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S.C.S Chapter 417: Kuina’s fate

“Are the cannons ready?” Kuina turned and asked the Marine soldiers.

“We are ready, Major!” A soldier saluted: “Waiting for your orders!”

“That’s good! Take aim, then fire! Sink that ship!” Kuina pulled out her sword and waved it, pointing to the ship in front.

The triple-mounted artillery of the Battleship ship, immediately under the adjustment of the gunners, slowly rose up, and waited until the action of the muzzles stopped, then suddenly burst out one after another…

Bang! bang! bang! The three-mounted cannons slightly staggered the firing time and launched three shells directly at the Blackbeard Pirates.

At this time, the distance between Kuina’s warship and Blackbeard Pirates’ was still far away, which has exceeded the range of ordinary guns and weapons, this was also the reason why Kuina was so surprised when Van’s sniper shot reached her.

However, the range that ordinary firearms cannot reach does not mean that cannons cannot reach too.

The first three bursts of shells, because they were test shots, did not hit the Blackbeard’s ship, but fell more than 100 meters from their stern, causing high splashes.

“Recalibrate! The second test firing begins! Fire!”

Kuina calmly commanded, and the angle of the muzzle was lifted again, then firing three more rounds.

This time, the landing point of the shell was closer to Teach’s ship.

Teach and his crew immediately figured out Kuina’s intentions, and couldn’t help but flinch with hatred. They knew that the female marine on that warship was actually using the most commonly used artillery cover tactic in the Marines!

Why are the marines the most powerful naval department in this World? This is not because they have many strong carders, and many devil fruit users, but because their ships have significant firepower!

Kuina is not stupid. Although she doesn’t know what kind of strength the Blackbeard Pirates have, but she is sure that these pirates, which are valued by Brother Ian, are definitely not that simple… Therefore, from the very beginning, she never thought of fighting the Blackbeard Pirates Group. Instead, she made full use of the advantages of Marine warships, and launched a long-range attack on the Blackbeard Pirates.

Admittedly, even the marines can’t cope with the strength of some people with devil fruit ability, but that refers mostly to land battles, Devil Fruit Users are at their weakest when sailing in the sea. Because once the boats they are in get sunk by the marines, they will fall into sea, and by then their strong Devil Fruit Ability will fade away…

This is why the pirates are so rampant, but the Marines are still able to catch most of them. The criminals with vicious abilities who were imprisoned on the 4th and 5th floors of the Impel Down Prison are the best evidence.

Therefore, generally experienced pirates, when encountering a marine battleship at sea, usually choose to run away, because they know very well that they can’t win against such ships in a naval battle, especially when their ship is destroyed. The best way to deal with such a situation is to escape quickly or find a way to stop the pursuit of the marines.

At the moment, Kuina faithfully implemented this tactical concept. Although due to the pursuit, only the three cannons on the bow can carry out the attack, but once a shell hits and injures the ship of the Blackbeard Pirates, they will be forced to lower their speed. By that time, Kuina can command her battleship to catch up, then come aside and align the hull with their boat. At that time, the amount of shelling that can be carried out on the side will be more than three.

Seeing Kuina’s tactical intentions, Teach was very annoyed, but he had nothing to do. His current ship was just an ordinary merchant ship that he snatched, and it became a pirate ship just by hanging his flag… if it gets hit by a cannonball, its mobility will be quite low.

“Burgess! Bastard, aren’t you the helmsman?” Teach couldn’t help cursing: “Hurry up and find a way to avoid the shells!”

“Captain, I’m doing my best! The problem is that it is a headwind now, and our speed is affected! We can’t get rid of them!” Burgess replied loudly.

Boom! A shell fell on the side of their ship, and the high splashes it caused fell directly on the deck. The cold-water droplets made Teach shiver uncontrollably! He raised his head to the mast and shouted: “Van! Damn it, fight back! Get rid of that female soldier!”

Van did not replay, just raised his sniper and aimed at Kuina on the rear warship.

Then he fired another!

Unlike the previous warning shot, Van’s bullet was directed at Kuina’s vital point.

However, it was a mistake for Van not to directly attack Kuina before, she has now realized that the Blackbeard Pirates group has a powerful sniper, how could she be unprepared?

Kuina had been on guard very carefully, when Van fired the second shot, a dangerous omen suddenly appeared in Kuina’s heart, and then her body subconsciously twisted!

Then she felt a hot wind passing her chest.

In the rear cabin wall, there was another small hole, and a marine soldier behind in the same line as Kuina was stunned for a moment, then suddenly felt a piercing pain in his arm, and bowed his head. He looked down and found that he had a hole in his shoulder, which appeared out of nowhere!

The marine soldier suddenly screamed out pitifully, and the ship’s doctor immediately rushed over, put him to the ground, and knee down to start giving him first aid.

“Everyone! Get down now! Try to hide!” Kuina yelled at the marine soldiers: “Those who have no task should go back to the cabin immediately. The other party got a skilled sniper!”

Listening to her, a marine captain suddenly came back to his senses and said: “Major Kuina, please go back to the cabin with us! It’s too dangerous to stay on the deck!”

“No!” Kuina shook her head and said. “There are still soldiers on the deck. If I go back to the cabin, the opponent’s sniper will attack these soldiers. And if I stay here, they will give priority to attack me. I will make it easier for you to avoid their bullets!”

The marine captain also knows this. After thinking about it, he gritted his teeth and stomped his feet then said: “Ok, Major, be careful, we will sink their ship as soon as possible!”

“By the way, did you inform Colonel Smoker?” Kuina asked him.

“I can’t get in touch with him right now. There may be storms in his area, maybe it’s due to the impact of the climate. I’ll try again later!” The captain said: “But major, maybe we can try contacting other marine forces of the headquarters. This area is under the jurisdiction of the G-4 branch…”

“Well, you can make the call!” Kuina nodded.

After part of the soldiers on the deck withdraw, Kuina stood at the bow, let out a long sigh, and looked at the ship of the Blackbeard Pirates ahead.

“What just happened now?” Kuina’s eyes flickered, and she thought to herself: “It seems that at the moment the bullet was shot, I felt something different. What the hell was it?”

The bullets fired by Van can exceed the speed of sound, which is the origin of his nickname ” The Supersonic”, and at such a distance on the sea, a bullet the size of a little fingertip can never be seen by the naked eye, let alone dodged.

At the very beginning, Kuina couldn’t dodge it, but then the second bullet, Kuina was prepared. The sudden warning sign reminded her of the danger, which was a strange feeling…

And this feeling was very unusual, although it passed away in a flash, but Kuina’s instinct tells her that this might be the key for her to avoid bullets.

Holding the Wado Ichimonji with both hands, this blade seemed to give Kuina infinite strength. She looked firmly at the ship of the Blackbeard Pirates ahead, but hoped that the other party could snipe at her again, so that she can regain the feeling she had just now…

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