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S.C.S Chapter 399: kawaiii

“Damn it! Reiju really fell into their hands!”

What Ian didn’t know was that when he untied the sewing thread for Reiju and let her stand up and speak, on the sea not far from Dressrosa, Judge saw this scene through a binocular, and couldn’t help but slam his fist on the side of the ship with hatred.

Although in order to revive the glory of the Kingdom of Germa, Judge transformed his children, but he himself is still an ordinary person, and still retains his feelings as a human being, even if he does not usually show it, he still has some reactions. Since, Reiju is his only daughter and looks the most like his dead wife, among all his children, he was the most concerned about her.

So he immediately had the urge to return to Dressrosa again.

However, they were now on Perospero’s pirate ship, and Perospero’s words are the only commands that the ship follows, he wanted to go back, but Perospero refused directly.

“Don’t worry, Lord Judge!” Perospero comforted him: “In any case, your daughter is always the Princess of the Germa Kingdom. The Marines will not be able to arrest her. Ian probably won’t do anything to her either. She is still safe for the time being. When I return to Cake Island, you can ask Mother for help. In the New World, no one dares to disobey mom’s order, and Ian will send your daughter back!”

“Yes, father!” Ichiji said with a blank expression: “We can’t go back now!”

Reiju is his older sister, but neither Ichiji nor Niji, nor Yonji have any concern about Reiju’s fall in Dressrosa, and they don’t seem to be worried at all.

Judge looked at the expressions of Ichiji and the others, and sighed secretly in his heart, but he could only hold back, waiting to reach the cake island to seek the BIG MOM’s help.

Judge, who was in a bad mood, returned to the cabin with Ichiji, while Perospero continued to observe the situation of Ian with a binocular. Now they are separated from Doffy and Jack, and the ship was gradually leaving the island of Dressrosa, he went on to use the last bit of time to collect information about the Dragon Hunter Pirates.

He didn’t see anything unusual, he only noticed the tall fellow Raideen.

“There is a giant in the Dragon Hunter Pirates?” Perospero looked a bit serious. He watched Raideen closely with his binoculars to see how his attitude towards Ian.

“I don’t know if this giant is from Elbow…” After observing for a while, Perospero put down the telescope, licked his candy cane with his long tongue, and hesitated: “Do I have to tell my mother about this news? If I hide it, she might get angry.”

Although the BIG MOM is one of the four emperors in the new world which can easily scare her children, but as her eldest son, Perospero knows very well that his mother has a dream, and that is to build a society including all races. “All nations” living together as equals!

Therefore, on Cake Island, there are many different races. Although BIG MOM’s means of controlling these people are subject to discussion, it can be said that today’s Cake Island has indeed formed the prototype of the perfect nation.

It’s just that in this “all nations island”, there is only one race missing, that is the giant race!

Although Perospero doesn’t know his mother’s background, it is no secret among many of her children that she is hated by giants all over the world.

Normally, it is very easy to get some of the Giant Race to live on the island, but for some reason, she doesn’t allow her children to fight the giants. It is not allowed to use forced means. They must treat the Giant Race with courtesy.

The giants in this world are not from a single place, but the most famous are from Elbaf, and what the BIG MOM cared about most was the giant warrior from Elbaf!

If the giant in the Dragon Hunter Pirates is also from Elbaf, then things will be troublesome…

Because not long ago, an important person unexpectedly came to the cake Island, which was the Prince Loki of Elbaf kingdom, when the giant Prince received a grand reception on the cake island, the giant Prince fell in love with big mom’s daughter, Charlotte Lola, and even proposed to her!

At that time, big mom was so happy that she burst into tears. Perospero had seen it with his own eyes, and the big mom also told a group of her children that if Lola becomes the future queen of Elbaf, then it will resolve the long-standing discord with the giant clan.

To this end, big mom even prepared the most luxurious wedding for Lola.

However, what people didn’t expect was that although Lola was so embarrassed, she was a woman with an independent personality. Because she didn’t like the giant Prince, she chose to escape the marriage!

At the moment of hearing that Lola had escaped, Big mom’s anger made the whole island tremble and ordered to bring Lola back.

At the same time, big mom asked Lola’s twin sister to replace her and complete the wedding with Loki, but she was instantly discovered, the giant Prince saw at a glance that his bride was not Lola, so he turned angrily and left the Cake Island, which made the relationship between the big mom and Giant Race become even worse.

Perospero has been by BIG MOM’s side for many years. Naturally, he has noticed something fishy, he felt that the relationship between big mom and the giant race was very unusual. The Big mom seemed to have always wanted to please the Giant Race, which led to all her children having to be careful when facing the giants…

Now, Ian’s pirate group has a giant, and he seems to respect Ian a lot, which makes Perospero feel that his plan to seek revenge on the Dragon Hunter pirates is doomed…

As for Judge’s daughter Reiju, Perospero doesn’t care so much…


On the island of Dressrosa, the agreement between Reiju and Ian was reached, so he gave her armored capsules back.

Germa’s armed suit is a very advanced technology. So many clothes and equipment can be compressed into such a small capsule. When Reiju took out the armor from the capsule and put it on, she became the poisonous powder girl that Ian is familiar with.

It has to be said that Reiju is really beautiful. Although she is only temporarily staying in the Pirate Group, for him, the addition of such an eye-catching lady in his Pirate Group still makes him very happy.

Well, having said that, there are actually many gorgeous women in the group. Margaret was the first to join, we also have Nana, plus Nico Robin, and now Reiju, Ian’s pirate group is turning into Harem.

There was also Walnut, although her appearance makes people think she’s a Loli, the truth is that she’s in her late 20s…

To Ian’s surprise, when he was thinking about Lollies, uncle Fujitora brought him a “Loli”!

When seeing Fujitora come back, Ian noticed Sugar that was floating in mid-air and swaying next to him.

Uncle, what are you doing!? Where you out there having a picnic, bring back a loli!?

When Sugar saw so many people, she couldn’t help but struggled in the air and shouted, “Put me down! Do you hear me!”

“How cute!” Robin couldn’t help thinking like this when she looked at the appearance of Sugar. She also adored those little dwarves before, but still, her face was very calm and didn’t show it at all.

When Fujitora came to the crowd with Sugar, Ian quickly pulled him to his side and asked him in a low voice: “Uncle Fujitora, how did you bring her back!? She seems to be one of Doffy’s carders!”

“Yes, that’s right!” Fujitora nodded and closed his eyes: “Dressrosa’s toys all emerged by her ability, I feel that her ability is too dangerous, so I’d better limit her, that’s why I also brought her back!”

Ian said with a headache: “Do you also plan to let her stay in our pirate group? But have you ever thought about… Since her ability is so dangerous, what should we do about it?”

“There is always a way!” Fujitora suddenly took something out of his arms and said to Ian, “Let her put this on, it should be useful!”

Ian looked down at what Fujitora had come up with, he couldn’t hold it any longer, and he spat it out in surprise.

Because what Fujitora was holding in his hand turned out to be a pair of fluffy cat-claw gloves with spotted patterns!

Looking at these gloves, Ian suddenly heard a “meow” sound in her brain…

Uncle Fujitora, I feel something different about you today… kawaiii!

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