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S.C.S Chapter 404: Wine of friendship

It is because of this idea that Ian thought of using Germa’s technology to exchange Pacifista with the World Government.

Although Uncle Kuma was the one who asked Ian to do this in the first place, it is estimated that Kuma just wanted to give Ian a little more power.

Ian understands uncle Kuma’s kindness, but he knows very well that having a Pacifista sounds very mighty, but in fact, this kind of robot is nothing compared to the real one. The key lies in the use of clusters. If hundreds of pacifists appear together, they can almost surpass the combat effectiveness of all soldiers in the entire marine department.

However, Ian wants a piece, not because of its power, he thinks that now that he has Varua under his command, maybe he can find out something about Uncle Kuma and Vegapunk by analyzing the Pacifista.

Whether it was Nicole Robin or a Pacifista, Ian should have some control of them.

Seeing Ian’s determination, Crocodile knew that Nico Robin might not come back, but for him, it doesn’t matter, Crocodile originally wanted to find Nico Robin for her ability to interpret the historical text. Now that Nico Robin is within Ian’s pirate group, if Crocodile really finds a poneglyph, he needs to come back and seek their help, as long as he can get enough bargaining chips.

This is Crocodile’s final resort, but obviously, this seems a bit simple… Can he get to the needed poneglyph? Even if he finds it, Robin may not tell him its real content. Don’t forget that Robin lied even to Ian’s face about his rubbing inscription.

There is no way to confirm her translation, Robin himself knows that her ability to read the ancient text is very dangerous. How could she rashly tell anyone about ancient weapons before she could figure out their character and intentions? She just wants to pursue the truth, but she doesn’t want to leave this world as a sinner…

So even now, Robin has joined the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group. It seems that she is more obedient to the situation. She has not truly integrated into the Group.

Crocodile turned around and planned to leave, while Ian said to him: “Bon voyage Croco. And remember what I told you. You may come back one day!”

As a result, Crocodile ignored these words and kept on walking.

Ian smiled and said nothing. Crocodile insisted on going back to Alabasta. Maybe he would still fall into Luffy’s hands. At that time, he might still be arrested by the Marines.

He is not like Doflamingo, because he is involved with two of the Four Emperors, which will make the Marines have scruples and cannot arrest him… If this is the case, then what is waiting for Crocodile will be the famous prison, Impel Down…

The departure of Crocodile and Jinbe seemed like a signal, and then Sabo and Ace also came to Ian.

Sabo is leaving. He originally tagged along with Ian just to see Ace, but he didn’t expect things to get to this point, unexpectedly finding tons of weapons in Dressrosa, which is extremely useful for the Revolutionary Army.

Now, Sabo has quietly transferred the collected weapons to another ship with Nana, intending to take advantage of the night to quietly leave Dressrosa, and return to the Revolutionary Army headquarters with these weapons.

The reason why he wanted to leave quietly is because there are still Aokiji and a lot of Marines on the island. Aokiji saw the smuggled arms found by Ace and Sabo, and he would not allow these weapons to flow out again.

So, when Sabo informed Ian of his intentions, Ian thought about it and said: “Don’t worry, I will handle Aokiji!”

Sabo smiled slightly, walked up to Ian and hugged him, then patted his back and said: “Thanks Ian, I’m heading to the headquarters, if you need any help, feel free to contact me!”

Ace smiled and said: “Look what have I brought!”

As he said, Ace took out a wine bottle from behind, and then in the stunned eyes of Sabo and Ian, Ace placed three glasses, and poured the wine into the three glasses.

“Is this… the wine of friendship!?” Sabo recalled at once.

“Yeah! I really miss it!” Ace grinned and said: “I think back to the days when we were on the island together with Luffy…”

After that, he turned his head to Ian and said: “But today is different, we once again put down the wine of the friendship, in order to celebrate the addition of another brother!”

Sabo smiled slightly and said, “That’s right!”

The two grabbed the wine glasses and looked at Ian with a wide smile.

And Ian was not wordy, followed with a slight smile, and then picked up the wine glass.

“Drink this wine of friendship. From now on, we are connected by blood. No matter where we are, no matter what we do, this relationship will never be cut off…”

After the three people said this sentence together, the glasses collided.

After drinking the wine together, the three looked at each other, and then suddenly burst out laughing together.

Ace took off his hat, took out a piece of paper, and said, “Let’s exchange Vivre Cards! Everyone must get hold of the other two’s Cards. In this case, no matter where in the world we are, we will all know where to find each other!”

Therefore, the three people exchanged their Vivre Cards respectively. Then the three carefully put these life papers in their hats and put them on again.

This action looked so neat, Ace’s cowboy hat, Sabo’s top hat, and Ian’s bear-ear hat, so that when the hats were buckled, the three couldn’t help laughing again.

“I’m leaving, you two take care!” Sabo hugged Ace and Ian, then turned around and waved as he left.

After Ian and Ace were left, Ian turned to Ace. “Now things are done here, Ace, are you still going to hunt down Teach?”

“Yeah!” Ace nodded solemnly and said, “Actually, during this period, I have been asking Sabo to use the intelligence network of the Revolutionary Army to track down Teach’s whereabouts for me. In addition, there is also news from my father, so I’ve got a glimpse of his whereabouts now, he seems to have been in the West Blue for a long time between our pursuit of Germa and the arrival of Dressrosa, but now he seems to have the intention of returning to the Grand Line, I have to take this opportunity to get him back.”

“West Blue?” Ian sat down again, started to think, and suddenly asked Ace, “Why did you say Teach went to the West Blue?”

Ace was stunned, he didn’t understand Ian.

Ian explained: “Have you noticed that Teach is really purposeful in doing things. He has stayed in the Whitebeard Pirates for so long, just for a devil fruit he likes, even when he escapes, it doesn’t seem like he’s in a panic state there…”

“You mean he chose the West Blue on purpose?” Ace asked doubtfully.

“I can’t say!” Ian frowned and said: “I always feel that he went to the West Sea for a certain purpose.”

“I heard that Teach recruited his first companions in West Blue and formed the Blackbeard Pirates group!” Ace said: “Maybe he went there to do so. After all, the West Blue has a lot of famous Pirates.”

Ian thinks that there is still something wrong with this. If he wants to recruit crewmates, which ocean is the best to find such folks? Why did he go to West Blue? If he wants to find strong people to join him, isn’t it better to go to South Blue? After all, South Blue is recognized as the strongest of the four seas.

However, Ian is not Teach, and he can’t figure out his true purpose, so he can only put it aside for the time being.

“Let’s do it then!” Ian said: “Wait for me a day or two. After I have arranged the affairs of the Pirate Group, I will go with you to hunt down Teach!”

Ian couldn’t let Ace go alone to hunt the Blackbeard. If that’s the case, he suspects that Ace will still fall into the hands of Teach. Now that the wine of the friendship has been drunk, he and Ace have become true brothers. So of course, it’s impossible to sit back and watch this happen.

“Okay!” Ace thought about it and accepted Ian’s suggestion. After all, it was the Whitebeard who told him to come to Ian. Ace was very respectful of the Whitebeard and naturally would listen to what he said. Moreover, he was also convinced by Ian’s words. He always felt that Ian knew everything, and he would feel much more confident when he was with him.

So, after Sabo quietly left in the evening, Ian began his arrangement…

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