

“Will it succeed?” Aokiji put his hands in his trouser pockets, looked up at the bird cage above and asked Nico Robin next to him.

Originally, she wanted to go back and find a way to contact Crocodile on the ship, but she stopped when she met the admiral halfway, she looked up and said, “I don’t know!”

Aokiji scratched his head and said in a tangled tone: “If you follow him, I’m afraid the marines won’t be able to act against you…”

Robin didn’t speak, she was still a little afraid of Aokiji, but deep down, she agreed with what he said.

Following such a captain may really end her endless-wandering journey. At least the world government and the marines must consider Ian’s response if they want to arrest her…

In the eyes of everyone’s expectations, the birdcage that enveloped the whole island, suddenly broke off neatly from the position where Ian’s projectile. The upper part of the cover fell directly from the air, and in the process, it gradually disappeared.

The same went for the lower part. From the fracture position, the wires that are as strong as steel began to disintegrate and slowly dissipated.

He really broke the blockade of the bird cage! Ian actually used the flying slash to cut open these silk threads! This shows that Ian’s Slash has far exceeded the power of the Devil Fruit awakened by Doflamingo!

“How is this possible!?” Doffy looked at the disintegrating bird cage, the surprise in his heart started flowing into his body like a river. The birdcage was the proudest masterpiece of his tricks, once activated, even Doflamingo himself couldn’t damage it, even if he used Haki, he couldn’t break it, he could only control it. But now it was destroyed by Ian’s blow!?

Moreover, Ian didn’t come up with something new, he was facing Doffy, paused for a moment, and launched this flying aura to cut his birdcage head-on, which made him panic.

As soon as the bird cage was taken down, it meant that Doflamingo’s plan has completely failed. When Den Den Mushi’s radio waves came back, the World Government officials and intelligence agencies would soon be able to inform the Marines of everything…

At that time, even if he was siding with the Celestial Dragons, they will not be able to protect him.

Smuggling arms, selling slaves, seizing the country by illegal means, and imprisoning and enslaving World Government officials and the high ranked marines cadres, turning them into toys, plus being implicated with the Emperor Kaido, all of this should be considered a bit too much… the Five Elders will never let him go after knowing this. Waiting for him will be the strictest imprisonment in Impel Down.

Run! Must hurry! Doflamingo made a decision in an instant. He looked at the Drought Jack wrapped by his Shield White String. Jack was still recovering. If he rescues him and runs together, he may be able to seek shelter at Kaido.

Unless the Marines want to go to war with the Beast Pirates, Otherwise, they would not be able to pursue them down.

However, when Doflamingo felt annoyed when he thought that he was going to return to his identity as a pirate again, all this was caused by Ian in front of him.

“My plan is ruined, then I don’t need to think too much!” Doflamingo thought gritting his teeth, took out a baby Den Den Mushi from his pocket, and said to Gladius on the other end: “Gladius, blow up this island!”

“As you wish! Young Master!” Gladius responded and hung up the call.

Hancock was relatively close to Doflamingo, and when she heard his words, she immediately shouted: “No! Not good! Ian-san, stop him!”

“Fuffuffuffu!!” Doflamingo spread his hands and raised his head, laughing: “It’s too late! Ian, I want you to know that you haven’t won this battle!”

Boom! With a loud bang, Gladius detonated the first bomb. On the west side of Dressrosa, a huge fire burst into the sky.

The explosion site was an underground arms warehouse. The warehouse was naturally underground, but above it was a bustling commercial street. When it was detonated, a huge burst directly broke through the ground and blew up the whole street.

Fortunately, at this time, Sabo and Nana were scattered and evacuated a lot of civilians. This street happened to be one of them. When the explosion occurred, even with the whole street blown up, there were few casualties.

Most of these people were fortunate, but the problem is, there are many more bomb sites.

Soon after the explosion at the first site, Gladius detonated the rest of the planted bombs one after another.

The whole city of Dressrosa was thundering, and the power of such an explosion was much stronger than that of real gunpowder.

“Damn it! Doflamingo! You crazy guy!” Ace couldn’t help but throw a fire fist at Doflamingo.

With one move, a silk shield formed by the Shield White String immediately, which appeared and crossed in front of him. Ace’s fire fist bombarded the shield and set threads on fire, but it didn’t reach Doffy.

“Ever White- Deep Sea Whitecaps!”

Doflamingo stomped the ground with his feet, and suddenly many silk threads surging like waves appeared on the ground, entangling together, and three silk tentacles rushed towards Ian and the others, trying to trap them in place… Doflamingo was taking advantage of the explosion in the city, flew drought jack into the air, and wanted to leave.

However, at this time, from a distance, a voice suddenly came.

“Ice Age!!”

The boundless chill wave came, and the cold wind swept Doflamingo, who wanted to leave, and the next thing he saw was a piece of crystal white rapidly spreading in his field of vision.

Aokiji, who was still on the island, finally got out. He learned from Nico Robin that Doflamingo had ordered his people to plant a lot of bombs on the island, but he was too busy to handle these bombs. Now seeing that these bombs were really detonated, he couldn’t care less. He made a direct move and froze the entire Dressrosa Island with his ultimate move: Ice Age!

Doflamingo never dreamed that Aokiji would take action, and he still used this method to prevent the bomb explosion on the island. He moved Drought Jack to escape the spread of the Ice Age, but found the ground on the entire island has been covered by a thick layer of ice.

Although Gladius went on to detonate the rest of the bombs, the power of the bombs could not break through because of the extremely hard layer of ice covering them. All the places where the bombs were planted only made a muffled sound when they erupted.

So these bomb explosions didn’t hurt any passers-by.

However, Aokiji’s ice age is not without its drawbacks. He instantly froze the entire island… with its civilians. Although these frozen people were not dead, the follow-up work to Aokiji will cause him a headache.

Aokiji stood on the ground, his body was covered with ice at this time, and Nico Robin used the ability of her fruit to pull herself away from the ground, saving herself from the ice wave… Aokiji raised his head, looked at the sky, and said loudly: “Heavenly Yaksha, where do you plan to escape!?”

“That’s right! Where do you think you are going!?” Echoing after Aokiji, Ian on the ground raised Senbonzakura again.

The thread tentacles that Doflamingo used before, held Ian back for a little while. After breaking free, Ian didn’t have much time left for his Bankai, so he seized the opportunity and launched a slash once again toward Doffy!

Ian’s blade was drawn from top to bottom, the next second, the same terrifying sword aura appeared again!

A flying slash, tens of meters high, flew towards Doflamingo’s position against the ground, the lower end directly broke the ground of Dressrosa Island, and the edge of the sword aura spread and reached Doflamingo in midair.

Ian was now in the Bankai state. It can be said that his strength has exceeded the Admiral level. This Flying Slash got an extraordinary speed of flight, and it swept past Doflamingo’s position in an instant, then it went all the way, on the ground and streets of Dressrosa Island while it kept on rising, reaching the sea!

The entire Dressrosa Island, from where Ian stood, was actually split in half by this flying slash full of Reiryoku!

A single move cut open an island, and a sword aura ran through most of the country. The power displayed by Ian at this time made Aokiji gaze blankly at him.

However, when everyone looked into the air again, they found that Doflamingo avoided Ian’s blow.

He didn’t get out of the way by himself, but at the moment when the sword projectile approached, he was pulled away from the side!

It was a sticky candy tape that directly stuck to Doflamingo and Jack Drought, and pulled them aside, allowing them to avoid Ian’s deadly slash.

In surprise, Ian turned and looked to his right front. There was a group of people. Among them, there were not only people from the Vinsmoke family, but also a weirdo with a long tongue and a candy cane.

“Ian, it’s them!” Ace came to Ian’s side and said: “That guy is who I told you about, he’s with the Big Mom Pirates!”

Perospero? Ian was really surprised. He originally thought that the big mom pirates appeared on the island, just to save the Vinsmoke family, but why did they go on to rescue Doflamingo and Drought Jack!

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