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S.C.S Chapter 394: Pinch

The sudden appearance of Perospero with the Big Mom Pirates made Aokiji’s face turn serious.

Drought Jack is a member of the Beast Pirates, Perospero is a member of the Big Mom Pirates, plus Fire Fist Ace, commander of the Whitebeard Pirates… Three of the Yonko Pirates appeared on the island!

Fire Fist Ace was still friendly in their eyes. With their intelligence, they found that Ace and Ian are good friends. Although the World Government and Marines are dissatisfied with the friendship between a Shichibukai and a commander of the Yonko, they can tolerate it because they know that even Mihawk is a good friend with the red-haired Shanks. This kind of friendship problem cannot be stopped.

However, Doflamingo and Drought Jack, as well as Perospero, who just appeared now, don’t look like they have a friendship, more like cooperation…

Aokiji saw this situation and had to think a little more. Perospero rescued Doflamingo and Jack. Does this mean that there is something between the Big Mom Pirates and the Beasts Pirates? Some king of an unknown connection?

In particular, the Vinsmoke family of the Germa Group also appeared behind them, which made it even more suspicious.

So, Aokiji couldn’t help asking Judge: “What does this mean? Is the Vinsmoke family planning to go in the Pirate’s direction?”

However, Judge did not answer Aokiji’s words at all. He only said: “The Germa Kingdom is a member of the World Government’s alliance, but we have independent diplomatic rights and will not be interfered with by World Government!”

The implication is that who we are with has nothing to do with you. The world government and the Marines have no control over their internal affairs.

Aokiji couldn’t refute such a statement, so he could only be silent.

And Judge turned his attention to Ian, and said angrily: “Ian, where is my daughter!?”

Ian was a little surprised and looked to Judge’s sides. Sure enough, his kids were all there, but only Reiju was missing!

However, your daughter’s disappearance has nothing to do with me! Why did you only think of me?

So Ian was very upset and said: “What attitude is this? Do you think you have found a backer, so you speak loudly? You, Germa 66, ruined my Dragon Hunter Pirates station, but I still turned a blind eye to that… After that, you still don’t plan to appreciate it, do you?”

“You…!!” Judge was so choked by Ian’s words. Of course, he knew that when they came to Dressrosa, Ian’s goal was not to eliminate their Group, but to harm Doflamingo… Because he didn’t want to punish them, and was only planning on giving them a slap on the face, they were able to join Perospero and take shelter. Otherwise, with the power shown by Ian just now, Judge and his children were long gone!

In other words, it was too easy to kill them…

His daughter Reiju could not be contacted at this time. Their armed uniform was equipped with a communication headset, but they couldn’t reach her. Niji and Yonji were both called by their father to meet the rescue team, but Reiju doesn’t reply. Thinking that the person who Ian followed was Reiju, Judge thought that she was captured by him, so he had to ask for help and bring Perospero here.

However, as Ian said, it was because of Ian’s kindness that Germa was spared. Judge still dared to ask shamelessly. Did he really think that Ian was afraid to attack them?

Judge was stunned and couldn’t speak. It wasn’t right for a king like him to say that he was not oppressed by the young man ahead of him.

Fortunately, at this time, Perospero stood up. He held his top hat in one hand and his candy cane in the other, and said with a sneer: “Hey! Hey! Hey! Don’t be too impulsive, young man, even if you are Shichibukai, it’s better for you not to provoke the majesty of a Yonko! You may be able to defeat Jack, but he is only the tip of the iceberg compared to the Four Emperors (Yonko) Strength, in the New World, anyone who opposes the Four Emperors won’t have a good end!”

“Shut up, you creepy fellow with the longest tongue! No one is talking to you!” Ian glared at the guy unhappily. He was thinking about Reiju’s disappearance, because Raideen and Sandersonia were chasing her. They haven’t come back either, has something happened?

Ian was worried about his partners, but Perospero was talking nonsense and threatened Ian. He wasn’t able to focus, because the guy kept on talking and didn’t stop, so how could he not scold him!?

“You Little bastard! How dare you scold me!?” Perospero’s face turned dark with anger. Unlike the reckless lunatic Jack, Perospero has always considered himself a gentleman, which can be seen from his dress. In addition, he is the eldest son of the big mom. He is always respected wherever he goes, but now he got scolded by Ian!?

“Candy Cannon!” With a wave of Perospero’s hand, a cannon made of candy immediately appeared beside him, and at that moment, it fired directly. A thick syrup shell immediately flew towards Ian.

Perospero didn’t witness Ian’s previous battle with the Drought Jack, so he was a little bit skeptical and wanted to try Ian’s means.

Generally speaking, weapons such as firearms and artillery shells are of little use against enemies with decent strength, but Perospero still used this move against Ian because he had something to rely on. He can see that Ian is a swordsman. Facing this syrup shell, he would usually take a direct cut to deal with it, but if Ian does so, he will be unlucky.

This syrup shell looks like a solid cannonball, but in fact, it is a mass of flowing molten-sugar inside, once it is cut open, the sticky syrup will immediately cover the enemy’s entire body.

And once that’s done, it would be hard to break free. Perospero is a candy man, and his abilities are not as simple as they seem. At the beginning, even Ace was trapped by him and couldn’t move.

However, what Perospero didn’t think of was that his syrup cannonball was greeted by a white fiery fist!

Ace couldn’t help but take action. He still remembered the scene when he was trapped in the warehouse. When he saw Perospero again, of course, he wanted to take his revenge.

When they were in the underground port, Ace was stroke in surprise and got stuck with Sabo, so Ace couldn’t use his fire with full capability to get out of the trap, because it would burn Sabo. As for being trapped, this does not mean that Perospero’s abilities are unstoppable. When this fire fist ushered in, the syrup shell was instantly incinerated by Ace’s Flame, it turned into a mass of charred carbon residue and fell to the ground.

At the same time, Ace’s Fire Fist was cast unabated, slamming directly to where Perospero was standing.

Judge and the others had seen the power of Ace’s Fire Fist, they secretly cried out in their hearts, and immediately run in all directions… Perospero was also surprised, and quickly used his abilities to raise a thick candy wall in front of him, blocking the bombardment of Ace’s fire fist.

With a bang, the flames of Ace’s Fire Fist exploded, causing the scene to be filled with smoke.

Perospero just got out of the flames, his shield has been burned out, but he was completely fine.

However, when he walked out, he found a figure with huge wings beside him!

Ian and Ace joined hands to deal with him. When Ace shot, Ian immediately followed the Fire Fist and took advantage of Perospero’s response to the fire fist to cut him off!

“Liquify!!” Perospero yelled out in horror.

Ian’s sword slashed through Perospero’s body, but unexpectedly, the blade cut through with ease, a large gap was cut open on his body, but he was completely fine.

His body was like a viscous syrup, gurgling a few times, and he recovered!

“Is this the so-called pseudo-Logia?” Seeing this scene, Aokiji couldn’t help but say: “I heard that there are several Paramecia-type Devil Fruit users under the Big Mom who can achieve some capabilities of Logia type…”

The so-called pseudo-Logia actually refers to the syrup body of Perospero, and Katakuri’s. Their fruit still belongs to the Paramecia-type. However, because of their fruit characteristics, they can have a body that can flow like Logia users, so they are called pseudo-Logia.

Of course, what’s fake will always stay fake, because even if their bodies can flow, it is not an element of nature, but artificial, candy and cream… there are no such elements in nature…

Ian heard Aokiji’s reminder, and he understood what he witness. His current Bankai status is coming to an end soon, so he doesn’t care about such a topic. Since his blade could not hurt him, Ian simply bullied him and launched the soul extraction attack on Perospero! (SOUL RIPPER)

Ian’s left hand slammed into Perospero’s right rib cage, his palm seemed to disappear into space, and only ripples appeared on Perospero’s chest.

Perospero didn’t know what was going on, he didn’t feel any pain at all, but when Ian’s hand was pulled back the next second, Perospero was horrified to find that Ian was holding something he knew very well!

It was a faint blue mass of light!

If it was someone else, maybe they wouldn’t understand what this light mass was without inquiring about it, but Perospero was different. He who had been beside the Big Mom for a long time knew very well that this was his soul!

Damn it! This boy actually has the same ability as my mother. He can grab other people’s souls!?

In just an instant, Perospero’s expression changed so many times, and he became terrified… his back was wet with cold sweat.

“No! Impossible! No one in the world can interact with souls except Mom!” Perospero could not help but scream.

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