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S.C.S Chapter 401: Yield problem

Ian and the others stayed in Dressrosa for over a week.

During this period, the support team from the marine headquarters to assist Aokiji has arrived, and the entire Island was under the control of the marines.

However, the people of Dressrosa were not impressed by the appearance of the marines.

In their view, the marines are hindsight, they didn’t know anything about the crimes committed by Doflamingo in Dressrosa. Until it was exposed now, the marines came only to investigate, which made the people of Dressrosa very dissatisfied.

On the contrary, for the Dragon Hunter Pirates, the people of Dressrosa were very gratified. Sometimes, when they encounter marine soldiers, they won’t bother helping them or even answering any questions. But, when a passing member of the dragon hunters says a few words casually, everyone listens carefully.

This is naturally due to the fact that Ian has been using the ability of Orihime’s card to rescue the residents of the island…

Aokiji was very useless in this situation, and he couldn’t say anything.

Mansherry, the princess of the Tontatta Kingdom, was rescued by Leo and the others. The little cutie volunteered to help Ian treat the injured people. Her lovely appearance simply mesmerized Nana and the other girls. The people of Dressrosa Island finally realized that the legend about fairies on their island was true after all this time.

In fact, the fairy Legend was originally created by the Royal Family, to help and compensate the Tontatta clan.

Riku and Cyrus were also found by Fujitora, and Ian finally met and talked with the King.

King Riku was overthrown by his own people because of Doflamingo, and over the years, he has always wanted to stop that devil, but unfortunately, he does not have the power to stand against Doflamingo.

He did not fight to regain his throne. In fact, he was indeed a good king. Because he was deceived by Doflamingo, he agreed to redeem his country for 10 billion Berries. So, he borrowed money from his nation, and Doflamingo seized the opportunity to use his parasite lines to control the king’s army and attacked everyone, in the end, this loan even turned into a robbery, and the people in Dressrosa were helpless against the mad King. At that time, Doflamingo’s pirates made their debut, and in turn overthrew the king’s army and became the heroes of this country… and because many years ago, the Donquixote family were the rulers of Dressrosa. Doffy took the opportunity to ascend the throne again and snatched the country back from King Riku.

Although it was a conspiracy, Riku blamed himself a lot. He felt that it was because he believed Doflamingo in the first place was what brought disaster to his people. Therefore, after Ian drove Domingo away this time, King Riku did not intend to resurface. He was getting old, and after reuniting with his son-in-law and granddaughter, he just wanted to live a good life with them.

However, the current situation of Dressrosa urgently needs a king to lead the country. It is impossible for the marines to complete such a task, and although as the Hero of the liberation of Dressrosa, Ian is also unlikely to become the king.

Therefore, after a long talk with Ian, Riku was finally persuaded, and promised to go back to becoming the King, leading the people of this country out of their pain.

However, at the time of departure, Riku made a request to Ian, he asked to borrow the flag of his Pirate Group to protect the country.

It can be said that such a big thing happened on Dressrosa Island, and the people are still in a panicking state, and nothing was clear, everything is still in turmoil… They have lost the only thing good that came out of Doflamingo, which was his deterrence to other pirates. Riku was worried that the pirates in the new world will be swayed toward this country. After all, a country in turmoil is the easiest target for pirates to take advantage of, so he planned to borrow Ian’s name for protection.

Ian didn’t have any opinion about this matter. In this new world where pirates are rampant, the banner of the Marines isn’t effective as the flag of a Great Pirate. Ian knows this, so he didn’t think much about it and agreed directly.

So far, there are two islands under the banner of the Dragon Hunter Pirates, one is Travolta and the other is Dressrosa.

Naturally, such an effect is immediate. When the flags of the Dragon Hunter Pirates began to be hung around the island, the people of Dressrosa felt at ease, and the pirates who were turned into toys by sugar, didn’t dare to take advantage of the chaos on the island.

Aokiji looked at all of this, and his mood was quite complicated. He gradually began to understand the mood of Sengoku. This kind of pirate has more deterrent power than the marines, which is not the only case in the new world. If the marines can not completely suppress the four emperors, then this situation will continue…

The power of the four emperors has always been the biggest worry of Marine Headquarters…

Ian didn’t even care about what would Aokiji think. He knew that Aokiji had already reported that he wanted to trade Germa’s technology for a Pacifista or two. It is now estimated that Marine Headquarters and World Government are arguing fiercely about this matter. Aokiji was probably annoyed, so Ian didn’t plan to bother him.

Because of the news from Varua, his research on the artificial Devil Fruit has a rough conclusion.

Yes, the artificial Devil Fruit, when Leo and the others rescued Mansherry, the underground artificial Devil Fruit factory was also discovered, but Ian temporarily concealed the news from Aokiji and the Marines, he listened to Sabo’s advice and asked the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group to guard the place…

Sabo said that it is best not to let the marines know until the conclusion of the artificial devil fruit is clear, because no one will know what their reaction will be about the artificial devil fruit, if they get interested in this artificial devil fruit, it would be bad… Maybe it will be better if they destroy the factory, but the most fearful thing is that the marines and the world government will shift their intention to the Tontatta clan, which will be catastrophic for them.

Because the Tontatta tribe are good planters, and artificial devil fruits need their talent to cultivate…

It is precisely because of this consideration that Ian cautiously approached Varua and asked him to analyze this artificial devil fruit.

This scientist was now completely subdued. Following Ian, he not only saw the Ancient technology at the terminal Island, but also obtained the scientific research data of Germa, and now he is researching the artificial Devil Fruit, which is miraculous for a scholar who is obsessed with science.

He felt that Ian had a lot of treats for him, so he already regarded himself as a member of the Dragon Hunter Pirates.

After Ian assigned his mission, Varua has made a rough analysis of the artificial Devil Fruit through the limited facilities on the island.

“These artificial Devil Fruits have a very low yield!” After seeing Ian, Varua explained: “Because they are unnaturally formed devil fruits, these cultivated devil fruits have only a 10% chance of becoming a finished product.”

“Finished product?” Ian asked curiously, “Does it mean becoming a real devil fruit?”

As a result, Varua shook his head and said, “No, that’s not the case. Although Doflamingo’s people blew up some facilities when they escaped, I found their planting and test records. Although these planted artificial devil fruits do have the same effect as devil fruits, they are very different. The real devil fruits can make people gain their power with the first bite, but these artificial Devil fruits are not like this, you need a lot of them!”

“What… what do you mean by this?” Ian couldn’t understand: “What do you mean by eating a lot? Can a person consume a lot of devil fruits?”

“This is the biggest difference!” Varua pointed to a large plantation in front and explained to Ian: “Look at this farmland, when planted with artificial Devil Fruit… How many devil fruits can they harvest in a year, even if the yield is only 10% in such a large area?”

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