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S.C.S Chapter 400: The brightest person on earth

Ian looked at Fujitora with a strange look.

He was pretty sure that Fujitora is not a lolicon, but Ian reckoned that Fujitora was probably a daughter-controller!

Even in normal times, Walnut built a good relationship with Fujitora in a short time, often pestering him with tons of questions, but Fujitora happily answered her, his happiness can be seen by anyone.

But he was superficial with Nana and Margaret. Maybe when there was only walnut onboard, this problem was not so obvious, but now that he suddenly brought back another Loli, Sugar, the problem is surely getting bigger.

Especially, when he seems to have found such a pair of cute claw gloves for sugar…

However, it is very strange that when Ian looked at Sugar, he found that when she saw the gloves in Fujitora’s hand, she stopped struggling and just stared at them.

Ian took the gloves from Fujitora, walked up to sugar and said: “Do you like them? If you do, I will give them to you!”

“Hum, who… Who likes them!” Sugar turned her head and snorted with disdain, “What are you doing? Put me down right now!”

But when she turned her head, Ian saw that she couldn’t help but take a peek at the gloves.

Looking at the bear cloak she was wearing, Ian suddenly understood that sugar seemed to like cute and furry things.

‘Uncle Fujitora, you’re so clever, if these gloves are given to sugar, maybe she will really put them on herself… right?’

If that’s the case, then this will be great. Ian knows very well that sugar is the user of the Hobby-Hobby Fruit, and her Devil Fruit probably works the same as Matthew’s hypnotic fruit… although it seems to be a very strong fruit, it can only be activated by touching the target. Once something like gloves isolates their skin, it is equivalent to temporarily sealing their abilities.

The abilities of the Hobby-Hobby Fruit are too dangerous. Once a person is turned into a toy, he will immediately be forgotten and he will disappear from every memory of all people.

Ian didn’t want sugar to roam free on board and turn the members of his ship into toys, because no one will notice, so he had to keep a close watch on her.

Giving her the cat’s claw gloves is just one of the limitations. The best way is to find a way to record your own memory, such as using a notebook to record the crew list on your ship, and look at it regularly. Once he finds someone he can’t remember on the notebook list, then he can be sure that Sugar has attacked one of his crew, and then there will always be a way to deal with her!

As for being too worried about her ability, it’s actually not necessary. Doffy was using her without worrying, so Ian can also guard against her. After all, she has many weaknesses.

Now, as long as Uncle Fujitora is happy…

After Fujitora came back, Ace went on and started melting the ice that covered every citizen of Dressrosa Island.

He used the Great Flame Commandment: Flame Emperor, to create a giant fireball over the island of Dressrosa. He kept supporting the Fireball to work as a close sun, emitting heat towards the whole island, and because Aokiji used this Ability as a single wave, not as a running stream, those solid icicles began to melt slowly under the radiating heat.

For those who were frozen instantly, the best way to thaw the ice covering them is to put them in cold water and let them slowly recover, which will cause the least damage. Although this way will make the people of the island suffer a little, they can always be cured.

Aokiji had no choice but to freeze the entire island. If all the bombs on the island were allowed to explode, then the aftermath would not be as simple as frostbite, and many people would die in the explosion.

Especially when the Ice Age was launched, even those who were controlled by Doflamingo’s Parasite Strings were frozen, stopping them from killing each other.

After all, Aokiji did it out of good intentions, so no one could blame him for anything.

It took about two hours for Ace’s fireball, which served as a small Sun, to melt the island’s ice. Those who woke up from the freezing state soon realized what had happened before.

But they did not have any complaints and began to quietly help those who are weak.

No country will realize the value of peace until it has experienced pain and suffering. People on Dressrosa were helping each other and sharing the current situation on the island.

The Dragon Hunter Pirates and the four Shichibukai, together with Admiral Aokiji, set out to expose Doflamingo’s conspiracy against the island, and successfully overthrow the rule of Doflamingo’s family. The news soon spread all over the island, so people who were still able to move spontaneously began to gather under the fireball. They knew that the Dragon Hunter Pirates must be there.

At this time, Ian was starting to heal those who were frostbitten. When the residents of Dressrosa slowly gathered here, they naturally saw Ian’s behavior. They did not say anything, the injured people automatically lined up and waited for Ian’s treatment, while the rest of the people looked forward to Ian and the others hesitantly.

The people of Dressrosa wanted to know where their island is going to next!! If Doflamingo escaped, then the country has lost its king, and Dressrosa needs a new ruler.

But since no one knows whether the escaped Doflamingo will come back, people hoped that the next king will be powerful enough to deter Doffy.

the best candidate for being the king is undoubtedly Ian. As long as he becomes the king of Dressrosa, the Doflamingo family will definitely not dare to show up again.

Although people thought this way, they had just experienced the turmoil and damage caused by a member of the Shichibukai to their island, so turning around to find another Shichibukai as a candidate for the king’s position. People couldn’t psychologically accept it.

That’s why the people of Dressrosa looked at Ian and the Dragon Hunter Pirates with such complicated expressions.

Sabo had quietly returned at this time. He saw the look in their eyes and quickly understood the thoughts of these people. When he found that Ian was busy treating the injured, he went to Ian’s side and silently reminded him.

After Ian heard Sabo’s words, he couldn’t help but be stunned for a while. To be honest, he never thought about being a king, and he was not the type to manage a country.

So, of course, he refused it immediately, but this country still needs a king. Ian thought about it and felt that it would be better to let King Riku back to manage the country according to the original plot.

During the communication with Fujitora, Ian knew that they met Cyrus, the toy soldier, the son-in-law of King Riku. If Cyrus went to find his daughter, then it is very likely that King Riku will meet him. After thinking about it, Ian asked Fujitora to find Cyrus and asks him to bring King Riku.

It’s great to make such a fuss, but there are a lot of follow-up things.

During this time, a member of Shichibukai, Heavenly Yaksha, was beaten by the Black Dragon Ian with Knight of the Sea Jinbe, Pirate Empress Boa Hancock, Crocodile, Fire Fist Ace, and Admiral Aokiji. At the same time, they exposed all kinds of evil deeds of the Doflamingo family in Dressrosa, and soon spread throughout the new world and the Grand Line.

While people were talking about this, they were amazed by the movement of Ian, the newly promoted Shichibukai.

This young Shichibukai can really bring chaos wherever he goes… After making a big fuss in Marijoa and successfully escaping, he fought two Admirals on Salamis Island, and then because of a disagreement with the Whitebeard Pirates, he took over the position of a Shichibukai, and not long after he became one of the seven, he actually pulled another veteran Shichibukai down.

For a time, it can be said that the entire Grand Line is paying attention to the news of Ian and the Dragon Hunter Pirates.

It is said that Dressrosa Island was directly split in half by his blow, and many people saw the trace of that slash, which ran directly through the entire Dressrosa Island.

People were not only surprised by Ian’s strength, but also by his connections.

From this day on, Ian, the newly promoted Shichibukai, has been thoroughly recognized by the world, and no one dares to covet Ian.

There is no doubt that in the sea calendar from the year 1519 to 1520, in the eyes of the world, the most shining figure of the entire Grand Line is Ian…

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