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S.C.S Chapter 406: Zoro’s path

Zoro has been out sailing the sea for a long time.

Originally, from the very beginning, Zoro wanted to go to the Grand Line. With Ian going ahead and being a good example, Zoro always believed that only by stepping on the Grand Line can he get real experience.

However, the Grand Line is not somewhere that you can go to easily. Zoro knows nothing about sailing and navigation. In addition, he has no sense of directions, so every time he plans to go to the Reverse Mountain, he will get lost in the end. It is so sad that he is still wandering around East Blue to this day…

After spending a long time in the same place, it is natural to consider the issue of surviving and eating. Zoro is a man who can’t make money the ordinary ways. So he chose the same job as Ian, a Pirate hunter.

As the younger brother in line with Ian and Kuina, Zoro’s swordsmanship is superb today, so he quickly made a name for himself in this industry and became a well-known pirate hunter in the East Blue.

The reason why it is said that he’s a little famous is because the most recognized pirate hunter in East Blue is still Ian!

Although he is not in the East Blue, there are legends about him everywhere in this area… There are many Pirate hunters in East Blue, but no one dares to compare himself with Ian.

Maybe at the beginning, Zoro didn’t feel anything about this, but as his Pirate hunter’s reputation improved, he gradually felt the pressure felt by Ian on him. Ian’s achievements in the East, were like a shadow, they have always been hanging over Zoro’s shrouds.

If Zoro revealed that he’s Ian’s little brother, then he might gain the admiration of all the pirate hunters in the East Blue in an instant, but Zoro is a self-respecting person, and he was unwilling to admit that he was worse than Ian.

So the reward for the pirates that he hunted is getting higher and higher. He is using this method to compete with Ian, even though Ian has no idea about what he’s doing…

A few days ago, Zoro just caught a pirate with a recent reputation called Dick the Mountain Whale. The bounty of this pirate was 10 million berries. In East Blue, he is considered a Great Pirate.

After catching the pirates, the next step is to collect the bounty. Originally, the largest marine base in the East Blue is the Loguetown base. With such a high bounty, it is suitable to go there, but Zoro was unwilling to go there to collect the reward.

Why? Because he knew that Kuina was working there, and she has been promoted to the position of Commander. Now, the most famous marines are first the White Hunter Smoker, and the other is Kuina!

Zoro can’t help but quarrel with her every time he sees Kuina, so even though Zoro was a pirate hunter in the East Blue, he was arrogant and disdain to go to Loguetown.

He is mainly afraid of meeting Kuina, because maybe he will quarrel with her again… and loses!

So after catching the mountain whale Dick, Zoro kept wandering around the sea, turned around and around, and as a result, he really found a marine base.

If we want to describe Zoro’s sense of direction, he will never get to the location he wants to! But if we leave him alone for a month or so, we may find him wandering in Laugh Tale…

So Ian once told him very seriously that if he got lost, there are two ways out, one is to stay in place and wait for others to come to him, and the other is, don’t think about where to go, just wander around unconsciously…

Now, Zoro has faithfully executed Ian’s former advice, so he found a place where he could collect the bounty!

However, when he happily took the mountain whale Dick to the island, he did not expect that this is the 153rd branch of the marines in the East Blue.

Zoro didn’t know the details of Ian’s voyage, so he naturally didn’t know the grudges between the head of the 153rd branch, Morgan, and Ian.

That’s right, it was because Ian caught Buggy here back in the days then he escaped, after that Morgan made a deal and got promoted.

According to common sense, Morgan should be very grateful to Ian, but unfortunately, Morgan’s way of thinking was unnormal!

Since being provoked by Ian, Morgan’s desire for power got bigger and bigger, and he was also lucky. He was actually entrusted with a heavy responsibility by the Marines, and became the person in charge of the 153rd branch.

And once people have power, they tend to expand. After Morgan occupied a high position, the people around him were so respectful to him, which made him more arrogant.

At the beginning, the Buggy pirates were captured by Ian, but when Morgan claimed to the residents of Shells Town, he said he had captured them himself.

Such lies were kept to himself only. This deception makes Morgan worry that if Ian comes back to the East Blue one day, he will expose him.

Ian almost forgot about him now, how could he come back to the East Blue just to expose him? But Morgan couldn’t rest assured. The more he thought about it, the more he felt about Ian’s approach. He also knew that Ian was now a Shichibukai, and he was just a small colonel. There is nothing Ian can do, but anyway, Ian, the pirate hunter, is like a thorn stuck in Morgan’s neck, and he is about to become his inner demon.

Gradually, Morgan changed, he not only made a fortune in the Shells town, but also began to hate the profession of a pirate hunter.

So, when Zoro came to take the reward of the mountain whale Dick, he was heading to a dark alley…

And just happened that Morgan’s son, Helmeppo, was given the right to do anything on the island. The spoiled kid relied on his identity to bully the residents of the town and guess who just landed on the island…

Of course, Zoro couldn’t stand this kind of deeds, so Morgan’s stupid son Helmeppo got his A$$ kicked immediately by Zoro.

When Helmeppo cried and went back to tell his old man, Morgan was agitated, and just at this time, Zoro brought the mountain whale Dick to receive his reward.

Not only was he a Pirate hunter like Ian, but he also beat up his own son, Morgan’s anger toward Zoro suddenly rose to the apex, so he immediately ordered the marine soldiers to arrest Zoro.

The Marines in the town have been extremely afraid of Morgan for years, so they did not dare to disobey Morgan’s orders, even if they knew that Zoro had not committed any crimes, they still surrounded him.

With Zoro’s temper, it was impossible to capture him without him resisting, so they started fighting…

But how could these marines stand a chance against Zoro!? Zoro is now a Pirate hunter with a lot of achievements, and under the resistance, he almost made a scene in the 153rd branch.

At this time, Morgan took action, but he did not directly attack Zoro, because if he did, he wouldn’t be able to win, but he had another way, which was to threaten the residents rescued by Zoro. He told Zoro that if he doesn’t surrender, these residents will be classified as accomplices and they will be arrested and treated as pirates.

And at the same time, Morgan assured Zoro that if he could be tied up at the marine base and survive for a month, he will be released by then.

It has to be said that this is the helplessness of good people. When bad people threaten them with other people’s lives by unscrupulous means, good people are often tortured by their own moral concepts, and then have to agree to the other party’s requirements.

Zoro, who grew up in Frostmoon Village, was kind-hearted because of his environment. In order to prevent innocent people from being involved with him, Zoro had to agree to Morgan’s request.

Then he was tied up.

It was early summer now, but the sun in Shells Town was very scorching, and Zoro was tied in the Navy’s training square, exposed to the scorching sun.

This insistence lasted for eight or nine days. Because of being tied up, Morgan’s stupid son, Helmeppo, often came with naval soldiers, and started beating him every once in a while as an act of revenge. Physical and mental exhaustion constantly eroded Zoro.

But he still persevered. This is the single-minded stubborn fool we all know, as long as he has persistence in his heart, he will have the motivation to support him.

Zoro still has a lot of things he wants to do that he hasn’t done yet, so he won’t surrender here. He firmly believes that he can survive.

However, just as the sun continued to shine over him, at the port of the town, a little boy with pink hair and round glasses was rowing a boat, with a teenager wearing a straw hat. Together, they boarded the island.

Luffy went out to sea, and he met Koby without any change, then Koby took him to Shells town.

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