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S.C.S Chapter 425: Teach in Drum Island

It was about half a month later that Mihawk met Red-Haired Shanks, Now let’s go back a little bit to the time when he left from Ian’s ship.

At this time, on the sea of the Grand Line, a big ship was sailing.

On board this ship, there were five people who just escaped from the Marine patrol ship, it was the Blackbeard Pirates.

After a few days of sailing, the Blackbeard Pirates’ ship entered a cold and gusty sea area, snowflakes began to fall from the sky, and the north wind was blowing very cold.

“Captain Teach, there’s an island ahead!”

Burgess shouted to Teach who was steering the ship, he asked “Shall we dock?”

“No need, isn’t it better if we go to Alabasta sooner?” Teach said.

“But, our water supply is running low!” Laffitte said from the side.

Teach thought for a moment and had no choice but to let Burgess prepare to dock on the island.

After escaping from Kuina’s pursuit, Teach and his crew sailed according to their Log Pose, when they realized their chosen route was leading them to Alabasta, Teach began to have some ideas.

With Doflamingo’s defeat by Ian and the revelation of his crimes, now Doflamingo’s Shichibukai position was vacant, and Teach has always wanted to take a Shichibukai position, so he could implement his plan, which was mentioned earlier.

Teach had always harbored a grand plan to make a name for himself among the infamous pirates of the sea. He envisioned taking out a few well-known names and quickly rising to fame, catching the attention of the Marines and ultimately being considered for a spot among the Shichibukai.

But as he sailed the treacherous waters of the Grand Line, opportunities for Teach to put his plan into action were scarce. The pirates he encountered were small fry, not worth the effort to eliminate.

But as fate would have it, his journey would lead him to Alabasta, and with that realization, a new idea formed in his mind. He remembered that one of the Shichibukai, Crocodile, was located there!

Crocodile had been spotted in Dressrosa with Ian, but it was likely that he had returned to his base.

The opportunity to defeat a Shichibukai and prove his strength to the Marines was too good to pass up. But even better, Crocodile’s association with Ian presented an added bonus. Teach and Ian had a long-standing grudge and taking out one of Ian’s allies would be a satisfying victory.

As Teach’s ship was approaching Alabasta, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of excitement. This was his chance to make a name for himself, to take out a powerful pirate and claim a spot among the Shichibukai. But there was one more reason, a secret motivation that only he knew. He couldn’t wait to put his plan into action…

With a goal firmly in mind, Teach and his crew set sail towards Alabasta. But as any sailor would know, some things are beyond one’s control. Running out of water was just such an unfortunate event that left them with no choice but to dock on the island known as Drum Island.


As soon as they set foot on the island, Teach couldn’t help but shiver from the cold. This winter island was too chilly for his liking.

“Dammit, let’s hurry and finish up so we can leave this place!” Teach grumbled to his crew, “I don’t want to spend a moment longer in this godforsaken place.”

However, just as they were about to set off, Van Augur, who carried a strange long sniper on his shoulder, suddenly spoke up, “Captain, it seems like something’s not right. I saw a black pirate flag in the village ahead…”

Teach was taken aback, “Pirate flag? Whose territory is this island?”

“The flag has a sword piercing through a dragon’s head, that’s the flag of the Dragon Hunter Pirates!” Van Augur replied.

Hearing this, Teach felt a sense of dread wash over him, why was it that wherever he went, he always seemed to run into the Hunter Pirate Crew?!

But at the same time, he also sensed that something was amiss. He had a feeling that seeing the Hunter Pirate Crew’s flag on this island was foretelling something ominous.

In fact, at this moment, Teach was unaware that Ace and Ian had already embarked on a voyage to hunt him down.

After his escape from the Whitebeard Pirates, Teach feared that Whitebeard would send men after him. After all, he had killed his comrades and fled, a crime that is heavily punishable within the Whitebeard Pirates. Even when Ian tried to assassinate Teach, if it wasn’t for Teach surviving, Whitebeard might have taken action against Ian.

He knew this, but Teach was unaware of who was specifically hunting him within the Whitebeard Pirates. After his escape, he had no reliable sources of information.

He had only surmised that it could be Ace, after all, he was a member of the second division and it would make sense for the division captain to lead the pursuit.

However, recently, Teach had stumbled upon a newspaper article about Doflamingo’s downfall. In it, Ace and Ian’s names were mentioned in passing, which led him to believe that they were still in Dressrosa.

This was a grave error on his part, he had no idea that Ace and Ian had already left Dressrosa and were now hot on his heels.

As he laid eyes on the flag of the Hunter Pirates, Teach immediately thought this could be Ian’s hiding spot.

His eyes grew dark with suspicion.

“Well, well, let’s go ashore and take a look,” Teach commanded four members.

And so, the five of them disembarked on the island and made their way into the village nestled at the base of the mountain.

However, they were unaware that the Drum Island Kingdom was not sheltered by Ian, not even Ian knew that someone had hanged his flag on this island!

The Drum Island Kingdom was liberated by Ian when he killed their king Wapol and freed the island’s doctor, so the people on the island were grateful to Ian, and when they learned of his pirate crew name and flag, they voluntarily hung his flag.

In the eyes of these islanders, Ian was like Crocodile, a hero of the country, hanging his flag just to commemorate the great pirate who had ever landed on their island.

Because of Ian’s pirate identity, the people of Drum Island did not hate pirates, but they were even welcoming of them. So when Teach and his crew landed on the island, they were warmly welcomed.

But unfortunately, Teach was not a kind-hearted person, so the villagers were unlucky…

The impact of Ian in the storyline appeared again, originally, the Blackbeard Pirates had indeed landed on Drum Island, but at that time, because of Wapol’s rule, the ports here were guarded by soldiers, so those soldiers, seeing that Blackbeard and his crew were pirates, they extorted them, and Blackbeard, in a rage, destroyed most of the country.

And upon seeing Blackbeard’s astonishing power, Wapol realized that he was not a match for this monster and fled the island.

Now, with the unfortunate death of Wapol, Blackbeard and his crew were able to disembark without any trouble. Typically, one would expect the Blackbeard Pirates to quickly leave the country after restocking their supplies and go their separate ways. However, fate had other plans when they saw the flag of the dragon hunter Pirates hanging in a nearby village.

Coincidences happen in this world, even Ian couldn’t have predicted this turn of events.

Teach flew into a rage upon seeing this, he directly used his powers of the Yami Yami no Mi to destroy the village. Although many villagers had the foresight to flee, the damage was still done, and they lost their homes.

But the destruction did not stop there, Teach, feeling unsatisfied, went on to destroy several more surrounding villages.

In an instant, the entire Kingdom of Drum Island was left with many injured people…

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