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S.C.S Chapter 411: Zoro’s trust

During her stay in Loguetown, Kuina heard about the rise of the Pirate hunter Zoro.

Although Zoro refrained from coming to Loguetown to find her, because of his self-esteem. Well, of course, it’s also possible that he wanted to, but couldn’t because of his disability, no sense of direction… In another word, Kuina was very happy about his achievements although she hasn’t seen him.

Kuina has been paying attention to Zoro’s news, and she knew that he entered the Pirate hunter’s business as soon as he left the island, thanks to the guidance of Johnny and Yosaku. Kuina didn’t feel anything wrong about her young brother taking Ian’s original path, because in their hearts, Ian is their role model.

However, Kuina never thought that Zoro would not only start as a pirate hunter like Ian, but quickly divert to a pirate in a similar way! The only difference is that Zoro became a pirate much earlier than Ian.

After all, Ian became a pirate after entering the Grand Line, but at that time, Ian had enough power to protect himself in the face of a powerful marine!

And what does Zoro have now?

In particular, he does not seem to have established a pirate group himself, but joined someone else’s group, which was unpredictable…

For some reason, Kuina felt very angry, she thought that Zoro was too impulsive.

So, after receiving the order from Smoker, Kuina carried on without saying a word.

She wanted to see what kind of a captain he was with. Who could make her brother abandon his identity as a pirate hunter and go to the sea with him as a pirate!

She doesn’t want to interfere with Zoro’s choices and path, but if Zoro takes a very bad decision, then as the older sister, it is necessary for her to correct things…

It has to be said that the three siblings are very concerned about each other. Now Kuina’s thoughts on Zoro were the same as Ian’s on Kuina.

When setting out, Tashigi wore her glasses and looked up at the sky: “It’s very hot, maybe there is a storm coming!”

“Don’t talk nonsense, keep up!” Smoker said without looking back.

The three of them quickly brought the marine soldiers to the execution platform. Because there were too many onlookers on the scene, the soldiers had to surround the place first. The three leaders of the marines went upstairs to get a better view.

As a result, the first thing they saw was the Pirate Buggy pressing Luffy on the scaffold and announcing that he would be executed at the moment.

“It turns out that it’s dogs biting each other!” Smoker puffed out coldly and snorted.

“Do… do we need to strike now?” A marine soldier asked Smoker.

“Hey fool, why the hurry?” Smoker crossed his arms and said: “This is called a pirate rivalry, so it’s a win-win for us, we only need to take down the winning group! Listen, once the head of that brat falls, we will act immediately and catch Buggy and his accomplices. This guy came to the Execution Platform last time and made a lot of trouble, but he escaped, so we must catch him now!”

“Yes, sir!” the soldiers quickly stood to attention and saluted.

Kuina didn’t say anything next to him, but she was staring at Luffy. she understood that the guy named the Straw Hat Brat was the captain of Zoro.

Really, why is that green algae head fool so blind? Where did you find a guy who is equally stupid as you to be your captain? And it looks like he’s going to die soon…

Well, if the straw hat boy died, Zoro probably wouldn’t stay a pirate.

On the execution platform, Buggy didn’t realize that it had been surrounded by the Marines. He stepped on Luffy’s head and said: “What else do you want to say? The Great Pirate Buggy is so merciful, that he decided to give you a chance to leave the last word!”

Luffy grinned for a long time and suddenly shouted loudly at everyone in the square: “I am… the man who is going to be the Pirate King!!!”

However, his words did not shock people there, but rather felt somewhat funny.

As the resident of Loguetown, people there know very well that Roger, the pirate king, was executed on this execution platform years ago, and the Straw Hat brat did not know how vast the world was, shouted this sentence here without sensing that he’s about to be killed in the same place. What an irony!

Buggy also thought it was funny, but he didn’t think too much. He raised the sword in his hand and was about to chop it at Luffy’s head.

At this time, Zoro arrived and seeing that Luffy was about to be killed, he quickly shouted: “Drop your sword now!!”

Zoro’s appearance surprised Kuina, looking down through the window, only to see Zoro and a blond man in a black suit, desperately rushing towards the execution platform, trying to save Luffy.

“That fool!” Kuina couldn’t help but clench her fist. She knew that when Zoro said this and approached the scene, the marine soldiers classified him as a member of the pirate group. When the Straw Hat brat dies, Smoker would definitely order to arrest him too.

It was too late, Zoro and Sanji were entangled by Buggy’s crew, and they could not rush to the execution platform. Luffy also noticed this too well, so he couldn’t help grinning and said to Zoro and Sanji: “Sorry, I am going to die!”

Not to mention that Smoker was shocked when he saw this scene, and even the people of Loguetown were dumbfounded.

Like the dead Pirate King Roger, Luffy laughed when he was about to die…

Boom! When everyone thought that the Straw Hat brat was to be killed by Buggy, a sudden lightning flashed in the sky, and a huge ray of light crossed the people’s field of vision and fell down at the execution platform.

Buggy’s blade turned into a lightning rod at the moment… which made him get struck by lightning!

The execution desk was also struck, and collapsed in flames.

Buggy was paralyzed by the lightning strike and blackened immediately, but Luffy was fine, because he’s made of rubber, so in the eyes of countless people, a Straw Hat fell, and then Luffy picked it up unscathed.

Luffy was miraculously saved in full view of the public, while the sky was raining heavily at the same time.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Zoro and Sanji fled with Luffy.

“Hey, Major Kuina!” Smoker bit his cigar and asked Kuina without turning his head. “Have you ever seen a Pirate smiling on the execution stand?”

Kuina was also very shocked, so she could not help shaking her head when she heard his words.

“Like the Pirate King Roger, who was executed 22 years ago, the Straw Hat Brat laughed too!” Smoker only felt cold sweat. He did not know why but he saw Roger’s shadow faintly beside the boy at that moment.

Catch him! Be sure to arrest this brat! Smoker’s heart kept telling him this.

“Kuina, Tashigi! You two go ahead and chase the Straw Hat Pirates!” Smoker said: “I’ll catch the Buggy Pirates as soon as I clean things up!”

“Yes, Colonel!” Kuina and Tashigi saluted and rushed out with their swords.

The Marines moved at this moment, while Buggy and Alvida set off to pursue Luffy. At this time, Smoker arrived, and his arms turned into smoke, which directly tied Buggy and the others…

Sadly, the Buggy Pirates were tied by the marines quickly with ropes, and were completely captured.

“Prepare my motorcycle! And which way did the Straw hat take?” Smoker asked.

After learning that the Straw Hat pirates were heading to the west port, Smoker set off on his motorcycle.

And at this same time, Tashigi was one step ahead, took a shortcut, and blocked Zoro’s direction.

Sanji had seen Kuina in the Baratie restaurant before, and he was shocked when he saw Tashigi’s appearance because she was a splitting image of Kuina.

“Well, that woman is very powerful, be careful!” Sanji shouted as he ran.

However, Zoro didn’t think so, because he has meet Tashigi when he bought a sword in the town. At the beginning, he thought that Tashigi was Kuina, but later found out that it was not the lady he was thinking of.

So when Tashigi appeared, Zoro rushed up and slashed, letting Luffy and the others go ahead.

However, at this time, Kuina also appeared. Luffy and the others were just about to rush over, but she smashed the road, cutting a ravine out of the ground and blocking their way.


Kuina shouted at Zoro from a distance.

Zoro was fighting with Tashigi at this time. As soon as he saw another identical person, he was stunned.

“ku… Kuina!?”

“Wow! They look alike!” Luffy looked Back-and-forth at Tashigi and Kuina and asked Zoro: “Do you know them?”

“Shut up!” Kuina pointed at Luffy and then asked Zoro seriously. “Zoro, are you going to follow this idiot as a captain?”

Luffy stupidly asked Sanji: “Who is she talking about?”

Sanji couldn’t help covering his face and murmuring: she’s talking about you!

Zoro swayed his sword and slashed Tashigi vigorously. Then said: “Why do you care who I go to sea with!?”

“Following this fool will kill you!” Kuina shouted.

It’s too common that these two people will quarrel when they meet, but this time it was even worse. Hearing Kuina’s words, Zoro couldn’t help but burst out. He pointed to Kuina with his blade: “Why do you also treat me like a child? It doesn’t matter if he goes out to sea ahead of me, then you go out to sea ahead of me too, you both choose on your own path, now it’s my turn, you guys are trying to hinder me again?”

Zoro was actually a little bit resentful, whether it was Ian or Kuina, with such two outstanding siblings, Zoro was under a lot of pressure…

From this sentence, Kuina heard Zoro’s innocence, in fact, she only cared about Zoro’s well-being, not wanting to hinder him from fulfilling his goals, so Kuina could not help but be silent.

However, Luffy, the idiot, unexpectedly came out to attract fire. He frowned discontentedly and held the straw hat and spoke. “Hey, would you please get out of the way? We are going to pass!”

Kuina suddenly turned her head and stared at Luffy, then turned her right wrist and immediately slashed at Luffy’s head!

“Let me weigh you to see if you have the strength worthy of Zoro’s trust!” Kuina thought so.

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