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S.C.S Chapter 405: Someone got arrested

Since Ian was going to help Ace to hunt down Teach, then naturally it is necessary to bring some manpower. Teach will not be as strong as the current Ace, and he will be pursued by one other person. The members of the so-called Whitebeard Pirates’ second division have never been seen by Ace’s side, so going against four people and Teach, Ace for sure will be caught.

Ian won’t make such a mistake now, but he can’t take his whole pirate group with him.

Their Sky Island is now the real base of the Dragon Hunters. There are not many pirate groups that can have a sky island as a base, so Ian attached great importance to it. The Sky Island renovation is still in progress, and someone needs to supervise the work. So he can only ask Uncle Fujitora to take care of this. Varua said that there seem to be some problems with communication between the sky island and the ground, Den Den Mushis can’t receive signals, so he plans to set up a host Den Den Mushi there, as long as it is set up, Ian can always contact them at any time even in the open sea.

So these two people must stay on Sky Island.

Ian figured it out, and finally planned to bring Nana. In addition, there is Matthew, the chef, who can at least cook for them, but with Matthew aboard, Doroni would also follow. Now nobody can satisfy his huge appetite except Matthew.

At the same time, Ian planned to bring Nico Robin and Reiju with him, because Ian is going to hunt down Teach, and they can stumble on some poneglyph, so if Robin is around, it will be easier to interpret them. As for Reiju, it was simple because Ian promised to take her to see Sanji.

Ian didn’t know if he would run into Sanji, but even if he doesn’t, he can’t just leave her on Sky island. Now Reiju is still an outsider to the Dragon Hunter Pirates and can’t let her roam around discovering the trump cards of the Dragon Hunter Pirates.

By the way, there is also baby-5. As a maid, baby-5 is extremely qualified. With her help and care, Ian will become more relaxed even if he is on a trip.

When the candidates were determined, Ian found Fujitora and told him about the matter.

“You’ve taken a lot of trouble, Uncle Fujitora!” Ian said a little embarrassedly, he felt that Fujitora had been left behind guarding his home all this time.

“That’s right, after all, I’m the vice-captain of our pirate group!” Fujitora just smiled, and he thought it was nothing. He actually felt that being in the Dragon Hunter Pirates was quite good, not only could he play mahjong at any time, but now he had two little girls, Walnut and Sugar, filling his life with sunshine.

“Well then, if the marines contacted you, and they are willing to exchange a Pacifista or two for research materials, give them what they want!” Ian said: “As for the Pacifista’s reception, Uncle, it’s up to you, you can take it to the Sky Island, and use it as a Defensive force.”

“And for Sugar, although you take her personally and you are keeping an eye on her, I think she’s still dangerous!” Ian said: “If things don’t work, contact Aokiji and ask the Marines to send some Kairoseki (Seastone) rations, and make sugar wear it.”

“Don’t worry, I will take care of this!” Fujitora said.

Ian scratched his head and said nothing. In fact, he felt that his relationship with Fujitora was quite strange. Although Fujitora was nominally his deputy captain, perhaps because of Fujitora’s age, he gave Ian the feeling that he was the father of the group, helping and assisting him and the other members.

After everything was explained, Ian thought about it and felt that he had nothing to worry about.

Although Doflamingo and Kaido are a potential threat, the moment Ace came to him, he had already announced that the Dragon Hunter Pirates and the Whitebeard Pirates had already announced their reconciliation. Um, well, no, to be precise, when Teach defected, Oyaji had reconciled with Ian… Now Ian and Ace are chasing Teach together, so there is no need to deliberately tell the world that the Whitebeard will secretly take care of the Dragon Hunter Pirates.

Kaido can’t afford to provoke the Whitebeard.

After careful calculation, Ian was also surprised to find that, in fact, he gradually established his own connections without knowing it.

How can we put this into words? Don’t be afraid of the endless enemies you have, as long as you have many reliable friends, then you don’t have to worry.

After the decision was made, Ian and Ace set off on the boat of Kuja pirates the next day, just as Boa Hancock planned to return to Amazon Lily, Ian and Ace had another trip together…

Having said that, Ian’s level of tagging along seems to be getting higher and higher…

Robin didn’t have any problem going with Ian to the sea. She actually wants to know more about Ian. The reason why she accepted her destiny so calmly, and joined the Dragon Hunters, except that she didn’t have the strength to resist Ian, it was also related to her knowing and noticing Ian for a long time. Of course, Robin’s understanding of Ian at that time came from the newspapers. She had first discovered Ian from the trouble he caused in Marijoa. in fact, psychologically, Robin is very receptive to Ian, because she saw a strong spirit of resistance from Ian, which happened to be what she lacked.

It’s just that Robin is a mature woman. But admiration is admiration. Even if she doesn’t fully understand Ian, she still has to raise her vigilance against him, especially when Ian came up with a rubbing of a Poneglyph.

Robin, Nana, Reiju, baby-5, Ian brought most of the women he knew this time, so it was not so awkward to take the boat of Boa Hancock.

But anyway, this is the first time that a man has boarded the Kuja pirate ship, so as soon as they got on the ship, Ian and Ace, as well as Matthew and Doroni, were noticed by the Kuja female soldiers. Although these female soldiers all knew Ian and the rest, it was the first time they had come into such close contact.

This made Ace and Ian look very uncomfortable, because these girls always wanted to reach out and touch them…

The Kuja Pirate Ship sailed out, and when Aokiji came to look for Ian angrily, he just came ashore and found a ship sailing on the horizon!

Aokiji was looking for Ian to ask him about the disappearance of Sabo and the ship of arms and weapons, but Ian didn’t give him the chance, he couldn’t catch up with Ian to ask. After the matter on Dressrosa was settled, he needed to return to the Marine headquarters to report everything to Sengoku.

In fact, it is not the Marines but the world government that is affected more by the disturbances made by Ian on Dressrosa. After all, Doflamingo, the Shichibukai, has a close connection with the world government, yet is different from the Marines.

Many vice Admirals, and even Admirals were not quite accustomed to Heavenly Yaksha, especially Sengoku, the Fleet Admiral, who has secretly scolded his deeds more than once.

Moreover, Sengoku’s dissatisfaction with Doflamingo came from his lost disciple, Donquixote Rosinante!

Yes, Doffy’s younger brother Rosinante, Rosinante was originally an undercover agent arranged by Sengoku, but after being found out, he was killed by his brother… Although Sengoku didn’t reveal this, he secretly hated Doflamingo the most. In the past, Sengoku couldn’t say anything because of the relationship between Doffy and the World Government and the Celestial Dragons, but this time Ian’s deeds finally exposed Doffy’s crimes, and made Sengoku heal a bit and be able to turn that page of his life…

Trading artificial devil fruits with the Four Emperors, precisely the Hundred Beasts Pirates, conspiracy to usurp the Dressrosa, or arms smuggling are all serious crimes.

Especially in the feedback from Ian, it seems that Vergo, the captain of the G5 branch is also a cadre of Donquixote pirates. So, when they discovered that Doffy sent him to the Marines as undercover spy, Sengoku knew that even the Celestial Dragon could not protect him this time.

Sengoku smiled very happily when he knew that Doffy’s Shichibukai position was to be stripped. For the first time, he felt that Ian was still a good guy!

Of course, there is still a need to find someone to replace such a position. Although it is very troublesome, Sengoku still feels in a good mood. For this reason, he also eats a few biscuits while drinking tea with Garp. Now, if Tsuru is still willing to hunt down Doffy, then he would give her all the manpower she needs and let her go!

There were a lot of disturbances, and Ian and the others went out to sea in a boat, far away in the East Blue, Zoro was in trouble.

He was arrested by Marines, and the person who caught him was a former acquaintance of Ian, Lieutenant Commander Morgan… Oh, no, he is now a Captain!

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