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S.C.S Chapter 412: Kuina and Dragon

Kuina suddenly drew her sword and slashed, startling Luffy, which made quickly dodged sideways.

However, Kuina’s blade suddenly swung horizontally and hit Luffy’s face with the handle!

Kuina’s current strength is far greater than they could handle, so this blow directly deformed Luffy’s face, and his whole body was thrown out uncontrollably.

With a bang, Luffy smashed directly into the wall of the building next to him, leaving a big hole in the wall.

“Luffy!?” Sanji was worried, but he was a gentleman who was unable to hit any woman, so he did not engage in the fight with Kuina, but he quickly went to check out Luffy.

As a result, he was stopped by Kuina, who asked him: “Aren’t you the cook at Baratie Restaurant? Why did you become a Pirate?”

Sanji had a hard time saying a word, because he was actually kicked out by Zeff, who didn’t want him to stay in the restaurant for the rest of his life, so when Luffy and Zoro appeared, Zeff sent Sanji with them, but the difference is that this time there is no Krieg pirates and no Hawkeye, so Sanji was more reluctant when he boarded Luffy’s ship.

Of course, the only reason why he didn’t flee was the gorgeous lady, Nami, then Sanji quickly got used to all the members…

In the rain, it was troublesome to light a cigarette. Sanji took a lighter and clicked a few times, but failed repeatedly. He had to smile bitterly and said: “My Beautiful Marine lady, why are you here?”

“I am a Major in Loguetown Marine base, so of course it will be here!” Kuina coldly snorted.

At this time, there was a sound of clattering, Luffy came out of the hole, moved his arms and body, but although he looked terrified, no harm was left on him.

“You… how come you weren’t injured?” Kuina was amazed.

“Ah! I am the rubber man, so you can’t hurt me!” Luffy said imposingly with his hands on his hips.

Indeed, in the absence of Haki attachment, Luffy wasn’t hurt much, because Kuina just used a casual blow.

“Rubber Man? You are a Devil Fruit User?” Kuina suddenly understood, so she bent down slightly, held her sword “Wado Ichimonji” and said: “Since I can’t capture you alive, I’ll just kill you!”

With a leap, the stone slab on the ground was suddenly crushed by Kuina’s foot, she rushed to Luffy at a very high speed, and cut across his waist.

Luffy flinched back, but Kuina’s sword swing was too fast, so Luffy couldn’t dodge it completely. The sharp blade cut through his clothes, leaving a cut on his abdomen.

“Aw! Aw! Aw! It hurts!” Luffy was injured and angry. So he punched a Gomu Gomu no Pistol toward Kuina.

Kuina evaded Luffy’s flying fist from the side, looked at his extended arm, and raised her blade to cut it down.

If this blow fall down, Luffy would lose an arm for sure, but at this time, the two crossed blades suddenly protruded from the side, and stopped Kuina’s falling blade.

It was Zoro. When he saw Luffy getting injured, he knew that this won’t end well, so he immediately acted and went to help.

With a clang, all the swords collided and issued a spark, but Zoro was half kneeled to the ground under the pressure of the huge force.

Zoro’s arms showed blue veins, and sweat appeared on his forehead, but it was mixed with the rain. He tried his best to resist Kuina, and said to Sanji: “Hey fool, take Luffy and leave fast!”

Now facing Kuina and Tashigi, both of whom were lovely ladies, Sanji can’t do anything to contribute to the fight, so his role now was only to save Luffy, so he grabbed Luffy and dragged him away from the scene. The soldiers who came with Kuina couldn’t shoot because the gunpowder was soaked by the rain, so they could only charge up with swords, trying to stop the two, but Sanji kicked them away one by one.

“Zoro, what the hell are you thinking?” Kuina Kept on pressuring Zoro, and couldn’t help but whisper to him: “Although that idiot is a devil fruit user, is he worth your allegiance?”

“Yeah, I have always been a fool in your eyes!” Zoro grinned at Kuina: “So, isn’t it just right to find an idiot as a captain?”

“Have you thought it through?” Kuina asked, staring into his eyes.

“Yes, we are going to the Grand Line, and I’m still going to be the world’s greatest swordsman!” Zoro said to Kuina: “I will never give up until I finish my goal! If you intend to stop me from achieving my dream, I will knock you down even if you are my sister!”

After that said, Zoro burst out and broke free with a huge force, stood up from the pressure of Kuina, and then his two interlaced blades slammed open, directly pushing Kuina’s blade away!

At this moment, Zoro unexpectedly exploded with a strength similar to that of hers, which surprised her a lot.

She didn’t know what kind of belief would make Zoro suddenly have such potential, so at this moment, she hesitated a little, wondering if she should take him down or not.

At this moment, a burst of motorcycle sounded, Kuina turned and looked, but found that when Luffy and Sanji were about to break out of the soldiers’ encirclement, Smoker finally caught up with them and stopped them.

Luffy and Sanji launched an attack on Smoker together, but… the Straw Hat pirates, whether whom we are counting, are still Rookies, so facing a Logia fruit user such as Smoker was like a dead end. Therefore, when launching a punch and a kick, all they hit was a cloud of smoke,

Turning into smoke, Smoker directly encloses the two, then appeared behind Luffy, and with the jitte made of Kairoseki (Seastone) in his hand, he directly pressed Luffy to the ground, making him lose all his power.

Just when Smoker was about to arrest Luffy, a figure in a raincoat suddenly appeared behind Smoker.

Dragon at this moment decided to appear. In fact, when Sabo and Koala followed Ian in Alabasta, Dragon had already left the Revolutionary Army headquarters, and came secretly to the East Blue.

As a father, Dragon has always missed his son Luffy. He once heard from his grandfather Garp that Luffy seems to have made an agreement with Ace to go to sea when they become 17 years old, and the reason why he came to the East Blue was that he thought Luffy would soon turn 17 years old.

This is why Sabo did not meet Dragon after returning to Baltigo.

When he reached the East Blue, Luffy had already gone out, and he also found some partners who were adventuring with him, so Dragon didn’t intend to show up, but just followed him silently for a while.

Now seeing that Luffy and his friends were not the opponents of the Loguetown Marines, and they were about to be caught by Smoker, so Dragon finally made a move.

Turning his head and seeing the tattooed face under the hood, Smoker immediately recognized Dragon.

Smoker was transferred to the East Blue from the Marine Headquarters, so when he was there, he saw too many posters and wanted posters of this guy. He was so surprised to see Dragon appear here. He couldn’t help but say: “You’re…!? The Government has always wanted your head!”

“Who is that?” Kuina and Zoro both saw the figure of Dragon at this time, but from their angle, they weren’t able to see his face. They just felt that when they saw this figure, a sense of trembling rushed, and their intuition told them that this person is very dangerous.

Seeing that Smoker was talking to a mysterious man, and Kuina was also attracted, Zoro went on and run away!

He was smart enough to know that it was useless to tangle with Kuina here. Nami said that a huge storm might be coming. If they do not sail at this time, they will be trapped in Loguetown. However, if they could sail now, the marines would not dare to chase them in this weather, and their hope of escape would be much greater.

Seeing Zoro escape, Kuina subconsciously wanted to catch up, but at this moment, Dragon, who was standing behind Smoker, suddenly raised his hand, and a violent hurricane erupted immediately!

The hurricane’s strength was so overwhelming that even the standing people were blown up, and even Kuina was caught by the powerful turbine that she was blown away.

The hurricane was ravaging the town, and Kuina kept rolling in the air, she was about to be blown into a sharp building corner. Suddenly at this time, a dark shadow was behind her, blocking her.

Kuina felt that she had been hugged, and couldn’t help but turn around and found that it was the man wearing the cloak.

It is Dragon! He actually saved Kuina.

“You…who are you!?” Kuina looked at Dragon and asked with vigilance.

As a result, Dragon whispered to Kuina: “You are Ian’s younger sister, right? Is Mr. Koshiro doing fine?”

Just two sentences directly dispelled Kuina’s vigilance towards Dragon, and she immediately realized that this mysterious person was likely to be one of Ian’s friend or ally, and that he might even know her father.

Looking down, she found that all the marine soldiers, along with Smoker and Tashigi, were blown by the hurricane like leaves, so no one noticed this scene, therefore Kuina couldn’t help but said: “You… are you from the Revolutionary Army?”

Koshiro vaguely guessed Ian’s true identity, and he also vaguely mentioned this to Kuina just when she was about to leave out to the sea. This was why she wanted to join the marines in the first place so that she can help Ian in the future…

But now, Dragon seemed so mysterious and powerful, which naturally let Kuina think about them.

Dragon smiled, but didn’t say anything, just put down Kuina, turned around and left.

Kuina looked back and found Smoker and the others just gotten up from the ground.

The appearance of Dragon saved Zoro and Luffy from them, which made it easy for Kuina to help her brother.

After she got close to Smoker silently, she heard him say that he wanted to pursue the Straw Hat Pirates and enter the Grand Line, she stayed silent and didn’t say a word.

She knows that Zoro was determined to be a pirate with that straw hat boy. Since it is his choice, Kuina can’t stop him. However, Smoker decided to bring them into the Grand Line, and follow these pirates.

She has also been trying to figure out what exactly Ian has experienced in his journey on the Grand Line…

Smoker made the decision, and the Loguetown Marines immediately prepared themselves. After the weather got calmer, Kuina finally stepped into the Grand Line with Smoker.

However, when she went there, something happened that Ian could not have imagined happened

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