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S.C.S Chapter 408: brother’s shadow

On the surface of East Blue, a small boat was advancing under the blowing wind of the sea breeze.

Luffy and Zoro were sitting in the boat, chatting.

After they knocked down Morgan, they left the island, and Koby stayed in the town of Shells as a marine, as in the original story. As for Luffy and Zoro, because they had beaten Morgan, they officially became pirates.

“Zoro!” Luffy was half lying in the boat, pressing his straw hat, and he asked Zoro: “I didn’t expect Koby would want to be a marine. He said that someone had encouraged him before. What is that person’s name? …”

“It’s Ian!” Zoro’s face was a little ugly, so he replied angrily.

He didn’t think that the pink-haired boy that Luffy brought, had already met his big Brother Ian, and he had participated in the whole process of Ian catching Buggy Pirates. If Koby had not talked about it during their chat, Zoro would not have known about it.

This made Zoro very unhappy, because he always feels that in the East Blue, he could hear Ian’s name wherever he went. Although he is his Brother, he always feels that the rays of light were all on him.

“Haha!” Luffy laughed heartlessly and said: “Zoro, your face is so ugly! You seem to know this person called Ian?”

“Of course!” Zoro nodded and said: “He is my big Brother!”

“Big Brother?” Luffy sat up with his body, putting his hands on his ankles, and said in surprise: “Is he really your big brother?”

“Well, yes!” Zoro said: “It’s true that I call him big brother, but we are not related by blood!”

“That’s great!” Luffy laughed and said: “I also have a big brother. He also went to sea as a pirate, but he went earlier than me!”

Hearing that Luffy actually had an older brother, Zoro suddenly felt a little angry and said, “Your brother is he also a Pirate!?… But I am sure that your brother is definitely not as powerful as mine!”

“Stop your nonsense, Ace is amazing, he is very powerful!” Luffy said angrily: “He must have become a very powerful Pirate by now.”

As a result, Zoro was very disdainful: “How powerful? Can he reach the Shichibukai level? Ian is now a member of the Shichibukai!”

Perhaps it was because they both had older brothers, and out of the psychology of comparison, Zoro revealed Ian’s identity to Luffy. Although he didn’t want to admit it, the achievements of Ian, still made Zoro envious and proud. No matter what, the whole world probably already knows Ian’s name.

However, it is a pity that he was blinded by his desire to show off.

“What is a Shichibukai? Is it delicious?” Luffy asked sillily.

“You…!” Zoro gritted his teeth in anger, thinking that he had boarded the wrong boat, the guy didn’t even know what a Shichibukai was. Is this idiot pirate really his captain!?

In order to let Luffy intuitively understand how powerful his Brother Ian is, Zoro had to waste his saliva and spell Shichibukai’s knowledge for Luffy.

When the explanation was over, Luffy came up with a serious sentence: “Even so, your brother is definitely not as powerful as Ace! Because I have never beaten Ace in a fight!”

When Zoro heard this, he could only cover his face. He found that in Luffy’s philosophy, what he couldn’t win was the most powerful…

When the two of them were struggling with the question of who is more powerful, Ian and Ace, they never thought that their two brothers were leaving for a mission together.

It can only be said that fate is really wonderful.

When the two were still arguing, they suddenly heard a loud noise from a distance.

“What is that?” Luffy stood up and looked in the direction of the sound.

As a result, he saw a strange-looking large ship in the distance, chasing a small ship ahead… not only chasing it, but also constantly firing and trying to sink the boat.

The boat kept changing its direction on the sea to avoid the attack of artillery shells.

“What’s the matter with this?” Luffy and Zoro both look at this scene.

However, before they understood what was going on, they saw that the boat suddenly changed direction, and quickly moved towards them.

The big ship that fired in the back also chased.

“No No No…not good!” Zoro immediately understood the intent of the small boat and hurriedly asked Luffy to turn the sails, trying to get out of here, not to be caught in the middle of it.

Unfortunately, they were really unlucky. The big ship chasing behind fired a shell at this time, but instead of hitting the boat, it flew through the sails of Luffy’s boat.

With a click, the sail started cracking, and began tilting down.

“Oh, how unlucky!” Luffy looked down at his own boat: “The boat is broken, how can we sail now?”

“Shut up! Are you still worried about the boat?” Zoro couldn’t help but screamed: “We are going to be sunk!”

Just as Zoro took the oars and wanted to row away, the chased boat passed by the boat of the two. At this moment, the two saw a big eyes girl with orange hair, then suddenly a box was thrown over and was dropped near Luffy and Zoro.

“Goodbye!” The orange-haired girl stuck out her tongue at Zoro and Luffy, and continued rowing quickly.

“Why did she throw her things over?” Luffy looked at the box with a puzzled look.

“Idiot! We are being framed!” Zoro’s forehead was full of blue veins. Luffy was still puzzled.

But before the two could escape, they found themselves caught up by the ship.

How could a small boat without sails be able to escape, so after the big ship approached, Zoro discovered that it was actually a pirate ship.

“Captain Buggy, we’ve got them!” they heard a voice from the ship, and then, with a thud, a number of pirates jumped off the pirate ship, with knives in their mouths, towards Zoro and Luffy.

“Damn it, it turned out to be Buggy’s pirates?” As soon as Zoro heard this, he immediately remembered the name of this pirate group.

Buggy, with the big red nose, appeared in the bow and snarled against Zoro and Luffy below: “You bastards, give me back my box!”

Zoro and Luffy were innocent, so they didn’t resist and let the pirates take the box away.

However, what they didn’t expect was that the box was empty, not only Luffy and Zoro, but even Buggy was deceived.

Buggy just used the telescope to see the box, and thought that it was back this time. As a result, when the box was empty, he immediately jumped into a rage.

“Catch them!” Buggy pointed to Zoro and Luffy.

“Hey, red-nosed guy!” Luffy was very upset: “We don’t know that woman at all, why should we be caught?”

“Shut up!” Buggy heard Luffy call him the red-nosed guy, which was even more upsetting: “What did you call the great Captain Buggy!!!”

Zoro looked at the members of the Buggy Pirates around him, without saying a word, he drew his swords at his waist.

The Buggy Pirates jumped into the boat with a grim smile and attacked the two, but they were cut like vegetables by Zoro and knocked into the sea.

Finding that his subordinates were not the opponents of Zoro and Luffy at all. Buggy was filled with rage, he waved his hand and ordered his men to move the cannon. Then, on the side of the ship, the muzzle was turned down and aimed at the two people’s boats.

“Be careful!” Zoro didn’t realize the situation above until he heard the sound of the cannon. As a result, he only had time to pull Luffy to the side, and the next second, the two’s boat was blasted to pieces.

Luffy was Devil Fruit User. When he fell into the water, he suddenly becomes powerless, but fortunately, Zoro can swim, so he dragged him to the surface of the sea.

Looking at Luffy’s powerless appearance, Zoro murmured, “This is really troublesome!” But he had to climb Buggy’s boat.

After coming to the boat’s surface, the two were naturally surrounded, but Luffy hadn’t recovered from his powerless state. It was Zoro only facing the Buggy pirates.

“Damn, you thieves dare to steal my Captain Buggy’s maps!” Buggy looked at Zoro and gritted his teeth. “That girl is with you guys, right? When I catch her, I will make her my slave!”

“If you can take me down, then you can do whatever you want!” Zoro pulled out a sword at his waist and bit it in his mouth, pointing the two other swords at Buggy. “You are the clown Buggy, right? Exactly who I was looking for, it took me ages searching for you, and now you take the initiative to come to my door, which will save me from getting lost and running around!”

Buggy didn’t know who Zoro was, but after Cabaji whispered a few words in Buggy’s ear, Buggy immediately understood.

“Well, you turned out to be a Pirate hunter!” Buggy said bitterly: “And you are a swordsman. What I hate most is pirate hunters with swords! Roronoa Zoro, you are really unlucky to meet Captain Buggy here. Let me personally deal with you!”

If he can’t beat Ian, he had no choice but to turn his anger on other pirate hunters with swords. Unfortunately, Zoro’s career and attack style just aroused Buggy’s bad memories.

Although Zoro was full of confidence and wanted to compete with Buggy, it is a pity that Buggy’s Devil Fruit ability is a hard counter for a swordsman like him.

Buggy, who is not afraid of any Slashes, made Zoro’s proud swordsmanship look useless… After soaking in the sea, Luffy was in a weak state and couldn’t help.

In the end, Zoro was back-stabbed by Bucky’s tricky ability, and finally got captured again. This time it was with Luffy, Buggy tied them both…

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