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S.C.S Chapter 407: Partners

As a swordsman, Zoro naturally has his aggressive edge, even if he is tied up.

When Luffy and Koby were lying on the wall of the Marine Base and saw Zoro, the timid guy Koby was scared by Zoro.

When he sensed that someone appeared, Zoro looked over the wall and saw the two watching him.

He was tied for nine days, hungry and thirsty, so he opened his mouth and said to Luffy: “Hey, kid over there, can you help me untie the rope?”

Being tied for a long time, Zoro wanted to relieve himself. He promised Morgan to survive for a month, but he didn’t say anything about being tied up.

His words frightened Koby, and he tremblingly said: “He… he spoke!”

When Luffy heard Zoro’s words, he wanted to go to help Zoro and untangle his rope, but Koby felt that Zoro, who was caught by Marine, might be a murderer, and he wanted to stop Luffy.

As a result, at this time, a cute little girl appeared around, crossed the fence, and gave a rice ball to Zoro.

For Zoro’s arrest, the residents of the town were very angry about the capture of this fellow, because Zoro after all was protecting the town’s people, but their fear of Morgan, no one spoke a word.

But this child didn’t think much and went to help him. she thought that the person who beat Helmeppo must be a good person, so she wanted to give Zoro some food.

However, before Zoro could drive away the little girl who didn’t know the danger she put herself in, the guy Helmeppo appeared. He grabbed the rice ball in her hands. After taking a bite, he disliked its taste, threw it on the ground and crushed it, and then asked someone to throw the little girl out of the fence.

Luffy caught the little girl outside, and he, who witnessed the whole thing and heard the conversation between Helmeppo and Zoro, patted the pants, climbed over the wall, and came to Zoro.

“Huh? You haven’t left yet?” Zoro looked at Luffy in surprise.

“I am looking for a partner to go out to the sea and become Pirates!” Luffy said.

“Oh? Are you going to free me, then let me be your partner?” Zoro asked.

Luffy held down the straw hat on his head and said: “I don’t have any plans yet, but because I heard that you are a bad person!”

This so-called bad guy, of course, is the news from Morgan. He has the final say in the whole town, so even if he reverses things, no one dares to question him. This is what Luffy and Koby heard about Zoro after they got to the island.

“Hmph, even if you don’t help me untie the rope, I can survive on my own, as long as I hold on for a month, that bastard will let me go!” Zoro said.

Now Zoro was still naive. He thought that Morgan would really abide by the agreement, but he didn’t know that Morgan didn’t think about it at all. If Zoro really insisted, Morgan would take advantage of Zoro’s weakness and put him in prison.

Luffy was about to leave, but at this moment, Zoro stopped him.

“Wait, can you pick up the rice ball and feed it to me!” Zoro looked at the dusty rice ball that was stomped by Helmeppo.

Luffy took a look at the rice ball and said in surprise: “Ah? Are you going to eat this? It has turned into mud…”

“Stop chattering!” Zoro opened his mouth and said, “Bring it here!”

Luffy had no choice but to hand over the rice ball and put it in Zoro’s mouth. Zoro chewed a few times the rice ball full of mud and sand, raised his head, and actually swallowed it.

Bowing his head, Zoro said to Luffy, “Hey boy, can you deliver a message to the little girl? Just tell her that the rice ball was so delicious, thank you for your hospitality…”

“Hahaha!” Luffy couldn’t help but laugh.

The track of the story was a little different. Originally, Zoro was caught after killing Helmeppo’s dog, but now he was caught after encountering and beating Helmeppo who was bullying people. But even though there are slight differences, Luffy still met Zoro in the same place…

When Luffy left and found the little girl and conveyed what Zoro had said to her, he heard the complete story from the little girl.

Originally, he thought that Zoro, who was captured by the Marines, was a bad man, but now Luffy has changed his mind about him.

It was at this time that Luffy met Helmeppo again in the street, and he not only saw the residents of the town along the way bowing down to him in fear, but also heard from Helmeppo that his father had decided to execute Zoro three days later.

Luffy immediately realized that Zoro’s insistence was meaningless and that he did not intend to let him go.

As soon as he thought of Zoro eating the dirty rice ball, Luffy walked calmly and directly smashed Helmeppo’s face.

Koby was scared, he didn’t expect that Luffy would also attack Helmeppo.

“Luffy, are you crazy? Do you want to be an enemy of the marines?” Koby quickly hugged Luffy and dissuaded him.

“I decided, I want him to be my partner!” Luffy was very serious…

When Helmeppo yelled for help and was taken back by the Marine soldiers, Luffy returned to the square again and stood in front of Zoro.

Then he proposed to Zoro to be his partner.

Zoro refused at first, although there is Ian as an example in front of him, in Zoro’s concept, Pirates were the representative of bad guys, but when Luffy told him that Morgan didn’t intend to abide by the agreement and intended to execute him, Zoro yield…

The reason why he persisted was because he was afraid of involving the innocent residents of this town, but when he found that his persistence was not taken seriously by those guys, Zoro became furious.

“Can you bring me my swords?” Zoro said to Luffy.

“Are you good at using such weapons?” Luffy asked happily.

“Well… you can say that!” Zoro didn’t want to say much.

Luffy didn’t ask more questions, ran towards the Marine Base, and at this time, in the Base, Morgan was gathering his soldiers and erecting his statue.

As a result, Luffy stretched his hand directly and took a shortcut to go to the naval base. He directly smashed the statue that Morgan was proud of. In the gaping eyes of Morgan and the Marine soldiers, the guy said happily, “Oh! That was dangerous, I almost got hit!”

The next thing, needless to say, Luffy started to make a big fuss in the Marine Base, in the pursuit of a large number of soldiers, he went looking for Zoro’s swords.

And at this same time, Koby was in the square, desperately trying to untie the ropes.

Zoro wanted him to leave, but Koby has always been a coward, today he started being brave. He remembered what his friend Ian once told him…

He also wanted to do his best to help Zoro and Luffy, but at this moment, he was suddenly shot.

When it was discovered that someone wanted to rescue the prisoner Zoro, Morgan sent his marine soldiers, which quickly surrounded the two with guns.

While Zoro has not been untied at this time, Morgan has ordered the shooting!

When Zoro thought that he and Koby were to be killed, a figure suddenly rushed in front of them and blocked the bullets with his body.

Luffy came back with Zoro’s swords. Although his body was hit by many bullets, he was unharmed, and when he stretched his body, the bullets bounced back…

Zoro looked at Luffy in amazement and was surprised: “You, you turned out to be a Devil Fruit User!?”

“Ah! So you know about Devil Fruits too!” Luffy turned his head and grinned.

Zoro certainly knows what a Devil Fruit is, and he has seen it with his own eyes. When he thinks of Kuina eating her Devil Fruit, and starting to kick his a** every single day, Zoro was very upset and said: “Humph! All Devil Fruit are heretics! “

“I’ve brought your blades!” Luffy unfastened Zoro’s swords from his back while the marine soldiers were stunned, and said, “How come there are so many?”

Luffy brought a total of three blades. Perhaps Ian’s training with Zoro was effective. He held a big rock in his mouth and finally let Zoro develop a strong bite force. When Zoro went out to the sea, he still adopted the path of Santoryu ( Three Swords Style).

The only difference is that Zoro’s collection did not have the Wado Ichimonji, because this katana was taken away by Kuina.

Zoro’s current collection was just three ordinary blades.

When Luffy was untying the ropes for Zoro, Morgan finally reacted.

“Damn, that little kid is also a Devil Fruit User!?” Morgan was a little scared. He had seen Buggy’s abilities.

“Hurry up! Kill them!” Morgan hurriedly ordered: “The bullets are ineffective against him, cut him open with your swords!”

The marine soldiers pulled out their blades and yelled while rushing towards Luffy, but at this time, Luffy just freed Zoro’s hand.

At this moment, Koby finally woke up from when he got shot, he opened his eyes and saw several marine soldiers surrounding Luffy and Zoro, and slashing them down in unison.

When he thought that Luffy and Zoro were about to die, he found that Zoro had been liberated!

He held a katana in each of his hands and a sword in his mouth, and the three blades were slashing off the soldiers in unison.

“Amazing!” Luffy raised his arms excitedly.

“Stand in place obediently, or I will kill you all if you dare to move!” Zoro stared at the sailors with murderous eyes.

“O… Okay!” A group of marine soldiers is about to cry…

Holding the swords at the soldiers’ necks, Zoro said to Luffy, “I accepted your offer to go to sea with you as a pirate, but I have my own ambition. I have made a promise to myself and two others that I will surpass them all and become the world’s greatest swordsman. I will do it no matter what my reputation is. I will let the world know my name!”

“Oh!” Luffy nodded stupidly.

“You made me a pirate now, so if you prevent me from achieving my dream, you won’t be able to proceed!” Zoro roared at Luffy: “Can we agree on this!?”

“The Greatest Swordsman in the World?” Luffy smiled. “This is great, I’m the man who’s going to be the pirate king, and you are the pirate king’s partner… this must be so excellent!”

“Hum, that sounds good…” Zoro smiled slightly and hummed.

When the shackles were completely gone, Zoro and Luffy became angry, and the two joined forces to beat the marine soldiers, even when Morgan joined the battle, he was pressed to the ground by Luffy.

Helmeppo held a gun to Koby’s head and threatened Luffy and Zoro to kill him if they didn’t surrender. However, at this time, Koby was not willing to become Luffy’s burden, and asked Luffy to abandon him.

Luffy listened to Koby’s wishes and shot directly. He and Zoro had a wonderful cooperation. Luffy used a gomu gomu no pistol to punch Helmeppo’s face, and Zoro also guarded Luffy’s back and went to attack Morgan…

“Good job, Zoro!” Luffy said without turning his head.

“It’s a piece of cake, Captain!” Zoro replied, biting the handle of his sword…

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