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S.C.S Chapter 397: Aftermath (middle)

Well, it turns out that Aokiji had already figured out a solution, so he directly said it!

That’s right, as an Admiral, Aokiji shouldn’t use his abilities recklessly on the island. But now, there isn’t only Ace, the Flame-Flame Fruit’s User, but also Ian, a healer. So Aokiji was talking as if he has already seen through everything…

However, for Ian, this is a lot of work!

He doesn’t know how many people are frozen on this island. Apart from those strong people who won’t need healing, the rest would depend on Ian for treatment and recovery. Just thinking about it, Ian started going crazy!

So after listening to Aokiji’s words, he looked back with a phrase written on his face “Are you kidding me!?”

As a result, Aokiji simply ignored him, because at this time, he was extremely unhappy with Ian.

The trouble that Ian brought to the marines this time was too much. So many World Government officials and intelligence personnel have emerged out of thin air. The marines need to record their reports one by one. Plus, Dressrosa is a member of the alliance, so the world government must give an account and an explication to the angry people of this country. After all, Doflamingo was a Shichibukai they personally appointed.

The most troublesome thing is that a Shichibukai member has now been pushed back to the opposite side of the marines, and this Shichibukai has signs of collusion with the Yonko…

Now Aokiji has a headache about going back and reporting this matter to Sengoku, the Fleet Admiral. Sengoku sent him out to monitor Ian. As a result, Ian made such a big fuss on the island. Instead of stopping it, he helped him. It seems as if the marines were siding with Ian…

Now that Doflamingo has escaped, no one knew if it will have any adverse effect on the deployment of Sengoku.

Aokiji stopped Ian from pursuing Doflamingo for this reason. He knows very well that Sengoku, as the leader of the marines, naturally wants to bombard the unshakable mountains lying in front of the marines, better known as the Yonko. But Sengoku to plan before acting, but Ian’s actions always caused him trouble…

Now, the entire Marine department is actively preparing to deal with the forces of the Whitebeard Pirates, once and for all… Although the Whitebeard claims to be the strongest man in the world and is the strongest among the four emperors, the Whitebeard is getting older and weaker day after day, which gave Sengoku the greatest opportunity.

If they want to deal with the Whitebeard Pirates, then the attention of the marines must only focus on them. At present, their strength can only deal with one Emperor at a time, it’s impossible to provoke other emperors at the same time, and this is why Aokiji stopped Ian. Even if Ian caught Jack or Perospero, the Marines won’t dare to take them over.

As for Doflamingo’s escape, it was considered a big loss…

Because of Sengoku’s carelessness, Ian caused another wave of chaos. If he had known it earlier, when Ian went to the headquarters for help, Sengoku might as well send the three Admiral to help Ian. At least in that case, the matter would stay under the control of the Marines, and with absolute crushing power, Ian can go home after finishing the Germa Group in the sea, and there would be no need to involve Doflamingo at all.

Aokiji can already imagine Sengoku’s frustrating expression, and him flipping the table in anger after hearing the report…

Seeing Aokiji’s unnegotiable appearance, Ian had no choice but to carry this pot up. Anyway, Aokiji’s action did help him, and the bomb buried on the island did not cause too much damage and casualties.

When Ian was annoyed about how long would it take to treat the frostbite people on Dressrosa Island, a group of figures appeared in their field of vision.

When looking at the tall figure among the group of figures, Ian knew that it was Raideen and the others, who are back!

Because of his giant’s height, it’s too obvious…

Boa Hancock asked Ian to find her second sister Sandersonia, and she was acting with Raideen. Ian was going to find them, but now they appeared by themselves.

However, what surprised Ian was that Raideen and the others were all injured, and the injuries were not minor, but they were not frozen by the ice age of Aokiji, and returned slowly by themselves.

When they got close, Ian finally understood what was going on, because he saw many small dwarves standing on their shoulders!

“Captain!” Raideen called Ian in the distance, and when he came over, he sat down on the ground, and he was very embarrassed: “We almost couldn’t come back.”

“What the hell is going on?” Ian glanced at the dwarves, who were hiding their bodies in fear. “How could you be so badly injured?”

“We met a very powerful and fearless guy!” Raideen and the others didn’t know Jack, so they could only describe it.

“He was wearing an iron jaw…”

“He had some longhorns!”

As a result, Ian heard it all at once, and said in astonishment: “You actually encountered the drought Jack!? Did you engage in a fight with him?”

‘Holy Sh!t, I didn’t expect this to happen.’ No wonder why the direction of Jack’s appearance looked familiar to Ian. It turned out to be the direction to Greenbit…

Ian looked at Raideen and the others and gritted his teeth with hatred. If he had known that Drought Jack met Raideen and the others and beat them so badly, he should have been more ruthless to this guy at the time, at least, he would have chopped off that guy’s horns!

Hearing that what they encountered turned out to be the famous Jack, Raideen and the others couldn’t help but be frightened. Sandersonia held a dwarf in one hand and handed it to Ian: “Lord Ian, Fortunately, these little guys helped, they saved us.”

Ian got closer and said to this dwarf: “Did you save my friends? Thank you so much!”

As a result, the dwarf, standing in the palm of Sandersonia, looked warily at Ian, holding a sword that was not much different from the tip of a needle, pointed at Ian and said: “Are you their captain? That big man said you were amazing, that’s why we followed! Are you a good person or a bad guy?”

Big man? Do these little people call human beings big, or was he talking about Raideen?

“Well, I’m a good man!” Ian nodded.

“I don’t believe it!” The little guy still didn’t relax his vigilance.

As a result, Ace followed and said, “Ian is really a good person!”

His brother, Ace, of course, would say that, but Ian didn’t expect that after he said this, the little guy would immediately believe him, and a group of little guys immediately laughed: “so, it turned out that he is really a good fellow!”

Although these simple dwarves are wary of strangers, they are too easy to trust people. As long as you repeat a sentence several times, they will believe it immediately.

Ian looked at the little guys silently. After believing that they were good people, they jumped in groups from Sandersonia and Raideen, and then climbed onto his body in a wheezing manner, sitting on his shoulders and arms.

“So what are you doing here?” Ian couldn’t help but ask. With this character, these little guys will help count the money if they are sold, right?

“Since you are their captain, you should be very good, right?” The dwarf who spoke earlier stood in Ian’s hand and raised his head and asked him, “Then can you help us rescue Princess Mansherry and our companions?”

“Wait, wait!” Ian quickly said: “Princess Mansherry? Right, what’s your name?”

“My name is Leo!” said the little man.

Sure enough, it was this little guy. Ian didn’t expect to meet him directly here, but he thought that Doflamingo had already run away, so the guards of the underground factory planting artificial Devil Fruits were probably overturned, so he nodded and said, “Actually, you can go to them directly. Doflamingo has already been driven away by us and has left this island.”

“Really… Really?” Leo’s eyes widened, staring at Ian in disbelief. When Ian and Doflamingo were fighting, the dwarf clan didn’t know what happened. They just found that the island was in turmoil, so they wanted to take this opportunity to save their companions. Unexpectedly, after saving Raideen and the others, they heard this incredible news here.

“It’s true!” Ian knew their character, so he repeated it deliberately.

Sure enough, Leo immediately accepted this matter, and the dwarves who were present suddenly cheered with their weapons raised.

Then, Leo looked at Ian expectantly and said: “What is your name?”

“Oh, my name is Ian, what’s the matter?” Ian answered with some doubt.

In the next second, Leo, together with the rest of the dwarves present, shouted: “Ian Lando!! Ian Lando!!”

400 years ago, Mont Blanc Noland came to this island and helped the ancestors of the dwarf people and became a great hero in their legends. Later, they became accustomed to it. Put a “Lando” suffix on the names of people they consider heroes!

Although Ian was renamed by them without authorization, he still knew that this was the name of their hero, so he accepted it with a smile, and it felt cool…

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