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S.C.S Chapter 402: Farewell

Ian looked over and found that the area of this plantation was still quite large. In this farmland, hundreds of fruit trees were well planted, and these fruit trees were all planted along a small ditch. At the most upstream of the ditch, a tall iron tank stood there, with a huge logo: SAD!

Below the iron tank, there was a valve outlet. It seems that the SAD is released from this outlet, diluted into the water, and then the water mixed with the sad is used to irrigate the fruit trees. Under the careful cultivation of the Tontatta people, the fruit produced by these trees may become artificial devil fruit.

Maybe because Ian came to Dressrosa just in time for the harvest. At this time, on these fruit trees, there were densely hanging fruits full of patterns, which looked quite spectacular.

However, if you observe carefully, you will find that there are many devil fruits with spiral patterns. The patterns on the surface are not complete and do not form a complete cover. Some of the patterns were only covered by one or two lines, and some were half covered. Ian knows, this is definitely an unqualified artificial Devil Fruit.

In particular, Ian also found a phenomenon, the shape of these artificial Devil Fruit, are very similar, they all looked like apples, which is the feeling of mass production.

However, it seems that their number was quite large. If Varua’s data is correct, according to Ian’s estimate, even if the yield is only 10%, it is estimated that this plantation can produce hundreds or even more devil fruits at a time.

He somewhat understands what Varua means. If these artificial fruits can really give people the ability to obtain devil fruit at one time, wouldn’t it be possible to create hundreds of devil fruit Users!?

Damn, if this is the case, if Ian didn’t come here earlier to kick Doflamingo away, in a year or two, won’t Kaido get thousands of Devil Fruits from Doflamingo? Then wouldn’t create thousands of devil fruit beasts?

“I see!” Varua was very satisfied with Ian’s surprised expression, and said: “So I think that this artificial devil fruit is probably defective, maybe after eating it, you can get the ability of devil fruit, but this ability is not stable, and can not even be freely controlled by people. The devil fruit here may lead to the birth of a batch of devil fruit users, but this ability obtained by taking artificial devil fruit, I am afraid that it is impossible to refine and enhance, and if you want to maintain the ability of these devil fruit users, they must continue to take these artificial devil fruits in the future.”

Ian understood, so he couldn’t help but ask “So will these artificial devil fruits have symptoms of addiction? If you don’t take artificial Devil Fruit anymore, what will happen? Will they die?”

“It’s hard to say!” Varua shook his head and said. “I currently lack the records of the experimental subjects. These things would be known only after someone has eaten the artificial devil fruit, but I think there is a possibility for that to happen. And at best, the ability obtained would be limited to a very low level.”

Ian nodded and stopped asking questions. He picked up a finished artificial devil fruit and squeezed it in his hand. Sure enough, the system did not respond to this artificial devil fruit at all, and did not prompt to ask him if he wants to absorb its power.

A copy is always a copy, the world’s biggest mystery is the Devil Fruits. How can it be so easily copied?

Since these artificial devil fruits all look the same, Ian couldn’t help but have a conjecture. Maybe after these artificial devil fruits are eaten, even the abilities obtained are random, but only It is limited to the Zoan-type devil fruit.

Since the acquired Ability can be random, will the subsequent use of the artificial Devil Fruit continue to have the so-called “hybrid” Ability? That is very dangerous…

Therefore, after understanding the effects of these artificial devil fruits, Ian lost interest.

The energy contained in the true devil fruit should be complete, so after eating one devil fruit, you can’t eat a second one, you will be burst by the energy in them. The artificial devil fruit is like dividing the power of a complete devil fruit into ten or even twenty parts, so you can eat many.

Ian doesn’t know if this speculation is correct, but it is estimated to be a similar situation.

Such an incomplete version of devil fruit must have many flaws. Perhaps over time, if they take enough artificial devil fruit, they can indeed achieve the effect of genuine devil fruit ability. However, no one can tell how long it will take. Artificial devil fruit needs not only SAD as a catalyst, but also the planting technology and talent of the Tontatta clan, I’m afraid that only Doflamingo can achieve these two conditions, and to Ian, this is just a waste of effort and time.

“Please sort out the information about the artificial devil fruit!” Ian said: “I will let Aokiji bring it back to the Marines and World Government.”

“Captain, are you going to hand the artificial Devil Fruit to the marines?” Varua was a little surprised: “isn’t it better for us to control this kind of thing in our own hands?”

“There’s no need for that!” Ian shook his head and said, “If I’m not mistaken, your old friend, Vegapunk, has also studied artificial devil fruits, and his achievements are probably better than Doflamingo’s, that is to say, the artificial devil fruit technology we found may be inferior, and it can’t catch up with Vegapunk’s research. What’s the use of such a thing? It’s better to leave it to the marines and the world government, in exchange for us to gain more leverage from the Pacifistsa, and even if we give them such information, they are likely to learn everything after their investigation on the island, and they won’t be able to follow Doflamingo’s method, so it will not affect the dwarf’s clan.”

Ian said that there is a reason, because he remembered, the mad scientist Caesar wanted to study the artificial Devil Fruit just because he got a man-made Devil Fruit created by Vegapunk, but it’s fascinating that the artificial Devil Fruit turned out to be a Mythical Zoan fruit. This artificial fruit was originally used for Caesar’s research, but under the wrong circumstances, it will be eaten in the future by the little fart boy Momonosuke…

Since there is such an artificial Devil Fruit, it shows that Vegapunk is also studying the cultivation method of artificial Devil Fruit, and it is estimated that his’ are better than Caesar’s.

“That’s right!” As soon as he heard about the Pacifista, Varua was instantly refreshed.

In fact, the affairs of Pacifista are also top secret inside the marines. However, with the gradual completion of Uncle Kuma’s physical transformation, many people have noticed something strange. Therefore, the Pacifistsa’s affairs are not a big secret within the Shichibukais. Even Jinbe knows a little about the marine’s plan…

If Varua hadn’t followed Ian, he wouldn’t have known about this, but after discovering this, he was so interested. He heard Vegapunk mentioned the idea of

the human transformation plan long ago, so he also wanted to see what step Vegapunk has reached.

When it came to Vegapunk, Ian suddenly thought of a question and asked Varua: “Speaking of which, is Vegapunk a Devil Fruit User?”

Varua was taken aback by his question, and then said: “I don’t know this, but… I didn’t seem to see him swimming. And that’s not strange, because it’s common for us scientists not to take a bath for ten days, let alone swimming…”

Ian nodded, said nothing more, and left the undergrounding factory.

When he came out, he met Crocodile and Jinbe.

“Brother Ian, I’m here to say goodbye!” As soon as Jinbe saw Ian, he said: “This time, many of my people have been rescued from Dressrosa, and all of them are eager to return to their hometown… now that this island’s affairs have been resolved, I’d like to say goodbye and set sail.”

“All right, big brother!” Ian nodded and said: “Thanks a lot for your help this time, please convey my greetings to all Fishman Pirates, I wish you a smooth journey, and whenever you need me or my help in the future, feel free to contact me.”

“Definitely!” Jinbe smiled, did not pay attention to Crocodile beside him, turned around, and left.

Ian looked at Crocodile and asked with great interest: “Aren’t you also here to say goodbye?”

“Damn it!” Crocodile gritted his teeth and said to Ian with a cigar in his mouth: “I have fulfilled my promise, when will you return my soul!?”

Over the past few days, he has heard Ace and Hancock talking about Ian popping Perospero’s a part of his soul. According to Ace’s descriptions, after Ian pinched and exploded it, Perospero vomited blood and collapsed, then turned around and ran away. It can be seen that after his soul was damaged, and it is definitely not just as simple as losing a period of his lifespan.

Therefore, in order to prevent the night from being too long, Crocodile waited for a while, he finally could not help but come to his door and ask for his soul back from Ian…

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