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S.C.S Chapter 414: Teach’s plan

The curse of Gorgon was actually made up by Hancock to deceive her people. She didn’t want anyone to see the slave mark on her back, so she came up with this lie so that she be isolated when taking a bath.

However, Amazon Lily’s people did not discover the truth. Now, hearing their Empress, the entire nation was boiling with happiness.

These women were all happy for their Majesty the Queen.

From this day on, Ian became the benefactor of the Amazon Lily…

The entire island was celebrating this event, and even Ace and the others on the boat received a lot of food and drinks from the citizens.

Although Ace and the others didn’t know what Ian did on the island, they just understood that they were treated with such hospitality because of Ian’s relationship, so they started having their own fun.

In the evening, Ian drank a lot of wine, but in the end, he couldn’t hold himself… Puff! He fell asleep in the banquet hall.

When he suddenly woke up the next day, Ian felt a bit of a headache, but after sobering up a bit and remembering that he was planning to leave today, he walked in and wanted to say goodbye to Hancock. (T/N: T-T I thought he would wake up in her arms T-T)

However, Ian was shocked when he saw Hancock.

In the morning, Hancock, although her clothes have not changed, she was wearing a pair of pure white lace stockings, which were about to be torn apart under her cheongsam, he can vaguely discernible the lace pattern at the root of her thigh, which was extremely attractive and sexy.

“Ian-Dono, do… Do these look good on me?” Hancock asked Ian with a blush.

In fact, after returning from Springmain Island, Hancock tried to wear stockings once because she remembered what Ian had said about her legs, but at that time, she just wore them for herself.

Later, after receiving a letter from Ian, asking for her help, Hancock did not wear the silk stockings for the sake of fighting convenience. After all, her fruit petrification ability, such as Perfume Femur, needed touching to take effect. So until this time, when Ian was leaving, Hancock remembered to put on silk stockings for Ian to see, as a way of seeing him off.

Silk stockings are not something that every woman can handle elegantly, especially pure white stockings. But it is clear that Hancock got the perfect body for such a pair of silk stockings!

When Ian saw the breathtaking pure white silk of her slender legs, he felt that his nose has started acting up, as if something was about to flow out, so he quickly covered it, and then gave a thumb up to Hancock, praising her astonishing appearance!

At this moment, Ian wished he had a camera in his hand, and took hundreds of pictures of Hancock from all angles!

If he wasn’t going out to help his dear friend, Ian would definitely say “I’m happy here, don’t think about leaving”, but unfortunately, he still has to go…

News came from Ace, saying that he had found the whereabouts of Blackbeard Teach…

When Ian returned to the ship, everything was ready to set off. The three sisters took the boat of Kuja pirates, then pulled Ian’s ship out of the Calm Belt.

When it was time to leave, Hancock was very sad… She didn’t want Ian to leave, although she didn’t know what was this feeling or where it came from…

The same goes for Ian. When the ships were separated, he stood on the side of his ship and looked at Boa Hancock.

Reiju folded her hands, leaning against the wooden barrel, looked at Ian’s expression, suddenly smiled, and said, “Are you in love with the Pirate Empress?”

“In love?” Ian touched his nose and laughed: “It’s hard to tell!”

It’s true that everyone likes beautiful women, but if they really want to talk what love, then Ian himself can’t tell what type of relationship they have…

In fact, Hancock feels good for Ian, at least her original cold and arrogant attribute was no longer shown in front of Ian, perhaps because Ian did a great deed of rescuing slaves in Marijoa like Fischer Tiger. Hancock has classified Ian in a position equivalent to her benefactor, so what was shown to him was the mentality of a little girl, and it has helped Ian a lot from beginning to end in dealing with such a gorgeous queen.

Therefore, Ian has always been very fond of Hancock. It can be said that they are much closer to each other now…

Shaking his head, Ian put aside these troubling emotions, for the time being, found Ace and asked him: “In which direction do we go now?”

At this time, Ace was eating breakfast with a plate in one hand and a fork in the other hand, desperately stuffing food into his mouth, his cheeks were bulging, and he said inarticulately: “I got the news from Oyaji, someone from the West Blue saw Teach’s boat heading for the Calm Belt, maybe he had entered the Grand Line by now.”

Generally, normal pirates, who want to enter the Grand Line, go through the reverse mountain, but for those who are strong enough, it is faster to enter it by crossing the Calm Belt, and it is obvious that Teach took the second option.

Ian thought about it and asked: “Was Teach alone when he was in the West Blue?”

“No!” Ace shook his head and said: “I was told that he has found several companions.”

Ian nodded, according to the information obtained by Ace, that guy has probably found crewmates such as Laffitte and Doc Q. Well, of course, it may be one or two more, but most of the members of the Blackbeard Pirates were recruited after entering the Grand Line. But no matter what, the Blackbeard is not alone now.

Ian knows very well that in the original story, after entering the Grand Line, he happened to take the same route as Luffy, but now with Ian’s involvement in the story, the plot could very luckily change beyond recognition, so Ian wasn’t sure of which path he’s taking…

Fortunately, with the intelligence of the Whitebeard Pirates and the Revolutionary Army, Ian and Ace can still keep track of Teach’s movements. No matter which route he takes, Ian could find him.

In fact, the standpoint of the Revolutionary Army was to eliminate his threat or keep a close eye on his actions!

Because Ian knew what kind of ambition Teach has, so letting him do whatever he wants would soon stir up countless troubles in this world. Plus, they have the second storm which is the Straw Hat pirate, which will completely rise a great upheaval in this world. Since Ian has taken the Revolutionary Army path, this upheaval is beneficial to him.

Ian has gone through many experiences since he went to the sea. He knows very well that he can’t go back. He is already a part of this world. Sooner or later, he will have his own descendants in this World.

If the world’s biggest cancer, the Celestial Dragons, still exist, then perhaps his descendants will be sadly executed because one day he aggressively provoked these nobles.

Every time he thinks about this, Ian understands more of what the Revolutionary Army is fighting for… As long as there is such a privileged class, the world will keep fighting for freedom and equality. This is the inherent spirit of the human resistance, which will never be erased.

The significance of the Revolutionary Army is that this kind of turmoil is what they are willing to see.

But unfortunately, Ian and Ace became like brothers, and if Teach was left alone, Ace will be in danger. Ian can’t stand to see Ace getting defeated and captured by Blackbeard.

Ian also sees it now, since the storyline has changed beyond recognition, then he simply plans to destroy it and disturb it more thoroughly, and create a new history by himself.

Killing Teach may not lead to the great war. At that time, if the Marines wanted to attack the Whitebeard Pirates, they would have to do so in an open way, and it would be hard to predict who would win or lose in the end.

And Ian will be thoroughly involved in the interpretation of history…

“Let’s go! Our target, the Blackbeard Pirates!” Ian stood up while holding the hilt of the Senbonzakura, staring intently into the distance.


At the same time, at the border of the Grand Line from the West Blue, in the Calm Belt, a large ship passed through… On the ship, there is a black pirate flag with a pattern of three skulls and many bones…

This was Teach’s Ship.

“Zihahahaha! The Grand Line! I’m back again!”

Standing at the bow of the ship, Teach opened his arms, exposing his hairy chest, looking excitedly at the sea surface of the Grand Line, shouting loudly.

“Captain!” A man carrying a strange long gun, with a monocle above his left eye, was Teach’s partner, Van Augur!

He came behind Teach and said: “We have reached the Grand Line, what are we going to do next?”

“Do you still need to ask?” Teach laughed with his big mouth missing teeth, and said: “Of course, we need to find some famous pirate, defeat them, and then quickly take their reputation, rising the name of the Blackbeard Pirates! In this way, I have what’s needed to take Shichibukai status!”

“Do you want to replace the position of Doffy?” Van asked.

“Yeah! I never thought that boy Ian would give me such a big gift!”

As soon as Ian was mentioned, Teach suddenly showed a hideous look on his face, and he recalled the pain that Ian had caused him with his assassination attempt.

Touching the left side of his chest, which was a scar there. Although the wound had healed, it still hurts faintly.

The pain was not the real problem. The most depressing thing was that Ian’s blow directly penetrated his leftmost heart, which was equivalent to killing him once, and damaging his middle one… (he used to have 3 hearts!)

“I don’t know if this heart can still be a ‘container’!” Teach thought: “If it can’t be a container anymore, then it will be impossible to steal Oyaji’s Tremor-Tremor Fruit…”

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