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S.C.S Chapter 416: Blackbeard and the marines!

In the past two years, the most outstanding person in the entire Grand Line was Ian!

Not only did he set fire to the holy land of Marijoa, but also accomplished the second slave liberation, fought against Admiral Kizaru, and later directly boarded the Shichibukai throne.

In just two years, from an unknown pirate hunter to the prestigious Shichibukai is simply short of a miracle.

Not to mention that recently, he even took down the old Shichibukai Heavenly Yaksha Doflamingo, and even the drought Jack, one of Beasts Pirates’ famous three disasters, was heard to have beaten by him.

The different abilities shown by Ian made the world notice his special Crypto devil fruit!

Of course, this fruit is just a made-up lie Ian came up with, but the world believes it to be true…

Teach was one of those who believe in it. He has been studying Ian’s abilities during his stay in the West Blue after escaping from the Whitebeard Pirates.

Don’t even mention that such a study really made him find something.

He found that Ian seems to have been trying his best to make money since he went out to sea. Since he was on East Blue, there was a saying that Ian loved collecting money. When he was a pirate hunter, Ian specifically arrested those high-bounty pirates. He caught a lot of pirates in exchange for a lot of money, but he has been never seen spending it.

When he made a big fuss in Marijoa, the information that the Celestial Dragon’s treasury was missing a considerable amount of money. After the war in Salamis, he extorted 10 billion Berries from the World Government!

These were not top secrets. As time went by, more people gradually became aware of this. However, with so much money in Ian’s hands, it was not seen that he spent any considerable amount of his money… he didn’t even buy his own ship!

Combined with Ian’s growing strength and new abilities that continue to emerge, Teach began to understand the meaning of the word “Cryptocurrency”, so gradually, Teach’s comparison between Ian’s mysterious fruit and the Tremor-Tremor Fruit was tilting.

That’s right, the Tremor-Tremor Fruit is said to have the ability to destroy the world, which is a Devil Fruit that can cause disasters. It is indeed very powerful, but Teach is confirmed that Ian’s Cryptocurrency fruit is probably more powerful!

His reasoning was quite simple, this Cryptocurrency fruit seems to make its user more powerful, the richer he gets!

The beauty of this fruit, for a pirate, is a godsend, because theoretically speaking, after he gets his hands on this fruit, he can rob the whole world!

When all the money in the world is held in his hands, Teach can’t imagine how strong he can be.

Although he is still unaware of how this Cryptocurrency fruit transforms money into power, which only the devil fruit user can know, but this does not prevent Teach from salivating over the Cryptocurrency fruit.

In particular, Ian is still young anyway, his strength should have not reached its peak yet, and he is still only a Shichibukai, which is much easier to deal with than the Whitebeard, one of the Four Emperors!

Eliminating Ian and killing the Whitebeard are on two different levels…

What’s more, there is still an inextricable hated between the two, since Ian tried to kill Teach once, Teach won’t rest until he gets his revenge back.

“It’s decided!” After thinking so much, Teach finally made up his mind and said, “First, find a way to seize the Cryptocurrency fruit. I must get the ability of this fruit!”

As for the Whitebeard’s Tremor-Tremor Fruit, Teach looked at Jesus Burgess, who was steering the boat, and suddenly laughed.

” Zihahahahaha! Burgess, do you want to be Edward Newgate the second!?”

“Captain, I don’t want to be the godson of that old man!” Burgess pouted.

“I mean, let you have the power of his Tremor-Tremor Fruit!” Teach smiled grimly and said: “You have great strength, but imagine what it would be like when you could smash the atmosphere with your fist!”

“Forgive me, Captain!” Burgess also laughed and said, “Your theory has not been verified yet, and everything is just speculation now. If you can’t do it, maybe we have to disband…”

“Don’t worry!” Teach said without being annoyed: “We, the Blackbeard Pirates, will one day be famous all over the World!”

While Teach and Burgess were talking, Van Augur at the top of the mast suddenly shouted at Teach: “Captain, a ship has appeared ahead!”

“Oh!?” Teach raised his head and asked: “Is it a pirate ship? If you can see their flag clearly, check which pirate group it is. if it is a famous group, let’s go and wipe them from existence!”

As a result, Van said with a blank face. “Captain, I understand your eagerness to be famous, but it seems that attacking a marine ship is not a good choice!”

“Marines?” Teach was stunned and said: “What! Are you sure?”

“I think so!” Van glanced into the distance again and said: “By the size of this battleship, it seems that it is not a warship of the marine headquarters, it is smaller!”

“Not a Marine Headquarter ship? Could it be a warship from one of the Blues?” Teach thought for a moment and said, “Ignore them and proceed according to the original plan!”

Although their pirate group has been established, until now, Teach doesn’t intend to get involved much with the Marines. It’s true that he wants to become famous quickly, but fighting the marines is the best choice. After all, it is the fastest way to increase his bounty.

However, now that Doflamingo’s Shichibukai position is suddenly vacant, Teach was thinking about a plan to get him this Shichibukai position. If this battle with the marines causes many casualties, his reputation in the department will suffer, which will cause some obstacles for him to seek the Shichibukai location.

Therefore, he intends to ignore the appearance of this marine battleship, and let them go.

However, unfortunately, although he did not want to provoke this battleship, the marines ship noticed the Blackbeard Pirates, began to turn around, and moved toward him.

“Captain, it seems that they are unwilling to let us go like that!” Van said sarcastically after seeing this scene.

“Can you see who is leading the marines on the boat?” Teach asked.

“It’s a woman! She has black hair, and wears a marine uniform, with a sword at her waist!” Van’s vision was so strong that he could see the situation on the naval ship at a glance.

“A Female marine soldier?” Teach said with a smirk: “Give her a warning, don’t let her keep following us!”

“Understand!” Van expressively lifted his trumpet musket, and then aimed at the battleship coming from behind.

Bang! Van fired, and the bullet flew out of the gun barrel, crossed the distant sea, and headed to the female marine soldier holding her hands on the bow deck of the warship.

This sudden shot, across the sea so far away, unexpectedly exceeded the speed of sound…

The bullet flew past the female sailor’s hair above the deck, leaving a bloodstain on her face before hitting the rear cabin.

Only when they heard the gunshot coming from afar did the soldiers on the warship realize what had happened, so a group of marine soldiers immediately surrounded the female leader and said with concern, “Major Kuina, are you… are you okay?”

That’s right, this warship turned out to be led by Kuina!

How did she appear here? It’s a long story.

Although she followed Smoker into the Grand Line to pursue the Straw Hat pirates, but after crossing the Reverse Mountain, there were seven paths, and they didn’t know which route the Straw Hat took. Plus, the Straw Hat Pirates had just entered the Grand Line, and the marines’ intelligence network failed to find their whereabouts. As a last resort, Smoker had to order that Tashigi and Kuina each bring a patrol ship, divide into three routes, and head towards the nearest islands to search for the Straw Hat Pirates. If they found them, they would immediately use the Den Den Mushi to make contact and meet up.

Kuina was ordered to search ahead, but she didn’t know that she accidentally passed the Straw Hat pirates, and she was now ahead of them… Since the islands of Grand Line have magnetism, she didn’t know that it was needed to stop to fill up the Log Pose. So when the Straw Hat pirates stayed on an island, Kuina kept going forward searching the area…

Originally, if Kuina searched further and found no trace of the Straw Hat Pirates, she would lead the team back. However, it was very unfortunate that she met the Blackbeard Pirates here!

Reaching out to wipe off the blood on her face, Kuina looked at the pirate ship in front of her in surprise. She didn’t expect that the sniper on the other side would be able to hit the bullet here from such a long distance, and the speed of the bullet was beyond imagination.

“I’m fine!” Kuina said to the marine soldier: “Is the message confirmed?”

“Yes, confirmed!” A marine soldier raised his hand and reported: “The Pirate Ship in front is the ship of the Blackbeard Pirates. According to the command of Marine Headquarters, if this pirate is encountered, it would be better if we catch them first. They are worried that if Ian, the black dragon, takes action, it will cause unexpected troubles…”

“Hmm!” Kuina nodded and said: “Then, let’s fire back! Since we have encountered them, then let’s arrest them!”

The marine soldiers acted immediately, and Kuina looked at the Blackbeard Pirates ahead, thoughtfully.

“Brother Ian seems to be hunting down this Blackbeard Pirate group?” Kuina thought: “Well, maybe I should be careful. It should not be an ordinary group who can make Brother Ian chase them so seriously…”