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S.C.S Chapter 419: Raft

When Kuina awakened her Kenbunshoku Haki, Ian and Ace were sailing on the sea at this time.

This sea area got a rare good weather today, the sun is warm, the sea breeze is blowing slightly, and the vast sea surface made people relaxed and happy.

On the deck of the ship, Robin and Reiju were wearing bikinis and a pair of sunglasses, sunbathing on the lounger.

The two sexy ladies held a fashion magazine in their hands and were reading the magazine while discussing its contents.

When Matthew brought drinks to the two, they attracted sweet smiles and thanked him, while Doroni was desperately eating the ice cream that Matthew gave him. Now he has eaten more than 30 pieces of ice cream, and he still feels hot. The Mink tribe hates summer the most…

At this time, Ace was lying on the side of the boat, looking enviously at Ian who was swimming in the sea.

He can’t help being envious, you know, Ace was able to swim in less than 2 years, but since he ate the Flame-Flame Fruit, he basically said farewell to swimming…

Under such direct sunlight, it is a rare pleasure to take a dip in the sea. Ian sensed his envious gaze, so he still made a happy face when swimming back and forth…

Robin looked at Ace’s jealous and mocking face and thought it was very interesting, so she said: “You can actually get into the water, with a life preserver. If you have no strength in the sea, you can let Captain Ian push you around!”

“No!” Ace shook his head and said. “I am Flame-Flame Fruit User, and I hate touching water more than any devil fruit user!”

Fortunately, at this time, Ian finally had a good swim, climbed the rope ladder, and boarded the ship. He shouted to Reiju and Robin: “Hey, beautiful ladies, can you throw me a towel?”

Reiju didn’t say a word, and threw a towel at Ian. Ian thanked her and wiped his wet hair with it.

Ace sat on the deck with one hand on his knees and one hand on his chin. He said to Ian: “I really don’t understand. All Devil Fruit Users are afraid of the sea, why are you the only exception?”

Ian laughed, and didn’t explain, after drying the water stains, he went to the table between Reiju and Robin, picked up a drink, and said: “Anyway, where are we?”

Reiju said: “We have been sailing for more than a month. Now we have reached the front end of the Grand Line?”

Ian nodded, and said to Ace: “I don’t know how long it will take to meet that guy Teach.”

It’s really hard to find someone on this vast sea. Even if they often receive news from Whitebeard Pirates, they can’t accurately grasp Teach’s position.

Sometimes Ian thinks that if only the world had GPS positioning…

Ace was very helpless about this. After casually talking about Teach, he suddenly started to talk: “Ian, do you remember what I told you long ago, that I have a younger brother?”

“You mean Luffy?” Ian said with a smile.

“Well, he has already gone out to sea a while ago!” Ace said with some nostalgia: “We are now at the front of the Grand Line, on our right beyond the Calm Belt is the East Blue, I was thinking that maybe we could meet Luffy, if we could, I would introduce him to you!”

When Ace mentioned Luffy, Ian thought of Zoro, then glanced at Reiju on the deck chair over there, and suddenly found that there were three gathered here with their brothers in the same group.

Thinking of this, Ian couldn’t help but laugh out loud. He felt that if the two ships met at this time, then the expressions of Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji would be wonderful.

Of course, this is based on the fact that the Straw Hat members do not have many deviations…

Ian’s laugh was a little abrupt, which made Reiju look at him strangely, not understanding why he looked at her and smiled.

However, when she turned her head to look at Ian, she suddenly found that there was a small black spot on the far side of the sea in that direction.

“Huh? What’s that?” Out of curiosity, Reiju stood up from the recliner and walked towards Ian.

Reiju was quite gorgeous, plus she was wearing a bikini at this time, and her perfect curves were exposed to Ian’s sight. That smooth figure made Ian dizzy for a while, and he always felt that it was time for welfare again.

However, Reiju passed Ian, walked to the side of the ship, and looked toward the distance ahead.

“What are you looking at?” Ian looked back and asked Reiju in confusion.

“That, it seems like a boat!” Reiju said pointing to the little black spot in the distance.

“You can see that far!” Ian raised his hand to look around, but found that he couldn’t see clearly, so he was a little surprised.

“My vision is very good!” Reiju smiled lightly, she is a modulated human being by Germa technology. Theoretically, she has the most perfect gene combination, so she has eyesight beyond ordinary people.

After hearing Reiju say that it was a small boat, Ian was no longer interested. In fact, during this period of time, they have encountered many ships on the sea, most of them were pirate ships, this is the scope of the Grand Line, and the most common ships here are pirates.

In particular, this place is not far after entering the Grand Line, it is probably not surprising that such a small boat is a lone newcomer to the area.

However, just as Ian planned to go back to the cabin, he suddenly heard Reiju say: “The boat has turned around and is coming towards us!”

“Could it be another arrogant person who wants to rob us?” Ian frowned.

During this time, Ian had encountered a lot of Pirates who wanted to rob them. There was nothing they could do. Ian’s ship was a gift from Boa Hancock, and it looked like a merchant ship. Although Ian hung up his own flag of the Dragon Hunter Pirates, sometimes when the wind is low, the flag won’t be unfurled, so people may not be able to see it clearly. Sometimes, the pirates who plan to rob them will only find out what kind of ship it was after they get close.

“Don’t worry about him!” Ian said: “When he gets close, he will leave!”

The banner of the Dragon Hunter Pirates represents the identity of Ian, the Shichibukai. Most of the pirates who intended to strike their ship got scared away after seeing the flag. Ian did not have to move a muscle most of the time.

Just when Ian thought that this time would be like all the other times with the countless greedy pirates, he did not expect that the boat had no intention of turning around, but instead it kept coming this way.

Ian and the others kept doing their own things, but Doroni found out about this situation, pointed to the side of the ship and said to Ian, “Captain, that boat was still approaching us!”

Ian frowned, got up again and walked to the side of the boat to have a look.

As a result, Ian was stunned.

At this time, the boat was close to a position where Ian could see it with his naked eyes, and he could finally see what the boat looked like.

It’s more like a raft than a small boat, because it’s a raft with several logs lined up side by side.

However, on this raft, there was a huge seat, with many lit candles around the seat.

A man was sitting in that seat, with one crossed leg, and his hands on his knees, he was wearing a wine-red printed shirt, with a bare chest, and a cross hanging around his neck.

On his head was a hat with white velvet flowers, the wide brim swayed up on both sides.

However, none of this was more noticeable than what is behind him, a huge cross is erected there.

When Ian saw this person, he couldn’t help rubbing his eyes, thinking that he was delusional.

Isn’t… isn’t this Hawkeye Mihawk!?

Perhaps sensing Ian’s gaze, the person sitting on the boat raised his head slightly, revealing a pair of extremely sharp eyes, looking at Ian with a line of sight that seemed to be real.

That is really eagle-like sharp eyes, this is really Mihawk!

How could he appear here!? Ian felt a bit confused.

While the two were looking at each other like this, Hawkeye’s boat came to the side of Ian’s ship, and then Hawkeye Mihawk stood up, looked up at Ian, jumped lightly, holding his huge black sword, he jumped onto the deck of Ian’s ship.

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