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S.C.S Chapter 418: Kuina vs a skilled sniper

After the second shot was dodged by Kuina, Van was slightly surprised.

“Can you dodge my supersonic bullets? It seems that this female commander has a remarkable talent!” Van took out a special bullet and loaded it in his rifle: “Senriku”, he said to himself: “However, your fate has already been predestined…”

With a click, after loading, Van once again aimed at Kuina through the monocle in his right eye. However, after staring with his gun for a while, he actually deviated from her and instead aimed at the top of her head.

Then, he gently pulled the trigger, and the extra-long rifle did not shake at all, but the bullet was fired out, leaving only a faint blue smoke floating out from the muzzle.

After the bullet was fired, it crossed a long distance in an instant and came to the warship where Kuina was on, and then the bullet hit a nail at the sail beam above Kuina’s head!

After hitting the iron nail, the bullet ricocheted downward immediately, but the ejection was not straight down, but slightly to the right.

The bullet fell, hit the anchor on the right side of Kuina’s location, and bounced again! Hit an iron pot on the other side and ejected again!

This bullet, which was shot by Van, bounced repeatedly seven or eight times in various inconspicuous places of the warship, and finally came to… the back of Kuina!

This all happened in a matter of a moment, Van’s attack this time was clearly coming from the front, but in the end, it was an attack from the rear!

He skillfully used the tiny angle of each item on the warship, combined with the specially made soft lead bullet, to complete this incredible sniping shot! This kind of sniping technology can be said to be fantastic!

Every bullet ejection was calculated by Van. He believed that this time the female Marine of the opposite ship would no longer be able to dodge it.

Because no one would have thought that the bullet coming straight ahead would hit him from behind…

However, it was a pity that Van did not think that had suddenly entered a strange state at the moment of the shot.

At this moment, Kuina seems to hear a lot of “sounds” she could not hear before!

She heard the clattering sound from the deck after the ship under her feet was crushed by the wind and waves, heard the sound of unknown creatures under the sea, and heard the sound of her heart beating wildly.

Kuina herself didn’t understand what was going on. She felt that everything in the world had become noisy at once, especially the loudest sound coming from behind, it was a voice that constantly shouted “danger”!

Without even thinking about it, Kuina leaned forward and fell to the ground!

At the moment she had just fallen, a high-temperature bullet flew past her black hair, breaking several of her hair. Kuina even heard the sound of her hair cracking.

Avoid it! At this critical moment, Kuina once again dodged the bullet fired by Van’s miraculous shot!

However, the strange thing was that when Kuina lay prone on the deck and just dodged the bullet, an incomparably severe headache suddenly came to her mind.

The headache came so suddenly, so intense, as if at that moment, thousands of awls were piercing her head, Kuina couldn’t help but roll over on the deck and scream.

Since Kuina was falling forward, it was a coincidence that Van thought his bullet had hit Kuina from behind, so he knocked her down. Later, when he saw her rolling on the deck, he confirmed this. So he lightly smiled, lowered his head, and said to Teach: “Captain, it’s done! The female marine is eliminated, and even if she didn’t die, she would be seriously injured!”

“Zihahahahaha!” Teach couldn’t help laughing after hearing this. “This is really a sin, that female commander should be very beautiful, right? I really don’t want to kill such a beautiful woman, but who told her to pursue us?”

Feeling that the trouble had been solved, Teach began to feel happy again. He reached out and scratched his hairy chest. He spat a thick sip on the deck and asked, “Laffitte, is there an island ahead? We need to take a break.”

“Let me see!” Looking very coquettish and sissy, he raised his top hat, took out a Log Pose from it, and said: “Captain, there is indeed an island, If I remember the route correctly, it should be the Kingdom of the Drum Island, we can indeed resupply there!”

“Zihahahaha, that’s settled! After going to the island, we’ll have a good drink!” Teach laughed, waved his hand, and beckoned Burgess to sail.

On the mast, Van looked up again and glanced at the warship behind. He saw that the position where the female marine fell had been surrounded by a group of soldiers, who seemed to be in a panic.

So, Van stopped paying attention to them, turned his head, and looked ahead of the sea.

The ship of the Blackbeard Pirates group left, and at the moment in the battleship, the marine soldiers were in a panic. They were all Loguetown marine soldiers who went out with Smoker, and Kuina, who has always been the object of admiration to these soldiers. Now seeing Kuina’s face in pain, holding her head desperately, and screaming loudly, they don’t know what to do.

They all thought that Major Kuina was hit by the opponent’s sniper, so they hurriedly called the ship’s doctor nervously…

However, when the ship doctor arrived, he did not know what happened to Kuina, because she didn’t have any wounds on her body, and he didn’t see any blood, so this didn’t look like an injury.

But Kuina’s painful expression still scared him. Anyway, he could only quickly carry Kuina into the cabin for treatment.

The ship doctor also came from the Loguetown marine base, and it’s no wonder that he has little knowledge about her situation. He stayed at East Blue and didn’t know that there was something called Haki in this world.

If he had known or heard about Haki, then he would have seen at a glance that Major Major’s headache was not due to an injured, but because of her Haki Awakening!

Haki is a kind of strength that people are born with, but there are many people who can’t Awaken their Haki in their lifetime. For a small number of people, they can develop their own Haki through continuous exercise and practice.

But in fact, there is another way to awaken the Haki, that is, there is a fairly high chance of awakening it at a life-or-death moment…

Kuina stayed in Frostmoon Village since childhood, and the opponents around her were fellow apprentices. Whether it was Ian or Zoro, the fight with her was not a life-and-death match. Later, Kuina joined the marine force in Loguetown. Because she had already eaten the Asura fruit that Ian had brought to her, she was crushing most of the pirates in the East Blue, and no one could pose a threat to her life.

However, this encounter with the Blackbeard Pirates was different. Van was a very powerful sniper, there weren’t many people alive that he aimed his sniper at, and given that Kuina ordered the firing and pursued on their pirate ship, Van’s shot was intended to kill her!

Kuina has not practiced physical skills much, so she didn’t have good agility. Kuina actually has little resistance to such supersonic bullets, the Asura fruit didn’t bring her many defensive abilities, it was more of an offensive fruit, so this shot was really fatal for Kuina.

However, under such circumstances, Kuina felt this fatal danger, so her potential was finally stimulated!

She heard a lot of sounds, and the so-called “voices” was actually a sign of Kenbunshoku Haki Awakening!

At this moment, Kuina’s Observation Haki Awakening, perhaps there was a little bit of luck in it, and Kuina successfully avoided the deadly threat by virtue of this awakening.

However, when a person awakens their Haki for the first time, they usually get a splitting headache, no matter what type of Haki it was.

Therefore, at this moment, Kuina fell into such pain…

She was carried by the soldiers for medical treatment, so the mission of this warship to chase down the Blackbeard Pirates has come to end…

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