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S.C.S Chapter 413: Marks

When Kuina followed Smoker into the Grand Line, Ian and Ace, as well as Robin, were tagging along with the Kuja pirate ship, they sailed all the way in the New World, crossed the Calm Belt belt, and reached the Amazon Lily.

Ian and his friends stayed there for three days, mainly to change ships and resupply.

Men are not allowed to enter the Amazon Lily, but Ian was a special guest, because, at present, the Dragon Hunter Pirates and the Kuja pirates are good allies.

Therefore, Ian was able to dock at the outer edge of the island. The currency used by the Kuja in Amazon Lily is “Gor”, in place of Belly, which is why this island can be said to be closed-within and self-sufficient, so under the order of Hancock, the Merchants of Amazon Lily opened their doors to Ian’s crew, as for the supplies, they were all given away for free.

Feeling that Hancock has helped him a lot, Ian decided to have a special meeting with the three sisters when he was about to leave.

Previously on Dressrosa, Hancock assisted Ian and fought against Doflamingo, but her back got revealed when her clothes were accidentally torn up. At that time, Boa Hancock left in a hurry for fear that her slave mark would be seen, so Ian kept this in mind and thought about giving back a bit by erasing the marks…

However, Hancock didn’t ask for help or even mention it to him, and he wasn’t comfortable bringing the subject up, so he took a great opportunity of being alone with them and chatted with three sisters for a while.

Later, Ian casually mentioned his various abilities, and he specifically praised his healing ability, which can not only treat opened injuries, but also recover any old wounds. At the end, he went on and told them that he even removed the Celestial Dragons’ mark on his crewmates.

Sure enough, when Ian brought up this matter, the three sisters’ expressions suddenly changed.

Boa Hancock stood up eagerly and asked Ian: “Si… Sir. Ian, is that true?”

“Yes!” Ian nodded seriously.

Hancock and her two younger sisters glanced at each other and then at Ian: “Ian- Dono, can you please wait a bit outside!?”

After hearing about Ian’s ability, Hancock even changed her address to Ian. Ian waited for a while, then he was asked in by the two younger sisters into the room.

Ian almost expected what was going to happen. Sure enough, when Ian walked in, Hancock was kneeling on the couch where she was resting, with her back to Ian, but she had already taken off her shirt, revealing her snow-white skin. Her long black hair hung down, covering the location of her mark.

Boa Hancock turned her head shyly and said to Ian: “Ian-Dono, can… can remove this mark for me as well?”

When she finished, she reached out with one hand and pulled her long hair from behind her neck.

With this movement, Ian inevitably took a look at the curve of her breast, although it was seen from behind and he couldn’t see the whole picture, it looked even more alluring…

For a moment, Ian couldn’t help but breathe out for a while, then by shaking his head to suppress his thoughts, he moved his eyes toward her back.

The slave mark was the stigma of Hancock’s life. Even by just showing it to Ian, her whole body was trembling non-stop.

Ian sighed and said: “Sure enough, it is the mark of the Celestial Dragons…”

“Yes!” Boa Hancock turned her back to Ian, and said in a trembling voice: “A long time ago, this Princess… and her two younger sisters were kidnapped by human traffickers and were sold to the Celestial Dragons, then became… slaves. Those days were our most painful memories. Fortunately, 11 years ago, the adventurer Fisher Tiger climbed onto Marijoa, and liberated thousands of slaves, and this Princess with her two sisters were able to escape…”

“So, that’s why you took the Kuja pirates to Mainspring Island after you learned that I did the same thing in Marijoa, you wanted to help me?” Ian said with a smile.

“Ye…yes!” Hancock turned her head straight, because she didn’t dare looking at him in the eyes, but her face was blushed.

“Actually, I have had a vague guess!” Ian nodded and said: “Don’t you worry, this mark will no longer exist…!”

After saying that, Ian walked forward and gently placed his hand on the marked surface of Hancock’s back.

Feeling the touch of Ian’s palm, Hancock could not help shaking slightly.

It’s not the first time that Ian touched Hancock. He has grabbed her long legs before. This time when he touched her back, it felt so warm and smooth. He had to admit that this woman is really a natural stunner, the title of Pirate Empress is definitely well deserved.

Although Ian wanted to feel more of her skin, it would be rude if he took too long, so he restrained his mind and after a couple of seconds, he activated the Twin Sacred Return Shield.

A faint light shone from Ian’s palm, enveloping the Celestial Dragon mark on Hancock’s back, and as his healing ability took effect, Sandersonia and Marigold were surprised to see that the mark on their sister’s back was actually fading away.

“Elder…Elder sister!! The mark … The mark really disappeared!” Sandersonia couldn’t help but scream.

Hancock heard Sandersonia’s voice, but she still suppressed the excitement in her heart and didn’t dare to move until Ian said: “Done!”. After that, Hancock hurriedly took the two mirrors presented by Sandersonia, and placed them facing each other to see her back…

When she saw that there was really nothing on her white and smooth skin, Hancock couldn’t help but shed two lines of tears, the mirrors in her hands slipped, and then she covered her face while crying bitterly.

Sandersonia and Marigold came excitedly, and embraced Hancock. The three sisters wept all together.

Ian went silent beside them. He knew that these three sisters have experienced a horrible childhood and were really poor gals. If they didn’t encounter this man, their experiences as slaves and marks would accompany them all their lives and become their eternal nightmares.

Ian sighed after thinking a lot about them, then suddenly a warm body rushed and hugged Ian.

Hancock excitedly embraced Ian so tight, crying: “Thank you… thank you, Ian-Dono!”

Her emotional excitement was understandable, but she forgot that she had not put on her blouse yet. Ian was hugged upright by her like this, and when he felt the two huge soft bahankadons, he was directly paralyzed!

What a lucky bastard!?

For a moment, Ian couldn’t help thinking of the previous life when he always goes with “I chose the one with big breasts!”, but only now he understood the true meaning of this sentence.

As long as a man’s chest is pressed by a J-cup, he will feel that his life goal is fulfilled!!!

So, unconsciously, Ian put his hands around Hancock’s waist, making her get tighter.

After a while, Hancock came back to her senses, hurriedly let go of Ian, took her clothes to cover her upper body, and wiped away the tears in her eyes with a blushing face.

When the warm body left his arms, Ian could not help feeling a sense of loss and emptiness.

To be honest, Ian is not the kind of person who pretends to be sentimental, he helped Hancock get rid of the mark on her back, in fact, it was more to thank her back for her help, but he never thought of taking the opportunity to let Hancock fall in love with him or to get something in return… however, Hancock’s excited behavior made Ian feel a lot of things and eventually sadness…!

Smiling to conceal his embarrassment, Ian turned to Sandersonia and Marigold. “Well then, you both have the same mark on your body, right? Let me help you get rid of them!”

“Yes please!” Sandersonia and Marigold nodded, and untied their clothes without being ashamed or frightened.

Although Sandersonia and Marigold have grown a little bit compared to Hancock because of the snake-snake fruits they ate, but Ian was not the kind of guy who only treats beautiful women… so although he took a look at their curves too, his expression remained unchanged, focusing on removing their marks.

When the marks were completely erased, the Boa sisters felt that a boulder has been lifted off their shoulders.

If the three sisters had been estranged from Ian before, at this moment, they finally opened their hearts completely.

That night, Hancock announced to the entire Amazon Lily citizens that Gorgon’s curse had been lifted by Ian-Dono.

Ever since, Ian became the most distinguished guest of Amazon Lily, and was welcomed into the palace of Hancock for hospitality and entertainment…

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