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S.C.S Chapter 396: Aftermath

It is conceivable that after Ian and the others made such a mess in Dressrosa, the follow-up impact must be great.

Doflamingo escaped, but his story was revealed. The birdcage that enveloped the entire island and the parasite line that made people kill each other made everyone in Dressrosa angry. With the doubts and the descriptions of those who turned from toys back to human beings, the foundation of the Doflamingo family’s rule on this island can be said to be completely over.

The World Government may cover up his mistakes for their sake, but they will never tolerate him. His Shichibukai title will definitely be deprived.

Although he fled with his men, from now on, Doflamingo has returned to be just a Pirate from a high-profile Shichibukai, and he will bear a huge bounty again.

In particular, people from Beasts Pirates and big mom pirates have appeared on the island and saved him, which will definitely make the Marines more alert to him.

According to Ian’s estimate, even if Doflamingo holds a grudge against him, he probably will not be able to retaliate within a short period of time.

Because first of all, when Doflamingo became a Shichibukai, it was due to him threatening the Celestial Dragons that he would rob their heavenly gold and force them to put pressure on the world government… Later, because of his involvement in the slave trade business, Doflamingo and the Celestial Dragons became friendly, but don’t forget, Vice Admiral Tsuru, who had been chasing Doflamingo, had no choice but to stop her pursuit after he became a Shichibukai!

As an old rival, Tsuru is the most aware of how dangerous Heavenly Yaksha is. After this incident, Doflamingo is no longer a Shichibukai, so it is very likely that she will come out again and continue the hunting.

Who is Vice Admiral Tsuru? Although she looks like a grandmother, but don’t forget, she is a Vice-Admiral of the same period as Garp, and is the chief of staff of the marines. On the basis of wisdom, she is absolutely one-of-a-kind. If she goes hunting Doflamingo again, I am afraid he will be exhausted and wouldn’t be able to regain his power…

What’s more, after losing Dressrosa, the first thing he has to face is the anger of the emperor Kaido, because he has lost the help of the Dwarves on the island. Even if Caesar continues to provide SAD, he may not be able to grow devil fruits again! This is tantamount to that he broke his promise in cooperation with Kaido. With kaido’s crazy personality, even if Doffy saved jack, Kaido would not let him go easily.

It depends on how Doffy would react. If he can endure humiliation and bear heavy responsibilities, he may have the opportunity to join the beasts’ pirate group after he has let go of his anger. but if he can’t stand this temper, then he can only go out to sea as a lone wolf, with his strength and bounty, it is estimated that he can still get along well in the new world.

Hmm… Or maybe he could choose to join the big mom Pirates? But in case the big mom can’t trust him and wants to bind him through marriage, marrying one of her daughters will be fun.

With Doffy now approaching 40 years old, big mom is estimated to marry an old unmarried daughter to be worthy of him? …

But in any case, Ian’s blow is equal to throwing Doffy directly out of his comfort zone.

Doflamingo escaped, but Dressrosa needs to be rebuilt. It is estimated that a large number of marines will come to this island in the future to investigate the facts of Doflamingo’s crimes. I don’t know what will happen to this country. A new king will be elected to negotiate with the marines and the world government.

Ian didn’t think much about it. What he thinks now is that if Doffy steps down, there will be another vacancy in Shichibukai’s position, So who will replace this position?

Ian first thought was Uncle Kuma!

Uncle Kuma took the initiative to abdicate. If World Government were lazy, maybe uncle Kuma would take over Doffy’s position as a Shichibukai again. It’s fair and sound.

It would be great if that were the case. Although Ian thought that uncle Kuma had given up his position to make Ian happy, there might be some deep consideration of what uncle Kuma was planning. Anyway, Ian was very grateful to Kuma. If he could regain his position because he pulled Doffy off his horse this time, Ian would be so happy to see it.

However, if World Government finds another person to take over the lost position, then Ian can’t do anything about it, and the storyline trajectory will be further and further.

Although Ian became Shichibukai at the beginning, the trend of the storyline has been deviated. Now it is only a more biased, and nothing is counted, but Ian still has some doubts.

As a transmigrator, knowing the storyline direction is the greatest reliance. Therefore, for Ian, it is best to let the storyline move according to the original trajectory. In that case, Ian will feel that things are within the controllable range. It will create a sense of security and be able to cope with what is happening.

However, things are always not transferred by human will. As a living person appears in this World, everything Ian does will inevitably have an impact, unless he does not do anything in obscurity. To ensure that the original story moves on, now, as Ian communicates more and more with people in this world, the influence he has caused is naturally getting bigger and bigger.

Doflamingo’s early withdrawal from the Shichibukai ranks is the most direct proof, and his withdrawal will have more influence in the future.

Ian thought about all possible follow-up possibilities in his mind… His head grew bigger and larger (and so did the author). Finally, he realized that he didn’t have the ability to predict the future. He simply stopped thinking, and decided to move on step by step.


Boa Hancock came to Ian and asked him a little nervously, “Are you all right?”

“I’m okay!” Ian’s Bankai state was already over, so he was a little weak, but he responded to her with a smile, only to find that her right hand was bent behind her back, tightly covering her back… At this time, the snake Salome was also tightly wrapped around her waist, as if he was supporting her or something.

“What happened to you? Are you hurt?” Ian asked her in confusion.

“No…I’m all right!” Boa Hancock shook her head and said: “I’m just going to leave, so I want you to inform my sister if you see her. Please tell her that I’m on the pirate ship!”

“Oh, no problem!” Ian nodded.

As a result, Boa Hancock quickly left, but when she turned around, Ian saw her right hand covering her back, revealing white shinning skin.

Ian immediately understood, that when she was battling Doffy, Boa Hancock was injured… At least the clothes on her back seemed to be cut open by Doflamingo’s threads!

And that position is where the slave mark was. No wonder she wanted to leave in such a panic.

She was afraid that the slave imprint would be seen…

If she was in Amazon Lily, Boa Hancock can order everyone around to leave the scene as their own emperor, but the problem is that she can do this here, not only Ian and Ace, but also Aokiji and Nico Robin were around, so Boa Hancock had to leave by herself.

Thinking of this, Ian couldn’t help taking off his sleeveless windbreaker and calling Boa Hancock. When she looked back in confusion, Ian threw his clothes at her and said: “it’s windy out here, put it on, I don’t want you to catch a cold!”

What a gust of wind!? of course, it was just an excuse, but Ian’s act of handing over his clothes solved Hancock’s trouble. She took it with a red face and said thank you, then put Ian’s clothes on her back, finally, she loosened her right hand… In this way, her walking posture would not be so strange.

Ian didn’t think too much. After Hancock left, Ian said to Aokiji: “When will the reinforcements of the marines come? It’s not a problem for you to freeze the whole island like this. It’s been a long time, those people can’t be rescued, can’t they!?”

As a result, Aokiji didn’t turn his head back and said, “Then let Fire Fist Ace melt the ice. But remember, melt them slowly!”

Ace scratched his head and he was willing to rescue those who were frozen, but he was worried: “If it is thawed like this, will some people be frostbitten?”

Aokiji glanced at Ian and pointed at him. “Don’t you have a healing ability? I’m just leaving it to you!”

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