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S.C.S Chapter 415: Two powerful fruits!

Why is there a saying in this world that a person cannot eat two Devil Fruits?

That’s because, a person, usually, has only one heart!

The reason why they say that in general, is precisely because there aren’t many freaks as Teach in this world!

After Ian tried killing him once, the Whitebeard Pirates’ ship doctor found out that the guy’s body was different from the ordinary person’s when he examined him. Teach was like a monster who had three hearts!

In fact, the heart is where the power of the devil fruit resides. The energy in the devil fruit emerges within the user’s heart, and then transmits to the whole body through blood. When a person’s heart is occupied by a Devil Fruit energy, if another devil fruit energy tries to enter the same heart that causes a conflict, which will lead to a certain death.

However, if this other Devil Fruit energy is stored in another heart, then there will be no problem at all.

Three hearts represent three lives, three souls, and it can even be said that they represent three different people. in this case, can it also represent three Devil Fruit Ability Users?

Since Dark-Dark Fruit has appeared in history, it will be included in the Devil Fruits book, but perhaps someone who has had it before was not a person with multiple hearts like Teach. Therefore, the one who has got it before Teach can only use the ability of Dark-Dark Fruit, so its previous user doesn’t seem to have left a big imprint in history.

Teach is an arrogant person, but at the same time, he is also very careful, when he discovered that his body has three hearts, and after seeing the description and explanation of the Dark-Dark Fruit Ability in the devil fruit illustration book, he immediately thought that if this fruit was might be for him, allowing him to exert unexpected power…

In fact, Teach’s youth has always been a mystery. First of all, the devil fruit illustrated book is not a common thing in this world, not everyone can get their hands on one… Only some prominent families that have passed it down through generations. So no one knows how he found a Devil Fruit illustration…

And secondly, the most important point is that only those who are very familiar with the operation principle of Devil Fruit power will realize how advantaged his three hearts are, so how and when did he learn all of this?

Of course, at this moment, Teach actually has some doubts about whether his body can hold more devil fruit power, because all of this was deduced by himself, and no one has proved or achieved this before…

If it is as he infers, then theoretically, his body can accommodate three different Devil Fruit powers, he can become the first person in history who can host multiple devil fruits at the same time.

But if his deduction is wrong, then the moment he eats the second Devil Fruit, his entire body will burst and die!

The risks involved are extremely high, but Teach is the kind of ambitious person. For him, it is all or nothing. He has no hesitation in practicing his theory with his life!

This kind of behavior can be said to be crazy.

Now, among the members of the Blackbeard Pirates, the Demon Sheriff Laffitte, the champion Jesus Burgess, the sniper Van Augur and Death God Q are all villains and maniacs under his command…

Teach now is moving forward with his plan step by step.

The first step of his plan was to seize the Dark-Dark Fruit, because only the special Ability of this Fruit can allow him to seize the power of the devil fruits he wants.

Generally speaking, after the death of a Devil Fruit User, his power will begin to disperse and disappear. It is said that if there is a “container” that can carry this energy near enough, then the energy of the devil fruit can be captured by another “container” and will not be lost…

When Ian killed King Wapol, a part of his fruit energy entered the apple that Chopper gave him, although he absorbed the energy of Munch-Munch Fruit at the time of his death, but it was inevitably “downgraded”! Turning into a lower-tier devil fruit, this caused Doroni to be unable to convert what he ate into a weapon of some kind.

However, with the ability of Dark-Dark Fruit, Teach can fully capture the energy of a Devil Fruit user after his death, so as to completely reproduce his devil fruit!

With such ability of the Dark-Dark Fruit, it is equal to the World’s most powerful Devil Fruit… As long as he kills a devil fruit user, he can seize the opponent’s devil fruit.

He rather than find the finished devil fruit, because no one knows how long it will take for it to be reborn, such as Teach’s dark fruit, which he had to wait at Whitebeard Pirates for more than 20 years before seeing it appear, he can directly kill the devil fruit user and capture the opponent’s power.

Originally, according to Teach’s prediction, his three hearts could just accommodate one Logia Devil Fruit, one Paramecia and one Zoan. For Logia, he chose the Dark-Dark Fruit, and he could not accommodate other Logia. Because the two devil fruits of the same nature could have similar energies, Teach thinks that there will be conflicts, and they won’t work together, and most likely it will kill him, but there are no such concerns for Devil Fruits of different departments.

(This is also the reason why in the original story, after defeating Ace, Teach didn’t take away his Flame-Flame Fruit. It is well known that Logia are the strongest Devil Fruits, so why didn’t he directly take it to be a Logia devil fruit user with two elements? So the final choice was Whitebeard’s Paramecia fruit…Of course, this is just the author’s speculation. We are still waiting for Oda’s explanation:)

However, there were some changes in Teach’s plan. When he was at Whitebeard Pirates, he wanted to get close to Ian just to obtain the Celestial Dragon identity chip. The result was a tragic attack by Ian that pierced his heart!

If he was only pierced by the blade, then perhaps his heart could recover with his amazing physical quality.

However, to his tragedy, Ian used the scorching Flames of the Darkness Dragon, the hellfire of the black world directly evaporated his heart cells…

He should have died at that moment if it weren’t for his other hearts, the damage was extreme, and what annoyed Teach even more, it was tantamount to directly causing him to lose a devil fruit ability.

So every time he thought of this, Teach hated Ian so much that he wished he could eat him alive.

He was left with just two Hearts, leaving him with one choice, either Paramecia or Zoan.

At the beginning, Teach had a clear goal. He was only considering Whitebeard’s Tremor-Tremor Fruit as his Paramecia’s choice, and as for Zoan, in his prediction, it should be the last one because he aimed to take the Devil Fruit of another Yonko Kaido!… (T/N: Really!!?? the Fish Fish fruit??? JK!)

This guy is not only ambitious, but even more courageous. He even aimed to take two Emperors consecutively…

But now, Teach only has one choice left, so he has been hesitating recently about whether to choose Paramecia or Zoan.

For the Zoan, if he can reach Kaido’s Devil Fruit, and then take it to the Awakening level, then he can get an immortal body like Kaido, which is self-evident for Teach.

However, if he chooses Paramecia, then his previous goal of always being Whitebeard’s Tremor-Tremor Fruit, has now changed to another one…

Ian’s crypto Fruit!

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