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S.C.S Chapter 398: Aftermath (final)

After shouting for Ian, the great Hero, Leo was ready to go to save Mansherry and their companions.

Ian also thought that perhaps Mansherry’s healing Ability could help treat the people who were frostbitten on the island, so he wished Leo and the others to act quickly.

However, when Leo was planning to leave, he suddenly turned back to Ian: “By the way, Ian Lando, we have caught someone!”

He pointed to Raideen: “The big guy said that she is not your partner, so we tied her up, and now we will hand her over to you!”

After Leo finished speaking, he saw a group of dwarves on the ground pulling a huge board with wheels over.

Ian was stunned for a moment!

It was none other than Reiju who was tied to the board! She was lying flat on it, her upper and lower arms, thighs, and waists were all sewn up with thread!

Needless to say, that’s what Leo’s Stitch fruit…

Reiju was sewed on the trolley, wearing only a leg-foot skirt. As for her armored outfit, they were all taken away and turned into a capsule jar the size of a can, which was placed aside with a 0 mark on it.

No wonder why Judge said that Reiju could not be found, it turned out that she was caught by these little people.

How can Judge contact her without the headgear on her armed suit?

Reiju is a beautiful woman with long silky legs. Now she is sewed by Leo and stuck on the surface of the board. When they pulled her over, Ian was amazed when he saw the huge ravine on her chest, she seemed as if she was handed to him on a plate.

Even Ace and Aokiji turned their heads in embarrassment.

However, nothing seemed wrong or inappropriate to Leo. When the trolley reached Ian, they left in a hurry, leaving Ian looking down at her.

Reiju’s pink hair was draped around her neck. Her hair still covered one eye, revealing her unique curly eyebrows on the other side.

When Ian looked at her, she also made eye contact with Ian, but strangely, her expression was very calm.

She opened her mouth and said to Ian, “can you cover me with a piece of clothing?”

Ian looked at himself, his jacket had just been given to Boa Hancock. Then looked at Ace, only to find him topless as always. So, Ian had no choice but to look at Aokiji!

Aokiji frowned and threw his marine coat to Ian.

After Ian covered Reiju, he squatted beside her and said strangely, “How could you be caught by the Tonta people?”

Reiju smiled slightly: “Because the first person the drought Jack injured was me! I fainted at the time, and when I woke up, these little guys had already captured me.”

“I see!” After Ian understood what was going on, he said: “Your father and brothers have just left, they came over and asked me about your whereabouts, but I didn’t know at the time, so they had to leave… now what do we do? Do you want to leave?”

Reiju was a little surprised and said, “Are you willing to let me go?”

“I’m not planning on taking you hostage, that’s why I asked what you want!” Ian shrugged and said, “Although I’m very upset that you destroyed my station and poisoned my people, I should make an exception for you. If I guessed correctly, the toxin you used on my crew, you should have deliberately not used a lethal one, otherwise, I’m afraid that my partners would have made it when I got back…”

“…” Reiju did not speak, but it was equivalent to admitting the facts.

“So, since you were merciful at the time, I will return the favor!” Ian said resolutely: “Now that more than half of Germa’s fleet was destroyed, I don’t plan to pursue my revenge any longer. As for you, for the sake of your kindness, I can let you go. “

Go back? Reiju thought in her heart, in fact, she was merciful to the Dragon Hunter Pirates when she used her toxins, and did not think of the latter result, she just felt that there was no need to kill them all… She was different from her brothers, she couldn’t abandon her feelings, and she hated the cold-blooded and ruthless behavior of her family from the bottom of her heart.

For her, it doesn’t seem like a home…

Ian was willing to let her go. Although Reiju was surprised, she felt that this was a good opportunity to let her live away from her family, so she was hesitating.

As she thought about it, Ian looked at her beautiful face with great interest, and soon his gaze was focused on her unique eyebrows, thinking of the unique blood mark of the Vinsmoke family, so Ian couldn’t help recalling the Sanji guy in the East Blue… however, he didn’t know why, but Ian felt that she didn’t seem to be very similar to Sanji, although they had common eyebrows, Ian feels that Sanji is more like Ichiji and Yonji.

With this doubt, Ian couldn’t help but start to talk and asked: “When I was in the East Blue, I saw a man with eyebrows like yours, He looked more like your brothers, but not like you!”

Upon hearing Ian, Reiju was so excited that she wanted to sit up, but because she was sewed, she started hurting herself, but she ignored her pain and hurriedly asked Ian: “What did you say!? You saw a man with eyebrows like mine in the East Blue?”

“Yeah!” Ian simply told her, “His name was Sanji if I remember correctly and he works as a cook in a sea restaurant in the East Blue. And now listening to your names makes me think that he might be your brother.”

“He is still alive, he is still alive!?” Reiju’s expression was quite excited, her eyes were wet, and she felt like she was about to cry.

After a while, she calmed her emotions and turned to Ian. “I didn’t see him myself, so I don’t know if he is my brother, but I can tell you that I am the first born in the Vinsmoke family. My brothers are much younger than me and are actually quadruplets, so the four of them look the most alike.”

No wonder! Ian suddenly remembered that they are quadruplets. This should be cultivated by Germa’s technology, right?

Reiju told Ian: “Can you untie me first?”

Ian nodded, pulling out his Senbonzakura, waved a few times, and cut off the thread sewing her body, allowing Reiju to get up.

Moving her hands and feet, she turned to Ian and said, “Ian-san, I admit, this is all Germa’s fault. But don’t you want our advanced technology? I can give you some scientific and technological information I know, but I have one condition…”

Germa’s technology? Ian glanced at the armored uniform capsule with the number 0 beside Reiju, and said with great interest: “I have salvaged some of Germa’s shipwrecks, plus there should be some of your technology in there, right? Tell me, why should I agree to your terms?”

“You are wrong! There are no research facilities on those sunken ships!” Reiju said: “The kingdom of Germa was built on snail ships, but most of the sunken ships were houses for soldiers to live in. The real research facilities are all on the boat that my father was on, as long as that boat is not filled with seawater, you will get nothing.”

“Well then, what conditions do you have, I’m listening!” Ian inserted the Senbonzakura back into the sheath.

“I give you some of our technological information, on the condition that you let me stay within your pirate group for some time, and promise to take me back to the East blue quietly!” she said.

Ian immediately understood that she wanted to see Sanji!

It’s true, if Ian remembered correctly, Reiju and Sanji have the best relationship. When she suddenly heard the news that Sanji was still alive, of course, she had to confirm it.


“You want to see Sanji. What do you plan to do after seeing him?” Ian asked her. “Bring him back to the family?”

“No!” Reiju shook her head and said: “I don’t want him to come back to this family, I just want to see him.”

Ian stared into Reiju’s eyes and didn’t say a word for a long time. He actually envied Sanji, that weirdo had such an elder loving sister who always cared about him…

“Well, we have a deal!” Ian nodded.

However, Aokiji frowned again beside them. He heard the conversation between them. He never thought that she would agree to give Ian some of Germa’s technology. However, Aokiji remembered that the Marines’ scientific forces and the world government were very coveted by Germa’s science and technology.

So he couldn’t help but say to Ian: “Ian, if you don’t want to get in trouble, you’d better leave this kind of thing to the World Government!”

Ian looked back and smiled at him, “Of course, that’s what I originally intended, but the world government and Marine can’t just let me suffer losses after losses? All I want is to exchange such information for something of the same value.”

“What do you want to get? Money?” Aokiji asked.

“I don’t want money, I want a Pacifista or two!” Ian spread his hands and said, “As you know, you didn’t allow me to catch Doffy. Now that he had escaped, I’m always on guard against his revenge? My Dragon Hunter Pirates are still weak compared to that monster, so give me two Pacifista as bodyguards!”

Aokiji frowned and said: “Impossible, Pacifista should be the secret weapon of the marines, I’m surprised that you even know this! You’re dreaming if you think that they would agree for trading Germa’s technology for a Pacifista!”

“Don’t be!” Ian smiled and said to Aokiji: “it’s useless for us to make a quick decision. You just need to do me a favor and report this transaction. As for whether they accept or not, it should be considered by the world government, right!”

Hearing Ian’s words, Aokiji was immediately discouraged and felt unprecedented suffocation.

Yes, don’t look at him as an Admiral, but he really doesn’t have a say in this. Even if he thinks Ian’s plan to change to a pacifist is a dream, what if the World Government thinks it’s okay!?

With Aokiji’s understanding of today’s World Government, he for sure knows that they don’t stand on the side of pure justice, but from the perspective of the ruling class. If two Pacifista can get them Germa’s Technology, which they have long coveted, they may really agree with this.

In their opinion, even if Ian gets a pacifist, he can only use it and cannot make copies, then the control is still in the hands of the world government.

And he is just an Admiral, he will likely be ignored, even if he raises an objection.

If he can become a Fleet Admiral one day, maybe his opinions may be taken seriously… but now, Aokiji can’t do sh!t about it.

Ian didn’t know that what he casually said had planted a seed in Aokiji’s heart in advance. This seed slowly took root and sprouted, so that the usual look at the lazy Aokiji rose to the later stage. He raised the mentality of competing with Akainu for the position of the next Fleet Admiral…

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