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S.C.S Chapter 395: squeezed it

Hearing Perospero’s words, let alone Aokiji, even Doflamingo, who was quietly watching the show, was horrified.

For a long time, most of the reasons for big mom’s popularity have come from her ability to control souls. Besides, they have never heard of someone that has a similar Ability. Now Ian has suddenly revealed his skills and stunning everyone around.

But they don’t know that, strictly speaking, Ian’s ability was not actually manipulating souls, because his ability is completely different from Big mom’s.

The soul extracted by Ian is a fixed amount of only 10%, and since the soul is representative of lifespan in this World, so if the target is old, he will extract less… For example, if a 50-year-old person has only 20 years of life left, then one-tenth of the souls extracted by Ian would be a 2-year life span, which is different from the random extraction of the big mom.

Moreover, the big mom can put the extracted soul into an inanimate object, giving it personality and willpower. This is what Ian can’t do. The soul he extracts can either be put back in the original owner’s body or destroyed…

Therefore, the Soul Ripper skill of Orochi’s card, in general, is a destructive Attack! It is just a move, not an ability.

However, this is amazing enough, especially under Ian’s misleading, Doflamingo was very clear that Ian should be a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit user, Cryptocurrency fruit, which is now known to many people in New World. Therefore, in the eyes of the public, the evaluation of Ian, with the so-called Cryptocurrency fruit, immediately rose to a higher level.

They were sure that this ability is probably derived from the Cryptocurrency fruit…

This misunderstanding is quite big, but it is impossible for Ian to explain it to them. Although this World has Devil Fruit illustrations, it doesn’t include all of the existent fruits. There are often many unrecorded fruits that appeared in the world, so Ian was not afraid at all.

Holding Perospero’s Soul Light mass in his hand, Ian squeezed it without thinking about it!

In fact, he was quite curious. If one-tenth of the soul was destroyed, what would happen to the owner?

This was his second use of this Ability, the first time was against Crocodile, but because Crocodile was useful to him, so Ian spared it for the time being, therefore, Ian had never been able to see its effect in person.

Curiosity killed the cat… and now Perospero came to the door and took the initiative, so no wonder why Ian used him for experiments.

His right hand clenched tightly, only to hear a light bang, the ball of light burst directly like a real balloon, and the original blue mass of light instantly turned into countless glittering light dots, floating into the air.

At the same time, Perospero suddenly spurted out a mouthful of blood!

Since the soul represents life, it naturally also represents vitality. When Perospero’s soul mass was smashed by Ian, it was equivalent to Perospero’s sudden loss of one-tenth of his vitality. This was a wonderful experience. There is no injury on his body, but suddenly he started vomiting blood!

Hematemesis is only the first aspect. Perospero also feels that his Spirit seems to have weakened a lot all of a sudden. It is clear that there is no physical damage, but Perospero felt that his whole body was weak and it seemed to have suddenly lost something, as if it became empty, hollow and cold, and so on.

This feeling was really uncomfortable. While Perospero felt terrified, he also confirmed that Ian had really crushed his soul just now.

Seeing Perospero suddenly vomiting blood, both Judge and Niji felt puzzled, but they were more afraid of looking at Ian. For Judge, who has studied science all his life, the soul is still too mysterious, Germa’s technology is considered black technology in the eyes of many people. But seeing Ian’s ability, he felt that it was beyond black technology…

“Run… fast!” Perospero wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and whispered to Judge: “This guy is too difficult to deal with, we must leave immediately!”

Perospero also wanted to run away. His soul has been damaged, which made him very frightened. What he thought now was to hurry back to the BIG MOM. Maybe her fruit ability can find a remedy for him, whether it is to supplement it with other people’s souls or any other methods, what he is sure of is that he must hurry back.

“But, my daughter…” Judge was hesitant because he hadn’t got any news about his daughter.

“If you want to stay, you can stay by yourself!” Perospero roared, turning around and running away, ignoring Judge, and the men he brought naturally followed him.

In fact, Perospero was quite regretful now. He could have left the island quietly with Judge and the others without having to meet Ian. But for one thing, Judge’s daughter, Reiju, could not be contacted, and for another, he also wanted to help Doflamingo, so he came.

The reason why the BIG MOM Pirates would want to save Doflamingo is that Doffy’s identity is somewhat special. As a famous broker in the underground world, Doflamingo introduced a scientist to BIG MOM not long ago, D· Caesar!

At that time, the Germa Group hadn’t contacted the BIG MOM yet, and she didn’t have any scientific research force, so she sponsored Caesar with a large amount of money for his research on human enlargement!

The enlargement of the human body is big mom’s greatest disease. When she learned that Caesar was sure of the success of his research, big mom told him that there was no problem with how much research funds he would need.

However, Doflamingo and Caesar were partners, and it’s not an exaggeration to say that Caesar is one of Doflamingo’s subordinates. Therefore, when Perospero came to Dressrosa and found Doffy’s opponent extremely strong, he was afraid that Doffy could be killed or captured, and the big mom still had to rely on him and Caesar’s research for her need…

This is precisely why Perospero went to save Doflamingo.

As for the drought Jack, it was an incidental thing. Perospero wanted to rescue Doffy, and Doffy wanted to save Jack. This is a joint relationship. It’s not that the BIG MOM Pirates don’t want to watch the Beasts Pirates lose an important member.

But now, Perospero regretted everything. He felt that he shouldn’t have appeared, and he lost a part of his soul in vain… This approach feels like a big mistake!

Seeing Perospero turn and flee, Judge and the others had to follow. After they left, Doflamingo couldn’t stay in place and take all the coming blows alone, so he took Jack, who had gradually recovered, and fled.

Seeing them escape, Ace and Ian moved and immediately wanted to catch up. Boa Hancock naturally followed Ian’s lead and wanted to stop them from escaping.

However, at this time, Aokiji suddenly said: “Wait a minute Ian! Wait!”

Ian, Ace, and Boa Hancock stopped and looked back at Aokiji.

Aokiji sighed and said: “Forget it, let them go!”

“If I let them go, I will be in great trouble in the future!” Ian shook his head.

As a result, Aokiji said with a serious tone: “By chasing them, do you plan to kill them, or just catch them?”

“Of course…” Ian just wanted to say it directly, but he suddenly choke, and he finally realized what Aokiji meant.

“That’s right! You can’t do anything to them!” Aokiji said with his hands in his trouser pockets: “If you kill them, then your Dragon Hunter Pirates will be fighting two Emperors at the same time. The BIG MOM and the Beast Kaido will not tolerate such huge losses! Likewise, even if you capture them, the Marines will not dare to take them over, because we also are not ready to fight two emperors at the same time! “

“Well, Drought Jack and Perospero can leave, but what about Doflamingo and the Germa?” Ian asked gloomily.

“It’s impossible on the Germa’s side! They are one of the allied countries that joined the World Government. Even if you catch them, the World Government will turn around and let them go!” Aokiji said: “As for Doflamingo, he is also a hot potato. He used to be a member of the Celestial Dragons. Even if the pieces of evidence are conclusive, it is impossible to execute him. However, if he is imprisoned, the Beasts Pirates and the Bigmom Pirates will probably rescue him from prison… so, yeah…”

Ian shook his head. He calmed down and found out that Aokiji’s analysis was correct. After this incident, Doflamingo may have his title revoked by the World Government, but that’s all, it is impossible to do anything more.

The Four Emperors have been accumulating power in the New World for a long time. Not to mention Ian, the newly promoted Shichibukai, even the Marine headquarters has to give in to them. For Doflamingo, the beasts Pirates are involved. In this case, the marines must treat this with caution.

In particular, Ian’s commotion this time is too great, not only will he bring down a Shichibukai, but also a king of a country, the Beast Pirates and the BIG MOM Pirates have appeared one after another. The Germa Group is intertwined, and there are four Shichibukai united together, etc… These are enough for the world government and the Marines to take the lead. It is impossible to imagine how serious the consequences will be if Ian pursues them relentlessly…

To understand this, Ian was relieved. In fact, his goal had been achieved this time. With the help of Germa, Doflamingo destroyed Ian’s residence, and Ian turned around and directly destroyed most of Doffy’s plans and foundation in Dressrosa which he worked hard for more than ten years to achieve. This mission was not a loss.

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