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S.C.S Chapter 45: Loguetown

A small boat was lowered from the warship and landed on the surface of the sea. Soon afterward, the boat moved in the opposite direction of the ship and went ahead.

On the side of the warship, Garp, with his dog mask, watched the boat go with his arms crossed.

Colonel Bogard stood beside him and watched the boat. After a while, he opened his mouth and whispered to Garp, “Vice Admiral Garp, that hat on the boy’s head…”

“I know!” Garp suddenly uttered, “That hat is exactly the same as a Kuma’s.”

“Then why didn’t you remember that before?” Bogard asked inexplicably.

“Is it necessary to say that?” Garp turned to him and smiled. “It’s just a hat. Can you prove that he has something to do with Kuma?”

“I can’t prove it!” Bogard shook his head. “I’m just worried that there won’t be another Shichibukai in the future. That’s not good.”

“That’s right. Sometimes it’s better to pretend to be confused a little bit!” Garp grinned. “Don’t worry. I don’t know what he has to do with Kuma, but I can see that this kid is not a pirate. By the way, what do you think of his strength when you fought against him?”

“The foundation of his swordsmanship is perfect. It can be seen that he was taught by a great master!” Bogard said: “His strength is good, and his speed is really great. Unfortunately, this type of swordsmanship is not suitable for using such a large sword.”

“How does his swordsmanship compare with yours?” Garp asked.

“… It’s hard to say!” Bogard thought about it before he answered.

When Garp heard it, he burst into laughter. He felt more and more that he was looking for Ian to catch Ace. Even Bogard said that the boy’s swordsmanship was good. So he should have no problem fighting with Ace.

‘Now, I just have to wait for him!’

Moving back to the deck, Garp waved his hand and said, “Start moving, our target is Shells Town!”


At this time, on the boat, Ian was rubbing his hand hard, and he regretted it! Regret being impulsive with Garp… Shaking hands with Garp!

Iron Fist Garp! From this name alone, he can tell how powerful Garp’s hands are! Ian was so excited before that, so he shook his hand subconsciously after reaching an agreement. As a result, Ian’s whole hand was swollen with a gentle pinch of his iron-clawed hand.

Even now, when the boat was back on track, Ian’s hand hasn’t been healed yet… This made Ian wonder if Garp sees something wrong, and give him a “little” lesson…

Yeah, Ian did not lose anything in the deal with Garp. He made a good profit!

Before fulfilling anything, Ian got a boat and a pair of Kairōseki handcuffs. As for what he said about catching Ace, Ian was not at all concerned.

It’s not that Ian wants to repent. It’s that he doesn’t know where Ace is. What’s the chance of meeting Ace in such a big world with a huge population? Needless to say, It’s not too hard to figure it out? Ian never thought of trying his best to trace Ace. Since he couldn’t find him, the agreement with Garp would not take effect for the time being.

In other words, whether he wants to catch him or not depends entirely on Ian’s mood.

Lying down, Ian didn’t dare to read the book again. He was afraid to keep looking at it and fall asleep again. It would be terrible to be attacked by the sea beast again. For the first time, he was lucky enough to be rescued by Garp’s warship. If he did it again, it would really be…

So this time, although he was lying down, he was always paying attention to the sea around him.

If he wants to go to Loguetown, it will take him about one or two days. Ian took this opportunity to plan his future direction of exercise.

Looking at the system in his mind, he has reached level 6 and a half. This experience was given to him when he defeated Buggy, but he did not gain any experience in his battle with Bogard.

Colonel Bogard didn’t use all his strength when he was fighting with him because he was really good at swordsmanship. Ian remembered that when he first got on the ship, the weapon in his hand was a sword, but when he was fighting, he never used it.

Although he did not gain any experience, Ian had learned something because he found out that his physical proficiency is his own defects.

Although Ian’s speed and strength are not weak with the help of the card effect, and Ian usually also carries out strength and speed training, but these training is not formalized and systematic, and are really physical exercise, which is like a bodybuilder. Although he looks muscular, he may not necessarily be good at martial arts?

The advantage of learning to be physically proficient is obvious. It can make Ian more resistant to attacks, and a powerful physical exercise will also affect his swordsmanship abilities, which will make Ian’s swordsmanship faster and stronger.

At the thought of this, Ian suddenly realized that the reason why his advanced swordsmanship proficiency has not been able to improve to a higher level after being fully skilled, probably due to the problem of his physical proficiency.

So the training of physical proficiency must be put on the exercise schedule.

But Ian doesn’t have a good method of physical exercise now. The Marines’ Six Styles are good, but somebody has to teach him.

‘Maybe I really have to catch Ace once, send him to the old man Garp then ask him to teach me these skills?’ Ian thought like this. If it was Garp, his physical proficiency should be very powerful, right?

Besides, there is the way of the card system. The next card slot is unlocked. At level 10, Ian will be able to equip with a new card. If he can draw characters who are good at physical skills, it may open for him a basic physical training proficiency after equipping them.

Don’t forget, that’s how the basic Nen skills proficiency came.

When Ian thought of spending money to recharge and draw cards, he felt that the pit was a wave after wave, and he did not know what kind of cards he could draw if he spends the seven million Berries from Buggy’s bounty. If he didn’t draw a card with physical skills. Doesn’t that mean that he should keep buying them?

Ian suddenly thought of a sentence: “Don’t use your time to challenge the pocket money of the second generation rich! But now, it seems that even if you are a second-generation rich, you may not be able to fill in the black hole of this damned system…”

So Ian felt that he still need to rely on himself, integrate and create his own swordsmanship, and that should be done as soon as possible.

So for the rest of the time, Ian waited until the Nen recovers a little. He started to use the Fist of the Mortal Flame and attack in the air on the boat to practice using the Nen and increase his Nen skills proficiency. He wanted to practice as much as possible to achieve advanced proficiency, and perhaps by that time, his scorching Flash can be used.

Yeah, Scorching Flash! This was the name Ian gave for his own skill, he used the Sword of the Darkness Flame and combined it with one of his Flashes. Isn’t that Scorching Flash? As for the more powerful swordsmanship like “one flash, seven flickers” after that, it will be called “scorching seven flickers”!

After two days of sailing, nothing went wrong, except for slightly large sea waves. Ian arrived safely on the island of Loguetown.

When Ian saw the land far from the horizon, he felt that Loguetown should be a big town, but when he actually landed, Ian found that it was bigger than he had imagined.

On the pier of Loguetown, there were many ships moored, large or small, not less than a thousand ships. These docked ships are not only fishing boats, merchant ships, cruise ships, but also marines’ warships. Even if he was in a remote corner, he could see some big ships with black flags. Needless to say, they should be pirates.

At first, Ian wondered if it was really okay for these pirate ships to stop at the harbor in such a magnificent place.

Then he knew that pirates are a good group of consumers. They also need supplies, they need to relax and have fun, and compared to ordinary people, pirates spend more money.

This also led to the fact that Loguetown did not refuse the entry of pirates. It was once the place where the Pirate King, Gol.D.Roger, was born and executed. This town is also known as “The town of the beginning and the end,” and it was also a great deterrent to pirates. At the same time, Loguetown also had the largest marine base in East Blue. Naturally, they are not afraid of pirates’ riots and robberies.


As soon as Ian entered Loguetown, a sense of intimacy arose. Compared with Frost Moon Village, he was still more accustomed to this lively urban life.

Of course, if he wants to live in such a place, he must have money first. Ian has money, but at present, it’s only on paper. He can’t cash it. So Ian pulled a passer-by and asked him about the marines base location and proceeded to head there first.