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S.C.S Chapter 410: A different Loguetown

Time passed quietly, about 20 days later, in the East Blue, in Loguetown Marine Base.

The head of the base, Smoker, was holding a newspaper in a daze, and even forgot to shake off the cigar ash in his mouth.

There was a huge headline in the newspaper, which said: “Donquixote Doflamingo was deprived of his Shichibukai title!”

And below the title, there are two huge photos, one was Doflamingo looking very evil with his sunglasses, this photo was actually from his old wanted poster, and below, a long number of his newly issued bounty.

The Dressrosa incident, after investigating for many days, finally came to a conclusion. Although they didn’t want to admit it, at the time, there were four Shichibukai and an Admiral on the island, witnessing the crimes of Doflamingo, plus with so many intelligence personnel and World Government officials reporting back, the World Government finally made a decision to deprive Doffy of his Shichibukai title and made him wanted again, he directly received a bounty of 700 million Berries.

Compared to Doflamingo’s old bounty, the 340 million Berries, before he became a Shichibukai, this time his bounty directly doubled!

Smoker has met Doflamingo before. When he was still in the Marine Headquarters, before getting transferred to the East Blue, he had seen this man more than once… At first, Smoker felt that this man was very very dangerous! Every time he saw him, he felt uncomfortable, and he kept thinking if it was a wise decision to have such an evil guy become Shichibukai.

But that was the joint decision of the Marine Headquarters and the World Government. It wasn’t something that a small colonel like Smoker could change. Now, the crimes of Doflamingo were finally exposed, which made Smoker feel relieved, but when he saw the photo below, he froze…

Smoker was also very familiar with the guy this the second photo, a young man wearing a bear cap with ponytail hair, a sleeveless windbreaker with a bare chest, and a symbolic bell at the edge of the bandage wrapping his right arm, Ian, the shameless madman, in Smoker’ eyes!

It’s just that he doesn’t know who took this specific photo. It was taken when Ian used the Bankai of the Senbonzakura on Dressrosa and fought the Drought Jack. Therefore, what got stuck in the people’s minds was his posture with the spread wings.

So, when he saw this picture, Smoker was dumbfounded. The contents of the newspaper clearly recorded the battle between the two sides at the time. It also specifically mentioned that Ian had cut the island of Dressrosa into two with a single blow.

“Holy…!!” Smoker dipped his cigar in a complicated mood: “He’s getting stronger and stronger, that little brat, is it really a good decision for me to stay in this little peaceful area?”

In fact, the acquaintance with Ian has not been long. Smoker’s memory of Ian was mostly the same as when he was a swordsmanship instructor, at that time, Smoker was capable of defeating Ian, but now…!? I most certainly don’t think he could even scratch his skin…

There is no doubt that Ian’s current achievements have already spurred Smoker. Although he was sent to the East Blue because he was a bearer problem, Smoker had too many questions when he first came, but now, he started understanding how things work. Therefore, he started thinking about going out to the world and stop wasting his time in this Blue?

Smoker is older than Ian, so it’s hard to accept that he can be overtaken by a younger brat.

By then the Den Den Mushi on the table rang, and Smoker picked up the call, but he didn’t say a word.

The person on the opposite side seemed to be used to this, and said directly: “Smoker, you probably have seen the newspaper now? Do you have any thoughts?”

“Hina, don’t tease me!” Smoker puffed out and said, “You also know the brat very well, what can we do now!?”

Hina laughed after hearing this, and said. “Hina has no idea, but it’s up to you… if you want, you can talk to Admiral Kuzan, maybe he can help you return to the Marine Headquarters, you have wasted enough time in the East Blue.”

“I will be back when I get the chance!” Smoker said: “Is there anything else?”

Hina said resolutely: “There is indeed, Admiral Kuzan came over with news saying that Ian has suddenly left, and it seems that he was with Fire Fist Ace, he suspects that they want to hunt down the Blackbeard… Ian is always involved in things that are often difficult to control its aftermath, so Admiral Kuzan asked me to tell you that if you encounter the Blackbeard in East Blue, you should find a way to arrest him and bring him to justice. Otherwise, Ian would for sure make a huge fuss out of it as usual.”

“I see!” Smoker said: “If Teach appears in the East Blue, I will deal with him.”

In fact, at this moment, it is not only Smoker who got the news. In the other three oceans, and in the first half of the Grand Line, almost all the marines got similar notices, telling them that if they found the whereabouts of the Blackbeard, they should act immediately and arrest his group directly. He can’t let the Black Dragon Ian do whatever he wants all the time!

Today’s Blackbeard has caught the attention of the Marines, but not everyone knows the true danger of Teach, although he defected from the Whitebeard Pirates, but before that, he was an unknown pirate without any bounty or background, So many marine forces thought that Teach was not a real threat, so this order was given to prevent things from growing up…

Maybe it will not be known how terrible this man is until they get the chance to fight him.

When Smoker put down the speaker, he then heard a knock on the door.

“Come in!” Smoker started to talk.

A marine soldier came in breathlessly, immediately stood up and reported: “Colonel Smoker, there are pirates making trouble on the execution platform square!”

“Oh? What Pirate group?” Smoker asked.

“I don’t know, it’s a brat wearing a Straw Hat!!” the soldier said: “He climbed onto the scaffold…”

“Damn these folks, make him get down!” Smoker said: “But wait… Can anyone go up that scaffold? It hasn’t been long since it was repaired. what if it collapses again?”

“But…but…” the soldier stuttered: “But Buggy pirates also appeared, and it looks like they want to catch the kid with the Straw Hat…”

As soon as Smoker heard the name of Buggy, he immediately took it seriously, grabbed his coat and weapon, and ordered the soldier: “Immediately inform Major Kuina and Tashigi, I’m going to have a look myself!”

Due to her previous achievements in catching Arlong pirates, Kuina has now risen to Major, but Tashigi was still Sergeant, there is nothing she could do about this, the gap between the two is unmeasurable …

At the time when the Loguetown marines were assembling, on the other side of the world, on the Baltigo island, Sabo, Koala and Fishman Hack, just returned to the base.

Sabo returned with a large number of weapons. Naturally, he had to report to Dragon, the leader of the revolutionary army, as soon as possible. However, Dragon was out of reach and he got told that the leader had been out for a long time.

“Really, where did Sir Dragon go?” Sabo was somewhat confused: “He used to always go out with people. Why did he leave alone?”


Loguetown, Kuina and Tashigi, soon came to meet with Smoker.

And at the same time, the marines there also got some basic information about Pirates on both sides of the square.

“According to the intelligence, it is the Buggy pirates and the Straw Hat pirate!” Smoker said to the two people: “We all have heard about this clown Buggy, but the Straw Hat pirates seem to be a rookie group that has appeared recently. The Captain is named Luffy, and he’s with the Pirate hunter Roronoa Zoro…”

Although Smoker continued to talk, Kuina couldn’t keep up with what he was saying after she heard the name of her younger brother…

“Zoro!? How did he appear here? Plus… since when did he become a pirate!?”

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